Monday, November 30, 2009

Not Just Another Manic Monday

Sorry for going MIA for a few days but I have been really sick and working the busiest shopping days of the year so by the time I got home the last few days I pretty much collapsed but I am on the mend now, I just don't have a voice. Enough of my pity party, did you all have a great Thanksgiving and Black Friday? I worked them but luckily I was able to pick up a great Coach bag for my mom on super sale at Macy's so I was happy!

Don't forget that today is Cyber Monday and there are great deals again, especially at the Loft where it is 30% off plusFREE SHIPPING for orders over $100, enter code MONDAY at checkout. I did make a cyber purchase today, but not on a sale item. I finally broke down and got the wind-rippled tee that everyone has been raving about. It had just come back in stock and I knew I would regret it later if it sold out on me again. Here is a picture to swoon over:

And lastly, here is what I am wearing today to work. Comfort was key and I really feel like it looks better in person then these pics show, but maybe it is the medication talking.

Cardigan from the Loft
Shirt from a nickel auction for a whopping .25c
Skirt from DownEast Basics
Kady Boots from Target

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Christmas List

**Disclaimer: I know that I have all I can truly want in life. I have a great husband, a house full of happy kids, good friends and my faith. Oh, and did I mention that the adoption paperwork arrived in the mail today for our foster son who has lived with us for over a year (doing happy dance), the beginning of the long process has officially begun! But I am getting off track....**

I am, admittedly, a shop-a-holic and I do have a wish list. Since the Christmas Season is about to officially begin, I'd thought I'd share a sampling of mine!

The Nook I love this new eBook reader, it is so much better then carrying a paperback in my purse every day!

Ugghs, I mean UGG's. I have never owned a pair but I am obsessed with their knit ones!

Boden Spring Preview Items..... I know they aren't due to arrive until after Christmas but I can wait for this gorgeous line!

Steve Madden Boots-I think these will dress up and down beautifully!

So that is mine (well, at least part of it).....what is on yours???

Kohl's version of the Fiona Jacket

I threw my fiona jacket look a like over the rolling ruffles tank and some bootleg cords. I am still not sure if I LOVE this jacket because of the bozy fit but I may keep it. What do you think?

Here it is buttoned:

Last night I was on J Crew's website and saw that they had some items I was hoping to get on sale so I ended up gobbling them up. With 20% extra off of sale prices (code EXTRA 20) and free shipping on orders over $150.....I just couldn't pass it up!

I got the beautiful stretch flannel olive top that I tried on here and the ruffle collier top that I tried on here, except in the Wild Blackberry colorway. The other top is a tank that I didn't think I wanted until I saw so many JCA's looking fabulous in it. I'll show you when it gets here

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Polka Dot Disaster Zone

First of all, you guys had some GREAT ideas! I am going to try the skirt again with the all black like a few of you mentioned. As soon as I read the idea of pairing this top with a dark jeans, a honey/mustard cardigan and the brown from my chunky belt I was sold.

So this morning I excitedly threw it all on and you know what, I still don't like the fit of this top on me. It is too short and I can't get it to tie right and the ruffle falls strange. I think my torso is just too long for it so the decision is made.....this top has gotta go.

But, it was not a total waste. I still loved the color combo and ideas for this outfit so I just changed it out with the navy dot tie front shell from ATL.....much better IMO.

Dot Tie Front Shell from Loft
Elle Skinny Jeans from Kohls
Mootsies Tootsies Shoes

Oh, and do I look a wee bit tired? Well it was worth it because my friend Kelsey let me tag along with her family of goofballs last night to see New Moon. It was so much better then Twilight and since it was my least favorite of the books, I was suprised to have enjoyed the movie so much. There were still some cheesy, poorly acted moments like when Jacob speeds down the hill on the dirt bike to check on Bella, his dismount from the bike looked like a Jack Black move from Saving Silverman yet it was meant to be dramatic versus the giggles we all chuckled. If you have seen it, I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about :o) Before anyone starts thinking less of me, I still loved the book New Moon I just spent the whole book waiting for Edward to come back making it my least favorite of the series. Team Edward...woohooo!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Odille Scalloped Lace Skirt

It took me a few outfit changes to find a cardigan that works in color and shape with this skirt. I think I may pick up this cardigan in ivory just so it is less distracting from the beauty of the skirt.

