Friday, July 30, 2010

LOFT Ink Shift Dress

Seriously, I think LOFT just got tired of coming up with creative names for their items. Either that or the description was just easier for locating items but that would be way too sensible. Today I am wearing the Ink Shift Dress with Ruffle Neckline that I am going to rename the Watercolored Poppies Shift Dress.

This is too short for me but I love the print and neckline so I am finding other ways to wear it. Here is today's look, what do you think? Can I pull this one off?
dress and cardigan-LOFT
belt and capri leggings-Kohls (Simply Vera)

As a quick update, I did send out an email to everyone who requested a Friends & Family coupon that our associate link isn't working. I am going to try to figure it out tonight when I go in to work. Promise I won't forget about ya!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why I *heart* Polyvore

There are so many great reasons to love Polyvore but mine are simple. I can put outfits together without pulling my closet apart or even waiting for the item to arrive. Whenever I get something new or place an order, I try to make a couple of sets so I have ideas on how I am going to wear it. This helps make it versatile AND keeps it from being tucked back in my closet and forgotten about before I figure out how to wear it. And let's not forget all the great ideas and inspiration you can find!
And sometimes, while making one outfit I end up making something completely different that I never would have thought of and loving it. Like today's OOTD:
Grograin Ribbon and Flower tee, cardigan, belt: LOFT
unagi tweed pencil skirt-J Crew
Shoes-Mootsies Tootsies

Here are some Polyvore's I made using four new items (vintage yellow cardi, grograin and flower tee, sequin tissue tank and the piped and twisted cardigan)
Unagi and Mustard

Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Sunshine and SequinsFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

another dayFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

DreamingFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

RelaxedFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Simply NeapolitanFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A look, a sale, and a secret

Make sure to scroll all the way down for some top secret info:)

Yesterday I decided to recreate a "summery" version of the outfit from the Fall Essential mailer. The print of this top reminds me of the watercolor garden print that J Crew had out over the spring. The more I style the new line, the more deeply in love I fall with it. My newest obsession is this tee with this cardigan in vintage yellow....yummy! Good thing they have upped my hours
Can you resist the extra 30% promo at J Crew? I obviously can't because as soon as I got the email, I became a shopping fool. Then I decided to face reality and cut my cart down lower and lower...sniff (I am still not supposed to be shopping afterall) until I could hit the $150 free shipping. Then I lowered it some more which really hurt because I hate J Crew's shipping fees. I found a secret link that took me to an on sale colorway (heather stone) of the tissue sequin tank  that I just couldn't pass up along with this cardi that has been calling my name for months. There must have been a lot of people shopping the sale because it took me 20 minutes to get my order through because their systemcart kept crashing. I mentioned it casually in my BizRate survey and they took the shipping fees off.....whoo hoo!Today is the last day of the sale, did you grab anything?

And now for the top secret tid bit. The rumors are true, Loft's friends & family sale is coming up.....quick! It will run from August 3rd through the 8th (with a special preview day on the 2nd for cardholders). I have a link that will allow me to email out the 30% off coupons on Friday so if you'd like me to send you one, just leave a comment with your email address.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Some LOFT reviews, answers and a winning dress

Okay, so dressing room pics didn't happen this weekend. When I got off work the dressing rooms were full and thruthfully, I was too worn out to wait. Weeknights are tricky since I don't get in to try on until closing but I'll keep trying.....until then, here are some new arrival pictures. And yes, I fell off the wagon a little but now I am back on.

Twisted Neck Exposed Back Zip, Modern Skinny Jeans and Neutral Stone Illusion Necklace
Did they just give up when naming this tank? Regardless I love this tank and I have yet to see it look badly on anyone. It fits TTS and isn't overly loose or boxy. All the colors are beautiful so you really can't go wrong. As far as the jeans go, LOFT has definitely made some improvements. I purchased these one size down because their jeans usually stretch out. These don't so they will be a good motivator for the lbs I need to lose. The necklace, it is a great staple. It has gold and silver in it making it really versatile.

Instore Only (so far) Layered Tee:

I have no idea if this is ever going to be online but these tees are great! The flash made the silk strips look darker but they aren't. I am wearing my true size (M) and I love the fit and length. It comes also comes in an ivory, lavender, aqua, and bright pink. It is very similar to J Crew's chiffon tiered tank so if you missed out on that one, you should check these tees out!
Accessory I LOVE! The Wide Braided Belt is such a beautiful cognac weathered belt. I just love the width and braiding. I especially love that it lies very flat and is not bulky. Our store only got in a small bit and they are selling out quick. I recommend grabbing one, especially with the free shipping promo online!
Crystal Bead V-Neck Tee: I was wrong. It also comes in this new petal pink color (very nude with a slight hint of pink). I tried it on and it does fit TTS
Riding Boots from the Fall ad: Yeppers, LOFT is experimenting with this new boot as a tester to see how they do. Our store won't be getting them but I am sure others will. As for the rest of the outfit with the boots, you'll see an IRL pic of most of it tomorrow :)
Lastly, my Sheep Meadow dress from Kim's giveaway arrived and I really love it. It will look much better with me made up (and with lipstick) but I had to try it on real quick!

