Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Wishlist

From Anthropologie:

From J Crew:

From Boden's Spring Preview:

From Ann Taylor Loft:

It's Not Just Halloween......

Did you know that besides Halloween today is also "I Don't Care How I Look, I am Tired and My Feet Really Hurt Day a.k.a. IDCHLTMFRHD? Well, for me it is. I don't even care that I look like I may be hididng a baby bump and just to clarify, I am definitely not.

J Crew Eyelet Boho Tank
White Mossimo Tank from Target
Calvin Klein Cardigan from Costco
Lauren Conrad Skinny Jeans from Kohls

One of the first things I did today was buy some new black shoes that I can wear all day and some booties that have a thicker heel to wear with my new dress (post coming next week) once my poor feet recover!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Eve?

Since, I don't work tomorrow I thought I would get in the Halloween Spirit today! I love this crew neck cardigan from Banana Republic. It was hard to find a good quality cotton crew neck and this one did not disappoint! I added my black Bouquet Sash Belt and some textured tights from Target for a subtle touch of fun. I am so happy to be able to stay home tomorrow with my family to enjoy Halloween but sometimes I do miss the days of dressing up and going out to celebrate. Any body have any spooktacular plans?

Cardigan from Banana Republic
Joelle Shirt from J Crew
Boquet Sash belt from J Crew
Pencil Skirt from Ann Taylor Loft
Textured Tights from Target

p.s. do not work on your feet for 9 hours in heels. It hurts. It hurts bad. It hurts ridiculously bad, trust me!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

From Summer to Fall

I had blogged about this dress before here and my feelings have not changed. I just love this dress and now that it is on sale for just $34.99 I am considering ordering the mulberry color as well. I realized I had never shared an IRL pic so what better excuse then to pull it out and transition it into more of a fall look.

Dress from Victoria's Secret
Cardigan from ?
Banana Republic Belt from eBay
 Boots from Target

Yes, the boots are the Kady Boots from Target that Kim raves about. She convinced me and I am so glad, for $29.99 you just can't beat it!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Off to Work (how strange)

Yesterday I wore an outfit I just loved but I couldn't find my camera as I ran out the door to fill out my final paperwork and get my schedule. When I saw how many hours I was lucky enough to receive, I proceeded to uncontrollably sob the whole way home so I figured that picture of me would not be too great.  *don't fret if you are applying for a seasonal position, I actually accepted a full time temporary position for an employee who is on a leave of absence*

Today, I am pulled back together and trying to keep in perspective that this is temporary and I will see my kids again and they won't be emotionally scarred forever. This is the cardigan and pencil skirt that I picked up at Target, it is part of the Merona collection and the quality is amazing for the low price! For fun I added a silver ruffle top to mix with the gold accents.

p.s. Gigi, I am trying to get those sale dates for you, I did see the hint!! :o)

Pencil Skirt and Cardigan from the Merona Collection for Target
Charlie and Robin Ruffle Cami from Anthropologie
J. Crew Skinny Gold Belt from a fellow JCA
Shoes from Steinmart

Monday, October 26, 2009

Getting Ready for Halloween

Today is all about Halloween preparation for me. We are having a big Halloween Party at the church that I needed to set up for and then I am running the kids to the Pumpkin Patch for corn mazes and hay rides just to run back home, make my share of "mummy dogs", get into costume and head on out to the party!

So, I have on a basic striped cowl neck with a pair of jeans. I felt pretty boring so I seized another opportunity to wear my beloved bubble necklace from J. Crew. I had been worried I would never wear such a bold statement piece but I find it suprisingly versatile!

Cowl Neck Shirt from Modbe
Modbe Jeans
J Crew Necklace
Mossimo Flats

Friday, October 23, 2009

Moto Jacket IRL and Today's Outfit.....

Here is what I wore today. I knew it was casual errands day but luckily my new jacket can easily be dressed down. It's structured shape has a corseted effect making it very slimming (gotta love that).

Military Ruffle Jacket from Ann Taylor Loft
Meet Cute Top from Anthropologie
Weekend Jeans from Old Navy
Mossimo flats from Target

Here is the IRL photo of the Moto Jacket at Target. It is a think jersey knit (like a sweatshirt) where the Banana Republic jacket is a very nice sweater knit. I have to admit though, I did like the Target version better on. This is a size Medium and it was comfortable but I probably could have sized down to a small for a more fitted look.