Odille Skirt for Anthropologie from eBay
Cami from The Loft
V Neck Shirred Cardigan from The Loft
Skinny Belt from J Crew
Nude Pumps by Apt 9 for Kohls

Unfortunately, the heels will not cut it for a nine hour work day on my feet so I had to do a wardrobe change. I am thinking of investing in J Crew's version since I love my nude patents so much.....any pointers on their fit or how comfortable their shoes are?

Here is how I ended up going to work today:

Ann Taylor V-Neck Cashmere Cardigan
Placed Petal Tee from The Loft
Marissa Skinny Pants from the Loft
Mee Too Shoes

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Remaining Challenge Pieces this Week

Okay, so like they say, go big or go home so I am going big with four "challenge items" this week. Here they are, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to chime in!

1. Odille Skirt from Anthropologie from eBay:

Gorgeous, huh? I fought hard to win this skirt and have never worn it. The scallops and lace paired with the beautiful mint color have made it a little challenging for me (not that I have tried that hard) but the time has come to make it work or give it to a better home. I think I have convinced myself I need to but a mint, cream or pink jackie cardigan for this so I stopped trying to make it work with something I already own.

2. Blue & White Polka Dot Tie Top from DownEast Basics.

I picked this up in the store when I was visiting my friend Kelli in Idaho. I had just tried on a bunch of things and last minute grabbed this off the rack and into my purchase pile as I was paying. Looks easy enough, right? Well, the fit is weird on me and I think that just upset me a little so I pushed it back in my closet without ever wearing it.

3. White Ruffle Jacket from Kohls

You might recognize this little number from Gigi's blog here, it is Kohl's fiona jacket look a like. Fell in love with it at the store but the fit is a little boxy and I always end up passing on it when I try it on.

4. Plaid Embroidered Skirt by Lulumari purchased on eBay

This skirt is so fun and unique. It has a cowgirl feel and a nice "puff" to it. Just have never made the time to figure out what to wear with it!

Wanna know what is funny, I am already getting nervous about the challenge I created......

The Challenge Has Begun......

I will post the rest of the challenge pieces later this evening but for now, I'll jump right in with outfit number 1. This outfit actually checked two items off the list that I had yet to wear. This special occasion strapless dress from J Crew and this tie front cropped cardigan from Anthropologie, both of which were eBay finds from months and months ago.Strapless dresses are always tricky for me since I can't wear them strapless but luckily, these two pieces worked well together. I started the challenge easy so I could go into it positively but the next few pieces are going to be a little trickier!

I have a feeling that a majority of my challenge pieces are going be eBay finds. It is not that I don't get a lot of great pieces from eBay, it is just that I am often buying a piece "flying solo". To me that means 1. I am not finding the item in a store where I can try it on with other pieces to figure out an outfit in the dressing room 2. If it is not part of current line, I can't always look at how it was styled online, in the catalog, etc. It is not that the pieces are unstylable it is that sometimes (especially when they are really unique) it takes real thought to put the right ensemble together and it gets pushed back in my closet until I feel like making the time which often equals being totally forgotten about. Please tell me I am not the only one this happens to.....

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chiffon Rose Cardigan In Use

Before I start my "wardrobe challenge" I had to squeeze in the Chiffon Rose Cardigan I tried on here from The Loft . This color has sold out online but I believe there are still in our store. I love this cardigan. The fit can be a little tricky to style but I like it unbuttoned over a tee. This tee appears to come only in pewter in store but the online version is here .