Friday, July 23, 2010

A whole lot of Sunshine

Here is a super quick post before I run off to work. I am going to take some dressing room photos after work tomorrow but for now here is what I am wearing to work:

dress: LOFT
cardigan: NY & Co
Leggings: Nordstroms
shoes: Bandolino

It got wrinkly since it is super hot today and I ended up at the park waiting for Jonas to come out from the community pool. park + heels=ridiculousness but it was totally impromptu

Here is what I wore earlier today. I took the boys out to Baskin Robbins for some icecream with their friends. Chistopher wanted to be in the picture but since he isn't really supposed to be until the adoption is finalized, I blocked hime out a little;)
dress: Shade Clothing
Belt: Kohls
Shoes: Rocket Dog

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Flutter Silk Dress (4 ways to wear it)

When I go into work tomorrow I will try to get you some more answers to yesterdays comments on Loft's new arrivals but for today I thought I'd post some ideas for the Flutter Silk Dress .

This dress is the only red item I own. I have nothing against red just somehow the only red I still had in my closet were shoes. This dress is so comfortable and honestly, it is stunning on it's own but since I don't go sleeveless I needed to come up with some styling ideas.

cardigan: Banana Republic
belt: Banana Republic
shoes: Bandolino

white military jacket: LOFT
necklace: LOFT
belt: Banana Republic
shoes: Mootsies Tootsies

San Remo Cardigan: J Crew
gold belt: J Crew
shoes:??? (don't think these actually work but the natives were getting restless)

here Cooper is crying because he thinks I am dressing to go somewhere and he wants to go too!
Sweater Coat: LOFT lounge
Belt: Kohls
Shoes: Mootsies Tootsies

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Falling for LOFT's new arrivals

The transitional line (early fall) is finally in at the Loft and I am so happy with the new arrivals. the last few lines have been "okay" but they seem to be getting back on track! Unfortunatly, they have done a pretty lousy job on the styling for the web picks. The lookbooks they give us are so much better....go figure. Here are some of my top picks so far.

Ink Floral Shift Dress with Ruffle Neckline ($89.50): I adore this print, it is so beautiful. It is too short for me as a dress but over leggings and skinny jeans it looks wonderful. I especially love it belted. I found my true size (8) worked best. The dress is nicely made and fully lined. Differs from online photo at the waist. It is a straight waist not fitted like it appears on the model.
Flutter Silk Dress ($128): I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this dress. They have it all through the Loft fall style guide adorably styled and then on on the website it is kinda done boring. I LOVE this dress on. It is 100% silk and it falls beautifully and has more "poof" to it then in the website photo. The size 6 fit but my true size (8) hung better. I love that this dress has a longer length then normal for the LOFT. It is light and unlined. For the price, I would have expected lining but since there is a lot of fabric, it wasn't a deal breaker for me. Oh, and this red is beautiful and rich. It goes beautifully with creams and browns.
Flutter Sleeve Charlotte Dress ($79.50): The color of this dress is stunning and the fit is much better then it looks online. There was no vanity sizing with this dress. I wore an 8 and could not have sized down. The length on me was just like the photo so if you are shorter (I am 5'9") it will be closer to knee length. This dress has a very high fashion feel/dressed up feel but it also was unlined and was see through enough to mandate a slip. It is not completely off my wishlist but I am not sold yet.
Crystal Bead V-Neck Tee ($44.50): I haven't tried this one on yet but it is much cuter IRL styled with jeans and pants (untucked). Not crazy about how they tucked it in to a skirt.
Twisted Neck Exposed Back Zip ( $49.50): I haven't tried this on yet but the autumn yellow is so beautiful that I plan on making it mine!
 Short Sleeve Dolman Cardigan ($39.50): Great basic and the colors are so very beautiful! The moss green is very close to J Crew's burnished olive. It is a Pima Cotton so it isn't as thin as some of their recent super see through cardigans.
Cotton Faille Jacket with Ruffle ($98): This was love at first sight for me. It looks like a relative of J Crew silk ruffle cascade jacket (if you have it, you it know it looks like the back )
These are my top picks of what they have released so far. There are tweed jackets, nautical striped cardigans and dresses and other great things still coming later. What are your top picks at LOFT so far? Also, if you go by the store and they don't have some of these out you can always ask the SA's. Sometimes we aren't allowed to put them on the floor yet but we have them and we are allowed to sell from the back!