Same Look But For Less

Last week I had shared with you this great knit motorcycle jacket at Banana Republic for around $98. It is still not showing online but here is the IRL photo again

This morning I was on the Target site and came across a similar jacket called the Converse® One Star® Womens Moto Jacket - Greave Grey

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ann Taylor Loft Sale

Sorry for the three posts in one day but did you get this?

I did, and I used it to get this and this.

The Marissa Skinny pants are everything for me that the J Crew Minnies weren't. They fit TTS and are very flattering. I will let you know if they stretch out througout the day.

And the Military Ruffle Jacket was to die for on and it was selling out FAST. I sized down to a 4 in this jacket. They didn't have a 6 and the 8 was too big and lost the corseted shape. The SA called this her pirate jacket. I can't wait to wear it!

Hello and Welcome to Macy's

Today I was officially hired at Macy's for a part-time temporary job, thank-you, thank-you. I haven't had a "paying job" in over two years and I thought with my husband switching careers it was a good time for me to step up and take some of the pressure off of him and getting an employee discount definitely is a perk!

I knew I didn't want to go back to working as a Paralegal so I thought hmm....retail please. Plus, with all seasonal jobs out there it is a great way to test the waters to see if I can fit a part time job into my life. I am trying to ignore the fact that I will be away from the kids and I have pretty much kidnapped my mom and am not letting her go home until after the holidays but shhhhh.....she doesn't know that yet.

Boyer Cream Cardigan from Anthropologie
Gap Ruffled Blouse from eBay
Black skirt from ?
Tiffany & Co. Pearls from my hubby

Anyways, on to the fun stuff. My final interview outfit. I love any opportunity to wear the favorite item I have ever purchased from Anthropologie (and maybe just my favorite purchase of all time), the Boyer Cream Cardigan. I had stalked this cardi for months and when I finally decided to go online to buy it, it turned out it had just gone on sale and I grabbed it quick and it sold out shortly after. Isn't that one of the the best feelings?

Expecting Anyone?

I purchased this top from Shade Clothing a while back on clearance. They had a maternity and non-maternity version of this cute top (or at least that is what I thought). Unfortunately, months later as the weather is cooling I have realized that I ended up with the maternity version.....oops.

So hopefully my loss will be somebodies gain. I am offering this top FREE to the first expectant mother who wants it. It is a size Small, in the color pictured.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Off For Errands-Silk Tiered Cami in use

Proof that the silk tiered cami can be functional and dressed down for everyday use. The more I play around with this top (which I scored for just $19.99 in store) the more I love it and it's versatility! My mom is in town visiting (yay) and we are running on a mega grocery shopping trip. So, I threw on a pair of comfy jeans, a cardigan (newly aquired from another JCA) and my new silk tiered cami. Then, as I was reading some of my favorite blogs this morning, I saw that Ema has added a belt with this cami and I am sold. Back to my closet to find my patent super skinny belt and I am now complete!

Cardigan- J Crew
Silk Tiered Cami-J Crew
Jeans-Big Star
Belt- J Crew
Shoes- Moda

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i heart MOTH

I love Moth's Sweaters and this top is one of my favorites. It has such a vintage feel without the smell of mothballs! You can still find this sweater occasionally on eBay, it also comes in a pretty salmon color.

Moth Sweater from Anthropologie
Belt from Kohls
Stamp 10 Skirt
Mootsie Tootsie Shoes

J Crew, i can always count on you....Part 2

Here is part two of my J. Crew trip. I tried on a few other pieces that I didn't get a photo of. It is so quiet in the dressing room and I feel like a hoodlum taking pictures in the dressing room and I get nervous every time the camera beeps. I am a goob.

Silk Tiered Cami in Bright Papaya

I had always liked this cami and how this version kept all the tiers symmetrical and straight across. However, I didn't $88 like it. But guess what ladies, in store this cami was in the sale section in this color, deep aubergine and the toffee for just $19.99. Online it still shows as the $88.Here it is in a great black and white print (paired with the Maya cardigan) that I really liked but this was only marked down to $49.99. I stuck with the bright melon.
Ruffled Collier Top

I had low expectations for this shirt but I ended up being pleasantly suprised. The side zipper didn't bother me at all, it flowed so well I didn't notice it until I specifically looked for it. This is in a size 6 and the fit is just right, the fabric is soft which kept it from being as boxy as some of the other camis. I passed on it for this trip but I will be keeping an eye out for it to go on sale, especially in the wild blackberry colorway!
Here it is with the Ruffled Celosia Cardigan in Bright melon. I expected to love this cardigan, I knew for sure I would take it home but it didn't ended up "wowing me" and the fit seemed a little big when it was buttoned up. This is a medium but I think a small would have worked better.
Most of the new arrivals hadn't made it to our store yet but I can't wait until they do!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday......