Since it is a work day (boo) I chose a grey pencil skirt, belt and MaryJanes from Target. Don't worry, I packed flats in case my feet start to hurt! I hope you all are having a great weekend! Anyone going to see New Moon? Let me know how it is. Tomorrow I will post my challenge pieces and input will be welcome!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Cascading Ruffles And An Upcoming Challenge

Sorry for the blurry photo, my camera man was a little bouncy this morning. I had a hard time getting a good pic of this top but hopefully you get the idea. Did I mention how glad I am that you all talked me into the cadscading ruffle shell from ATL? I would like the top portion better with jeans but that is a no no at work and I don't have any grey slacks anymore. When you have four boys and are usually a SAHM, you don't have a lot of call for dress pants and my pants from before my last pregnancy don't even have a remote chance of black it is.

I've noticed recently that my outfits are more and more current ATL items which means I am shopping outside too much and am not spending enough time in my own closet. However, next week I have a personal challenge for myself. I am going to pick a few pieces in my closet that I loved but have yet to wear because I found them challenging and I am GOING to either make them work or kick them to the curb.  Do you ever have this problem?

Shell from Ann Tayor Loft
Cardigan from Ann Taylor Loft
Bow belt from Old Navy
Black Ann pants from Ann Taylor loft
Mee Too Shoes

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bed of Grey Roses

I know that oday's look is not that exciting  but I haven't even left the house yet and when I do, it will be for groceries and a trip to the bank. I am loving this Bed of Roses Tee that I picked up at The Loft the other day. I adore the salt and pepper coloring and the baggier fit balanced with the rose applique trim around the neckline. It just adds a little bit of extra polishing  to an otherwise "grubby" outfit.

LS Tee from The Loft
Weekend Jeans from Old Navy

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another ATL Review.....I am now shopped out!

Today I grabbed a lot of IRL pics of items I haven't reviewed yet so I will try to be brief! I know, seriously....I went to The Loft again??? When my Mom is in town, I grab the opportunity to shop without the kids!

Drapey Flutter Sleeve Top $44.50: I really wish I had gotten this when they still had the blossom color. This is a small.

Petal Detail V- Neck Cardigan $69.50: Size Small, really cute but too similar to a J Crew cardigan I already own to make it home with me! This is a Medium

Animal Print Ikat Blouse $49.50 : Cute print, if I didn't own a similar top I probably would have grabbed it. Size Small

Toggle Button Sweater Vest $59.50: Ummm, camping anyone? maybe it is just the shirt I have on under it that made it not work for me.

Simple Tartan Plaid Shirt $49.50: Yo quiero mucho! Designed to have a loose fit, this is a 6. See it on App Gal here

Horizontal Cable Turtleneck Sweater $59.50. Beautiful color but too boxy a shape on me. This is a Medium

Ruffle Front Top $44.50: I can see how some people can rock this look. To me , IRL, it looked like I had on 80's shoulder pads. The picture hides it a little because my shoulders are lifted.  This is a small

Stretch Velveteen Blazer $98. Loved the cut, this is a size 6, very comfy and lined.

Ruffle Collar Plaid Shirt $49.50. What were they thinking???? French poodle + plaid =not even close to a hot mess.

Liked the pants though. Size 8

Satin Dress With Necklace Applique $128. This dress is beautiful, so much more so then the website picks (and these) give it credit for. The cut is very flattering and the detailing on the neckline and the back is gorgeous. It did not pass the bend over test at all though and for $128 I regrettably passed since I want some dresses from Bodens even more. If this goes on sale, I will pounce. This is a 8 but a 6 would have fit a tad better but would have been too short

Sweater Dress with Petals $89.50: I bet this dress will be really cute on the right figure. For me it was just too thin, too chort, too low cut. This is a Medium

Necklace Tee $49.50 and Metallic Leopard Skirt $89.50. I really liked this tee, they have quite a few colors and it is only in stores. I just hate the idea of $50 on a tee even with 30% off. I may change my mind and I would definitely grab it on sale. The skirt is an 8 and is lower on my waist so the length works. I wasn't crazy about the fabric but it is a cute print and a good fit.

Boat Neck Top with Charmeuse Bow $36.50. Something was really off on the fit of this top for me. The sleeves almost belled  after the elbow so they needed to be scrunched (like on the website) or cuffed to look right. Also the placement of the bow was strange. It looked more off center then placed on the side.

