Saturday, January 15, 2011

would LOVE your opinions

We are going to do another family photo shoot with Tara at AlaMODE and this time I thought we'd go for color. Which dress are you liking best? I may do a little more tweaking but wanted to pop in for some feedback! Oh, and the absence of shoes is strategic ;)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas, Court, Goals and a New Year

So sorry to go MIA on you all and make you worry! We had family in town and I was working a lot up to Christmas. Then my husband was in the ER on Christmas evening and was out of commission for several days. Luckily my work was great and got my shifts covered for me. He is on the mend now. Ended up being a staph infection that got into his ears...not fun. He had to go in every day for fluids and antibiotics via IV until he finally got into a specialist who realized it was staph and the antibiotics were all wrong. 2 days later and he was human again but our medicine cabinet is like a pharmacy now. My respect  goes out to single moms, I could barely handle a week of feeling like one.
But it wasn't all bad crazies around here, beside the trip to the emergency room, Christmas was wonderful and we finally had our court date at the tail end of all this and it is official, Christopher ("CJ") is officially one of the family!
After 2 1/2 years, three social workers, an adoption worker, classes and a bundle of paperwork we were in chambers for 2 minutes with the judge and it was done! We are so happy to have all the red tape behind us and to just be a normal (but still crazy) family!
For those of you looking to adopt or who are considering fostering with the possibility of adopting, it was well worth it and wasn't too bad. It was just so long in our case because Christopher was actually placed with us once as a foster child and then was sent back home (much to the suprise of everyone). Then the mother kept asking us to come take him so it went back in forth for over four months until we were finally able to get CPS to put him back in the system so she couldn't keep abandoning him for weeks and then taking him back when she was having a good day.
We worked with a private foster agency (which I highly recommend) called Angels Foster Family Network and they were there every step of the way with all of our foster kids, not just CJ. Anyways, on to the adoption day outfit details for those who are curious....

 I did change out the shoes because of the rain. And here is my rocking New Years eve get up with the family. If you have kids 7 and up, I highly recommend Qwirkle-it is a blast!

Now for the New Years resolutions.  We got the Wii Fit for Christmas so with that and some serious junk food restraint I am hoping to lose 10 pounds. I am actually less concerned with the pounds then I am with the tummy flab and muffin top....those just need to go. So far it is going well on the scale and the Super Hula Hoop is giving this out of shape momma a run for her money ;)
My toughest goal is to stop shopping for a goal is nothing for a month and then reintroducing it with a strict budget. This is hard to do period but when you blog about fashion, read others fashion blogs AND work in retail it becomes nearly impossible. First move was I gave my notice at work. That didn't go so well because they counter offered with great schedule flexibility. So I am just cutting back for now and seeing how that goes. I LOVE working at the LOFT (and all my co workers) so it wasn't too hard to twist my arm not to quit. Second, I am going to be taking a blogging break for the rest of January. I may still pop in a few times but I will be reading less of your blog posts. You are all just too darn cute and make me want to go buy whatever you have. So basically, this is my "shopping detox", wish me luck!!
Do you have any set goals this year?