So, here is where I may or may not have cheated on my shopping ban. I returned the dress from Boden and a jacket from BR and I got the red dress. It wasn't offically a "return" but it was purchased from returned funds.....what do you think? 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We Have Butterflies (not the good kind)

Last night one of my co-workers cheerily said, "your husband is on the phone". Uh oh. My husband has never called me at work since I started working retail, not a good sign. Sure enough, Christopher had fallen and smacked his forehead (which is a total boo boo magnet) into the corner of our coffee table. He needed a phone consult on whether to go to the ER or the just the First Aid Kit. We went with butterfly closures for the night to be followed by me taking him in for stitched in the am.

So this is what I wear when anticipating several hours at Childrens hospital with four boys. Nothing to write home about. Luckily, I went by his doctors office for a consult first and it turns out that you can't wait over 12 hours before getting stitches (who knew) but she thinks we made the right decision (whew).  So luckily, I didn't have to spend the entire day in the waiting room. Can you believe we have never had stitches or broken bones in our house (knocking on wood)?

tee-J Crew
flip flops-Old Navy

Good news is that I think even with the drama, the funk seems to be gone! I tried on some gorgeous new arrivals last night and will be giving you my two cents tomorrow. Plus one dress IRL (you can be the judge when I explain whether I cheated or not).

Monday, July 19, 2010

One of those funk things....

I am sure that I am not the only woman out there that occassionally suffers from what I like to call "funkiness". That was where I was last week. I thought I escaped it this weekend but sure enough it was here again today. So that is why I was so rude to ask all of your opinions on a dress and then not even say thanks. You all had a lot of great points and advice. 90% of you will be glad to know the dress did go back and guess what, I still haven't broken my shopping ban!

This morning Cooper had his three-ish year-old  doctor appointment. Can you believe he is the average size of a five year, three month old? Between the Dr appt, a church meeting and football camp flats were necessary even though they were not my favorite choice for this outfit.
 Coral Jackie Cardigan- J Crew
Safari Tee-J Crew
Abstract Lattice Pencil Skirt- J Crew
Shoes-Rocket Dog

Suprisingly enough, here are some pics of the day that threw me in the funk. One of my friends from church called me last Monday night and begged me to to do a four hour shift at the beach the next day to hold the fire ring for a youth event. Of course I said yes but four boys at the beach by myself is not my idea of fun. I worry way too much and with two toddlers it is hard to keep an eagle eye on the other two when they are in the water so I get a little (okay a LOT) nuerotic. Throw in Chase (he's just 6) disappearing  for 10 minutes and bring on the funkalicious mental break down.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some More Oak Tweed and I need your Opinion

Are you sick of the Oak Tweed Pencil Skirt on me yet? Sunday was the first time I actually wore it (the other pics were just for the blog) and I decided to try out one other Polyvore I had made for it.
Here is the Polyvore, all items are accurate (except the hairdo):
Sepia OakFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

And here is my possible dud. My Boden shirtdress arrived today. I have been wanting a khaki shirtdress for awhile and once this baby went on sale for $39.99, I had to grab it. I think it was more flattering on my waistline IRL but maybe that is just wishful thinking. When I got this dress they only two colors left in my size (8 tall) so I ended up going with the taupe which isn't all that flattering on me. The cut is really well done and is right on with my measurements but this is my dilemma. It is really stiff. Like my collar kept closing back up like it was buttoned stiff .
And here is another beautiful (NOT) image. It moves with me and stays there. I lifed my arms and when I went to put them back down, it stays shifted up high on me. Which would be fine if I stood still all day but with four kids that just 'aint gonna happen. I am wondering if once I wash it it will relax and not do that but if I wash it, I can't return it. So what do you think? Keep or Return?

(notice Cooper doing a quick grab and dash with my iPhone...he is obsessed with it and steals it evey chance he gets)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Gilded Jaquard Pencil Skirt

This post is for Hollylovescrew who requested some styling ideas for the gilded jaquard pencil skirt. This was a great challenge for me because I purchased this skirt a while back in store for just $39.99 and have yet to wear it. For me, this is the first J Crew pencil skirt I have found that just does not fit me right which may be due to the fabric. It pulls across my hips and tummy so I don't plan on wearing it tucked in unless I lose some lb's.

With Papaya: excuse all the wrinkles. My Joelle blouse was in my drycleaning bag. I loved the sheen of these two pieces together and if you have the blouse you know how light it is, so comfy.

Olive and Navy: I paired it here with the scalloped petal top and the jackie in burnished olive
Olive and Navy reversed: And here it is again with the spicy olive victoria tissue tank and a denim blazer
Lastly, this is the look I will probably wear the most. I have on the tissue tuxedo tank and the san remo cardigan but I think it would also look great with the breeze jackie or the spring celosia cardigan too!
To check out these looks on Polyvore plus alot of other GREAT styling ideas, check out this set:

Gilded Jacquard pencil skirt