Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fall J Crew Fitting Room Reviews

Today was the older boys first day back at school so to take my mind off missing them I ran to J Crew for a few returns and try ons.

Maisie Dress in Abstract Floral. Size 6 $178. I usually prefer an 8 in J Crew dresses but if they aren't fitted on the hips, 6 will work. I LOVED this dress on I just wanted an inch or two more length. If there had been an eight in the store that was a little longer, it would have gone home with me today.
 Maisie Dress in getaway green, Size 8 $168. I tried on an 8 in this one to see what it did for the length and imagine my suprise when it was shorter then the floral 6....strange. My PS said it should be the same in length as the floral but somehow I lost a few inches. Also, I am not sure if it just is because it was a slid versus a print but the arms were more sheer.
Blythe Shirtdress in poppy.Size 8, $178. I have a long waist so when I first tried this on with the fabric belt it came with it looked off to me. However with the belt switched out I liked it soooo much better! This dress is so comfortable and classic and the length was just to my knee (I am a little over 5'9"). The lower half is lined so no slip needed and it should go great in the fall with tights. I wish the poppy was a little more saturated and I have a red silk dress so this was going to be a no for me until my PS grabbed me the dark navy which I fell in love with. So gorgeous with browns and/or tortoise accents.
 No. 2 Pencil skirt in vintage tweed. Size 8, $148. I am loving the longer length on this falls pencil skirts. This is my favorite tweed J Crew pencil skirt so far. I love the colors and the little pocket. It is very stretchy and doesn't flare out at the bottom like a lot of tweed does. I have this on hold because I have a hard time getting past the tummy pouch that tweed always seems to like to show off.
 No. 2 Pencil Skirt in plaid. Size 8, $138. I was suprised how much I liked this skirt on since I am not usually drawn to dark or dull colors but I really ended up loving this one. I did notice however that on the hanger every skirt looked like it had been crumple on the floor for a week. On, the wrinkles went away so I am guessing it is the fabric.
 And lastly, the Merino Pleated Skirt. Size Medium $128. I liked this one on better then I thought but it is not a love. The color, length and cut are great but I don't like the way sweater skirts hit my hip/thighs. It may grow on me though in time

And I couldn't resist snapping some pics of the window displays *swoon*