Saturday, July 30, 2011

J Crew Jardin Skirt

As you can tell from the luggage on my bed, I am on my way out of town to do nothing but lay at a pool, not cook, do a little shopping and oh, did I mention not cook? I am headed to the world famous garlic capital of the world, Gilroy. Why you ask? Well simply, that's the small town my parents live in.  Nothing glamorous just good ole' relaxing with the kiddos.

I did not want to leave without a quick picture of the Jardin skirt. I ordered this skirt back in June when it was first released on the website and was back ordered. It finally arrived on Tuesday. I must admit, I thought the odds were low that I would end up liking this skirt, even lower that I'd love it. Truth is, in a lot of their pics it looks too poofy and hard to wear. Nut in person, I LOVE this skirt. It is so light and it falls nicely...not too poofy at all. Oh....and it has pockets, need I say more? For a proper review and pictures that aren't rushed on an iPhone, check out App Gals post here with a perfect review. I did have to wear a slip, the skirt it is lined but it is lined with the same light cotton fabric which still equalled too sheer for me.
For those of you who are interested or have this skirt at home, here are some styling ideas from my Polyvore collection.....

And the catalog image I have fallen in love with:

Monday, July 25, 2011

J Crew New Arrivals Fitting Room Pics

Today I rushed to see the new Fall Arrivals at J Crew. Unfortunately, my store didn't get in a lot of the items I was hoping to find but there were some fun surprises.

Perfect Shirt in Leopard $78, Size 6. Okay, excuse the belt in this picture I was playing around with it and forgot to get a picture without it. I am not a lepard print person but J Crew always seems to find a way to so it well. This print is no exception.

Wool Cafe Capris in camel $118 I was hoping these would fit like the lollis and they do...whoo hoo. My stylist accidentally grabbed me a 6 instead of an 8 in these and I almost cried thinking I had to go a pant size up but luckily it was just a mix up....funny how we get so caught up on numbers isn't it? Anyways, these pics will show them a little tight because of that. These are the camel and I love them and want all the colors (well almost). They are unlined and light which is not typically what you think of with wool pants. I think they run TTS if not a little big.
Tippi Sweater $69.50 Size Medium. I don't know what to say except this sweater is a perfect wardrobe staple since it works with pants, skirts and jeans. The stylist grabbed me black (which I rarely wear) but the vibrant flame, viridian green and the heathered camel were my favorites. I found this to be TTS. You could size down  but I like the slightly slouchy fit.
No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Leopard, $118 Size 8. I would not have tried this skirt on if the amazing Cyndi at Fashion Valley hadn't pushed me. I love the fit of this skirt, the length is longer than recent J Crew pencil skirts and the fabric is so soft. The leopard print on the skirt is slightly lighter than the perfect shirt and the tippi sweater version.

Perfect Shirt in Medium Gingham $72 Size 6, artillery fatigue. This fabric is stretchier then my other perfect shirts so it has a little more give across the back which I like.
Stripe Boatneck Painter Tee $39.50. Love the fit and length of this tee. It is thinner and very soft , feels more like a fitted tissue tee. I am 5'9" with a long torso so if you are shorter it may not work as well.

Suede Hook Belt-On sale for $39.50 plus the current 40% off sale promo online (LOVEIT). This is a size Small. The medium was really big (see first picture). Fun little belt but it slips around a lot and you can't really adjust it.

Minnie pant in Stretch Twill $79.50, Size 8 Vibrant Flame. Love this color and the look of these pants. What I couldn't get comfortable with was my plump booty on full display. Even when I was a size 2, I still had bootie to spare. Maybe the matchstick cords will work a little better.

Featherknit Floral tank $39.50, Size M. I had this in a small as well but I like the relaxed fit of the Medium. I really like the flowy feel of this tank and I am planning to grab it in some solids as well. Great layering piece, tucked in or out.