Here is what I wore today running around. It is hard to tell from the picture but these are my new blue cords- they are so comfy and soft. The collar of the shirt is also hard to see but the victorian ruffling kept the outfit from being too blah. Hope you all had great days!
Shirt from Ann Taylor Loft
Cardigan from Ann Taylor Loft
Blue Bootleg Cords from Ann Taylor Loft

J Crew, I can always count on you.....part 1

So, I took that jacket back. It was a great jacket, I loved it but it did not make me want to pray for cold weather. So I headed far, far away to J. Crew and I am so glad I did, they did not disappoint. Here is the first part of my trip.

Stretch Flannel Olive Top in Heather Graphite

This top is beautiful on. The fit is so flattering and it is a very classic piece. It fits TTS and it can easily be used dressed up or down. That being said, I have a hard time spending $98 on a top that is not a statement piece. As soon as it drops under $60, I will grab it. If it never makes it to the sale section, I will be very sad and it may haunt me forever.

Ribbon Front Bow Top.
I had missed out on this one online after it went on sale but luckily that had one in the store. It is a fun top, pretty boxy but paired with a jacket or cardigan it has a fun element. I ended up having to size down to a 4 (they didn't have a 6 or 8) so it has a slight pull above my chest but for $19.99 I couldn't pass it up.

I paired it with a pair of black minnies which you definitely have to size down on. The 8's were fitted throught the leg and thigh but the waist was huge. The 6 fit much better but these pants were just not for me. I had high hopes but in the end I passed.
Stretch Wool Noir Shift Dress

I was suprised to still see some hanging in the sale section. i know some JCA's had issues with the fit, but for me it fit beautifully and I love the blue/black combination. I think this was a 6 but it could have been an 8. If I worked somewhere that would give me more occasion to wear it, it would be hanging in my closet now.

J Crew Ink-dot Print Dress

I was so happy to find this dress hanging all by its lonesome self and I was even happier to see it was a size 8, cha-ching! This dress is so fun and bouncy, with the navy and cream print will go well with so many colors. A size 6 might have fit a little snugger in the chest but the 8 was still good. I paired it here with the delightful Merino Maya Cardigan (Medium) in color code SGU which I think is Sweet Guava.

Me loveth. Me didn't buy. Me now see it is sold out online, uh oh. I usually would have walked by this sweater without looking but after seeing it on GiGi I made a point to seek it out and it is just lovely on. Simple and pretty, soft and flattering. This is a medium.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

And you thought I was exaggerating about bringing green back to my life. I just love this green tulle skirt by Lulumari, which is a small Los Angeles based fashion line. It is a vibrant jewel toned green that really stands out (much brighter and darker then the picture looks) with unique detailing. You can sometimes snag their clothing online at Lulus, Anthropologie and eBay.
Lulumari skirt purchased on eBay

Apt. 9 Cardigan from
Black Wonder Tee from DownEast Basics

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Shopping Woes

First off, let me say that I blame my husband for the shopping disaster that was today. He told me I should find one great item to splurge on so I was determined to do that and was destined for failure. Cardinal rule of shopping, if you have something pictured in your will not be able to find it. There were a lot of cute things, just not "that thing".
First stop, Anthropologie. A lot of the great jackets and sweaters I have been hoping to try on were not there but no worries, there were lots of dresses and Anthropologie does dresses so well!

The first three were too short for dressing room pictures but they were so adorable on making it so disappointing. The 36" measurement on the Bold Boutineirre (not pictured) and the Grand Cru dress obviously did not take into account the "poof" of the dress which made it at least two inches shorter. When you are tall, that makes it a mini dress. The Color Drenched Dress is beautiful on, but very "mini".

Here are the one's I can show you.