I am done with ATL trips for a little bit. I think I have everything I really, really wanted for now. Of course they get new shipments in every Friday and Monday so that may change soon :o)

Chiffon Vines Tee

Have you ever woken up and are ridiculously excited to get dressed because you have some new clothes you can't wait to put on? Well, hopefully I am not the only one or I am going to feel like a big ol' dork. I have teacher conferences today plus a meeting with my awesome Angels worker and a visit from my visiting home teacher.  I had a few comfy outfits in mind but knew I should wear the ivory tee I picked up yesterday so you could look out for it when you hit the F & F sale at the Loft this week.

Don't let the look on my face here fool you, I love this tee. This style appears to still be online in the stores. I know it also came in black and one other color (sorry I forgot which but I would guess pewter or a purple).

Here is a closer look at the tee. I think it the same as this one just without the contrasting color. I am pretty sure J Crew had a similar top or I am just thinking of the whirling ruffles cardigan.  Oh, and one more thing for those of you hitting the sale, they had a great necklace tee that is in store only that was really cute. I haven't done a necklace tee yet but this one looked great I just wanted a chance to try it on first.

Tee from The Loft
Lauren Conrad Skinny Jeans from Kohls

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ATL's Friends & Family Sale

First off, I feel I may disappoint you a little. I had an hour lunch break to buy lunch eat it, and hit the Friends & Family Sale at Ann Taylor Loft. So, there was no time to try on new things but what can tell you is this:

There were no exclusions, they said I could use the coupon on everything. There was a great selection of items and some new tees I hadn't noticed being there before. Unfortunatlely, I didn't have much to spend but I just couldn't let the sale pass me by completely. Here is a snapshot of my stash, better pics to come:

And I know what you are thinking ladies.....oh no she did-in't. Oh YES I di-id. I caved in and bought the size small cascading ruffle shell in lavender dusk that so many of you loved from my dressing room pics. It is almost completely sold out in this color on line and I knew it would be gone forever soon in the store.

I know the rest are just tees but they are amazing tees and the ivory tee..... it is ultra fabulous to me. Item number 86290357 that has no name yet, I knew the moment I saw you that you had to be mine. I have never seen this tee before, the SA said it was brand new. Overall, I found it to be a super sale, if only they would sponsor me and give me free clothing.....a girl can dream right?

Diamonds Are a Girl's Bestfriend......

Sorry to post so late but today was the preview sale day for Macy's 1 Day Sale (making it actually a two-day sale) so we opened early and I just didn't have time to do a morning post!

I knew today would be busy and it was all about be comfy so I chose this thick knit dress from Shade and I added some fun diamond patterned tights with my chunky pearl necklace.....

dress from Shade Clothing
Tights by Hue
Necklace from The Loft
Me Too Shoes

Monday, November 16, 2009

OOTD for the Zhu Zhu hunt

Well, it is 8:48 am and I am about to go off to work after a bright an early morning of shopping for this years impossible to find Christmas item, the Zhu Zhu hamsters. I love the holiday hunt, so when my Mother-in-law enlisted my help I was down for the mission. And guess what my ladies, I was victorious. I now have four Zhu Zhu hamsters, one in each color, sitting on my kitchen counter as I type. These retail for $7.99 each and are on Amazon and eBay for $40-$60......craziness!!! What we will do for our kids.

Now the initial shopping euphoria has worn off and now I am exhausted, just in time to start my work day....oops. Here is what I wore:

Level 99 Denim Blazer-Anthropologie
Blouse from Kohls
Odille Seersucker Skirt-Anthropologie

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Playing With Color AND The Loft F&F Sale

I always admire how Amy of Kelinda.Kelinda plays with color masterfully so today I thought I would have a little fun. I have to admit I felt a little like Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, ya know when she turns into a blueberry after eating the three-course dinner gum? 

Though I don't think I mastered the color combo, it was a freeing experience to step outside of my comfort zone!