Jackie Cardigan $62, Size M Laquer Yellow (?). I had just asked my stylist to grab any cardigan real quick and this is what I ended up with. I am assuming this must be the laquer yellow, it was much brighter then I thought it looked on the website.
Chambray Shirtdress $118-If this had been 6 inches longer I would have been happy but hello...short enough? It looks longer on the model. Also, the price is a little high but seeing it could be a "go to" dress for years you may want to splurge. For me it was a may be a sale pick...with leggings!
Here it is with leggings.....

I wish I had more to show you but most of what I was on the lookout for was not in the store ;( On the positive side, My purple Jardin skirt shipped Friday so I should have a review soon

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wedding Bells and Crystal rays

Yesterday was the wedding and I am now free from the kitchen...yee haw! Here is what I wore to the event, it was outside in the evening so it cooled down just enough that the cropped sweater never got too hot. I scored this dress for just over $35 during a recent promo at Banana Republic where they were offering 40% off sale items plus at 25% off coupon. I also had some rewards so it ended up being a great deal. It's hard to capture in a picture how cute the smocking on this dress is so you'll have to trust me that it makes it extra special. Oh, and it ended up that the Bridal party all had cropped purple cardigans on so I blended right in.
During the same promo I picked up this clutch for $21.99.......
And here is a close up of the Crystal Rays Necklace that I grabbed during a promo for just $34.99. I feel like such a bargain hunter right now
And here is the Polyvore for the outfit, all the details are accurate.

another wedding

Have you seen the new Fall Arrivals on the J Crew site? Our store is getting theirs in tomorrow so I should have some dressing room pics for you.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stuck in the Kitchen

Aren't summers supposed to be laid back? Well, I am still waiting. My eldest, Jonas, is leaving at 5am (ugghh) tomorrow to go rapelling in Utah. I will be a nervous wreck until he is home with all bones and limbs in tact. I also have another friends wedding  next weekend that I am preparing some of the desserts and a few small decorations for. So after church today I was flash freezing cookies, squeezing lemons for lemon bars (my favorite) and making (and freezing) homemade cinnamon rolls for a church event the same day as the wedding. So after all that I was too tired to make dinner.....oh well. Sorry fam.

This is what I wore this morning. I noticed 15 minutes in to church that I had my scarf inside out but you get the picture.
I have been enjoying all the summer sales going on, what about you? I got some great deals at Boden USA, Banana Republic, Talbots and LOFT. Somehow I avoided any J Crew purchases. I think I am just ready for their amazing fall line to come out and take all my extra money.

Here is the Polyvore of today's outfit. Everything is accurate except for the cardigan which is actually from Banana Republic last year.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Stripes and some Paisley

Happy Monday (if there is such a thing)! I hope you are enjoying your summer so far....I know we are but it never seems to be as calm and relaxing as you think. Did you see J Crew started an extra 30 promo on sale today? I am trying to  be good. I ordered a sale dress from Boden this morning and that has to be it. I admit, the fact the we are receiving 16 hours of new shipment at work that I can't wait to check out tonight is helping.

Here is what I wore to work over the weekend. This dress sold out fast this Spring (I am not sure if it ever was online) but we just got in an opposite version last week (navy with white stripes) that is perfect if you missed the first one.
Cowl neck striped dress-LOFT
knit jacket-Banana Republic
Shoes-Mis Moos

And here is what I wore to chirch yeaterday. The lighting made this shirt look a little orange but is more of a red orange and it is soooo light and comfy. The skirt is one of my new favorites as well!

Cotton Silk Camp Shirt- J Crew Factory Stores
Printed Skirt in salt- J Crew Factory Stores
Shoes- Bandolino

I would have posted sooner but my camera "mysteriously" disappeared. I finally found it this morning with about 40 pictures like these.......

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Outdoor Friday Wedding Reception

Thanks for all your patience, sweet emails and support while I have been on a blogging break to spend time with my family. Sometimes, you have to let go of things for a while and just get back to basics.

One of my dear friends was married yesterday and she had a simple elegant, casual backyard reception so I grabbed a quick picture before I left....sorry for the crummy lighting.

Ella embellished cardigan-J Crew
Lace embellished tee- Banana Republic
Ackee Pencil Skirt-Anthropologie
Lyons Pump-Banana Republic