This is the Sideswept Sweater Dress in a Medium. The fit is a little off. The draping is really loose on the upper body but the overall fit of the dress was nice and the length of the sleeves and the dress itself was perfect. It had a matching full slip (versus lining) but the length was about four inches shorter then the dress. In the end, it didn't wow me even on sale.

I loved the Reed Shirtdress. This is a size 6, an 8 would have been better. This dress was adorable and felt like a 50's throw back. The website doesn't make it look as full but it could just be my hips......I had all sorts of visions of this orange-red paired with navy blue but yet again, too short for me. Had it been a little longer, my shopping day would have been done right then and there.
I had been eyeing this shirt online and I was so exited to see it in the store. In all fairness, this shirt was cuter then this pic gives it credit. The fit was a little off but this is a small and a medium would have worked better. I liked this top but again, because of my husband (he loves how I am blaming him for all this) I passed.
I tried on a few more tops but the only other pic I have is of this blouse which seems to be sold out online but still had some in the sale section. Cute but not cute enough for today's mission.

I don't think I have ever walked out of Anthropologie empty handed, definitely a HUGE disappointment. So many cute things online, nothing in store that fit the bill.

Express, The Limited and Ann Taylor.....blah. Next stop The Gap.
This is the schoolboy blazer and the pintucked tie neck shirt . I did like this top but it is more casual then it appears on the website and it is really long and is two toned. For $59.50 I had to pass but if it goes on sale I may grab it.
Here is the shrunken schoolboy blazer again paired with a dress. The jacket is an 8 and is loose through the waist, a size 6 would work better. I just didn't love it enough. I have a Level 99 denim blazer from Anthropologie that is similar plus I felt like I had worked at a yacht club in my teen tears and was trying to wear the jacket again even though it didn't fit. Maybe if it were longer. The dress on the other hand, was adorable but I will wait for it to go on sale. Now that I am looking online, I don't see it anywhere and wish I had taken a better picture of it by itself. At Banana Republic, I really liked this knit jacket but that was about it. I don't see it online but it came in gray or black and it fits TTS, I am wearing a Medium and it ran about $98. If it weren't for the over sized collar I may have taken it home but it was a little awkward so I have to think more on this one. I also felt like the band placement created a "pooch belly" feel with the way it hit but I think the black color would help.
So what did I get? I picked up this Mac and Jac coat which is really cute but I am feeling unsatisfied which means I may need to return it and head to J. Crew next week.

Anthro Anyone?

I have been in Anthropologie withdrawals the last few weeks and this dress Gigi picked up, pushed me over the edge so, where do you think I am headed? Where we live we have a lot of great places to shop but the part I hate is that Ann Taylor Loft is at one mall about 15 minutes away, Anthropologie is at another that is about 20 minutes away but in the opposite direction and J. Crew is at yet a different mall which is 30 minutes away. What I would give to have all three in one spot! Then again, I may never leave if that were the case.

My goal today is not to be sidetracked by cute tanks, tops and sale prices but to instead focus on one fabulous splurge item. Let's see how I do.......
p.s. I am convinced that my new silk brulee tank is missing a bottom ruffle

Silk Brulee Tank from J. Crew
Shirred V-Neck Cardigan from Ann Taylor Loft
Tweed Flower Pin from The Limited
Weekend Jeans (that I live in) from Old Navy
nude pumps from Kohls

Friday, October 16, 2009

Nickel Auction Night

Tonight I am hosting a nickel auction and I can't wait. For those of you who aren't familiar with a nickel auction, we get a whole lot of gals together and auction off items from our closets, garages, etc. usually starting at, you guessed it, a nickel! You may not want to do this for your more expensive items but it is such a fun way to get rid of some things while picking up a few great bargains!

J Crew Cardigan

Ann Taylor Loft Blouse

Skinny Jeans by Lauren Conrad for Kohls

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Loves of My Life......

So, after over a month of carefully planning out every one's looks for our family pictures the results are in. Here are a few of my favorite group shots (that just happen to show off our outfits)!

I really love how they don't look like your typical family picture (the photographer had a great eye) and how the looks aren't the same for each of us but they all complimentary. Of course I could also sit here and pick at the fact that I should have worn my hair down and had more color by my face but I'll spare you the self-criticism :o)

A special thanks again to this Sensibly Styled post that challenged me put more effort into this years photos and to our wonderful photographer Kate at Chasing Daylight Photography that really captured the look we were going for and was patient with my crazy boys!