Stratton Dress from DownEast Basics
J Crew Chiffon Pleated Cardigan
Tights from Target
Shoes from Target

AND IT'S OFFICIAL! My coupon was emailed to me today. ATL's Friends & Family Sale is Tueday the 17th through Sunday the 22nd. The online code for 30% off is FRIENDS

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sequins for work? I say why yes!

Before I rush out the door, here is how I styled the sequin tank for work today. In retrospect, I may have done better with the small tank but the difference wasn't great enough for me to take it back. I paired it some Ann black pants and the pinwheel cardigan, both from ATL. Hope you are having a great weekend.....there is just something plain ol' wrong about working on a Saturday.

Friday, November 13, 2009

My Trip to The Loft, come and stay a while!

Well, ladies. About two seconds into the dressing room fittings I knew I was in trouble. I LOVE the new arrivals at Ann Taylor Loft. So let's jump right into it.

The Chiffon Rose Cardigan $89.50
Yes, it is a lot of moola for a cardigan but my prediction...this will never make it to sale. I don't even think all the sizes will make it until Thursday's Friends & Family Sale. I totally loved this cardigan, it is truly a unique piece and therefore I was okay to live with the price, especially with my 20% off card so I guess that is kind of cheating when I say I am okay with the price. I tried on a Small and a Medium. The fabric is light but the rosettes add weight so the small gaped at the buttons. Not because it was too tight, just the weight combo so I opted for the Medium.

Next up was the Pinwheel Detail Cardigan $59.50
I wasn't overly impressed when I saw this online or on the hanger but I thought I'd try it on anyways. Once on, I was impressed. It only comes in one color, grey violet which is a very pretty color but I would have not realized there was violet in it. It did make the grey unique enough to make it feel like not yet another grey cardigan for my closet. Also, in person the chiffon detailing is darker and I really like the effect. This is a Medium and oops, I forgot to try on the metallic leopard skirt.

The Corsage Tee on special right now for $19.50
As with all ATLs tees, I love the fit and feel and that the "flowers" are jersey knit instead of chiffon. This is the teal color in a size Medium. It will come home with me one day but since it will probably be around for awhile, I decided to wait.

I had high hopes for this cardigan but when I saw it I was disappointed at first. It is very thin, like the shirred v neck cardigan and is a merino wool/acrylic blend. The first one I grabbed had a run in it which wasn't a great sign and I would have liked more color choices. When I put it on, I was happier. It has a great fit and I felt it was flattering. I passed though. I think I like the NY & Co version better which is also $20 less, thicker and comes in a great honey yellow color.

Are you still with me? If you need a water break, I'll wait 'til you get back.

I have had my eye on this top for awhile so I finally tried one on in the lavender dusk. This is a Medium and with most of their shells, I need a small. This is pretty top and would look much better in the right size. I knew I was already going to go over budget so I didn't ask for the right size.

My guess is that this will sell out soon. I tried this on for fun but ended up drooling all over it. They did an excellent job in mixing the sequin fron with a jersey tank back. It is flattering, comfy and fun. The silver pic (light charcoal heather) is a small and the gold (rosette) is a Medium.

I have been stalking this jacket for quite some time but I just didn't fall head over heels for it once I put it on. This is a size 6. It fits across my shoulders and chest perfectly but is loose throughout the rib cage and waist. It probably doesn't help that I had it over a baggy shirt. I may have to try it on again another time to be sure.

Again, I picked this dress up strictly for the blog. Honestly, I didn't like this dress much online but when I saw it in the store I thought it might be good for the bloggers if I grabbed a dress plus this dress was not too short like most ATL dresses. When I got to the dressing room, the SA had styled it for me with the textured sweater coat (officially a Loft Lounge item) and the short cocoa pearl necklace. This is look I would have never put together on purpose but it really worked, whoda thunk? I was shocked to find that I loved this dress. I am wearing a size 8 (my norm) and the sweater coat is a size M with the sash tied in back for better shaping.

What do you think of the dress w/sweater jacket combo? What are your top ATL picks right now. Remember also that for every $50 you spend, you earn $25 ATL cash that you can use after November 30th.