Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where Did The Week Go????

Is it really Thursday already and I am just now posting for the week??? It has been pretty crazy around here. As if the four kiddos weren't enough I have been working at Macy's and going through my Loft paperwork and training. Yesterday was four hours at both places and I am beat but I am happy to report that tonight is my last night at Macy's and I have a whole week off before I start my first real shift at the Loft.

A HUGE thank-you to all of you for all your great answers on my last post. I have decided to try out the Crewlet when my mom is down for a visist so she can watch the toddlers and I will call ahead first to see if they have any new shipments in and/or any specials!

Also, as an FYI Macy's F & F started yesterday. It works on watches and designer handbags (unlike there other coupons). I decided to stock up on some new shoes during the sale so I could take advantage of my employee discount one last time. I got these, these and these

So here are all my catch up outfits this week so far.......

Here is what I wore Monday for paperwork. I am so ecstatic that I found this skirt on eBay, I really heart it!
Lesters Hat Shop Tee- J Crew
Abstract Lattice Pencil Skirt-J Crew (from eBay)
Bandolino Shoes-Macys

Here is what I wore for my first night of "on boarding" at the Loft.
Breeze Jackie Cardigan-J Crew
Bubble Tank-Loft (old)
Martin Fit Pants-Banana Republic

Here is what I wore yesterday morning for day two of my "onboarding". Excuse the toddler hand smudges all of my mirror....what can I say? they love this mirror
Ivory Fitted Blazer-Loft
Bow Tie Top-Loft
Sequin Detail Cardigan-Loft
Modern Crop Denim Capris (love these)-Loft
Vera Sandals-Banana Republic

And here is what I wore last night to work at Macy's:
Carscading Silk Shell-Loft
Pencil Skirt-Apt 9 Kohls
Necklace-Banana Republic
Belt-J Crew

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Questions For You!

Okay readers, I have a few questions for you today!

1. J'Crewlets.......worth it or not? I have a J Crew Factory store about an hour away that *gasp* I have never been to. Should I drag the toddlers there, will I find good stuff? Are the prices less or the same? I am on the hunt for pencil skirts and mom lives a few minutes from a crewlet up North and she said there was nada but we don't have similar taste at all!

2. While we are on the topic of J Crew, do you have any pop back pointers? Do you have to bookmark your page or will it just show up on the site?

3. do you write on it? Really, I have no idea......

4. How cute is this face that our "little character" Chase is making? Love this guy BIG time
Okay, thank you guys! I really needed to get these questions off my chest!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Ribbons & loose thread

Here we are at Friday again! I am headed for a packed next 7 days. Between finishing up at Macy's and starting at the Loft I will be working every day but Monday. So  I am going to look at it this simply....more hours = more employee discount shopping......see, now it sounds so much better.

Here is what I wore yesterday before work. I had another Social Worker visit and then ran out for some errands. For those of you eyeing the necklace, I grabbed it at Banana Republic this week. It is not online but may be in is a beauty. And yes, I did cut that wild thread before I left the house. 
shirt-Banana Republic
tank-J Crew
Jeans-Banana Republic
necklace-Banana Republic

Here is what I am wearing today inspired by this polyvore set . I ended up throwing my hair into a loose, messy ponytail because it went with the feel of the outfit better.  I am picking up Chase early from school as a special treat to take him out for lunch and a little shopping. Before you go thinking I am a bad mommy, it is an early release day so all he is missing is lunch and recess. Speaking of shopping, I decided I needed to have the neapolitan pencil skirt and I went to grab it and WHAT? They only have size 14 left so I called CS and they are doing a storewide search for me.....wish me luck! Have you ever done the storewide search? If so, how did it work out?
Ribbon Front Blouse-J Crew
Maya Cardigan-J Crew
Vintage Matchstick Jeans-J Crew
Juliet Heels-J Crew

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dreaming of an Abstact Lattice Pencil Skirt...........

I was finally able to find an abstract lattice pencil skirt on eBay and I won it...whoop whoop! While I am waiting for it to arrive, I have been dreaming of outfit combinations.....
A little Papaya please

Items in this set:

Cinnamon Lattice

Items in this set:
minty fresh

Items in this set:

There are some other GREAT ideas in this Polyvore Collection , can I wear this skirt everyday for a month...would that be strange ;o)  I have been making a few last employee purchases at Macy's. I finally grabbed the Nude Bandolino pumps but I did them as a pre-sale for the Friends & Family event so I don't get to bring them home until the 28th. I also snagged the B. Makosky bag shown for under $40 (from $188). It is a great nuetral color!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Loft Sunburst Jaquard Skirt

I played dress up tonight for Amers72 who wanted some styling ideas for the Sunburst Jaquard Skirt.

First up....color!This is an older tank from the Loft that I love because of the satin pleated bib and the rich blue color. I paired it with a Jackie in Breeze. I picked up the moondrops necklace at BR the other day, it reminds me of the rock candy sticks I used to get at the candy store at Disneyland. I would probably wear patent nude pumps with this but since they are not in my possession yet, my Vera sandals had to stand in.
They say that pale is in this year so I went with it. I have an ivory embellished tee from the loft, a chalk merino flutter bow cardigan from J Crew and three J Crew necklaces to add some interest. I also think this skirt would look good with a solid button up but I forgot to try it out.
While I was playing around with tonal colors, I decided to put this outfit together with the Loft's Sequin Detail Cardi, the Zoey Lame Tank from J Crew (old but always on eBay), some Martin fit pants from Banana Republic and my favorite statement necklace, J Crew's Bubble Necklace
Okay, back to pj's now!

As Good As It Gets.......

So, as you know I am a mostly stay at home mom with 4 boys, two of which are toddlers. So yesterday I started what I had been dreading for over a year......potty training. Loose translation, I am now trapped in the house with my day revolving around trips to the potty, sitting on the bathroom floor reading books, sticker bribery rewards, and laundry. Sounds fun, huh? Just like I imagined, one loves it, the other hates it so I am changing my game plan today to one toddler at a time. Christopher will continue to wear underwear and Cooper I am going to lay off of him for another week or two (or three).

So yesterday I was amazed to make it out of my sweats but this was as good as it was going to get, I was pooped (no pun intended):
Roses and Ruffle Tank-J Crew
Jean Jacket-Gap
Pants-Old Navy

Today I was supposed to have a visit from my Angels worker so I had to try a little harder to pull it together even though I will not be leaving the house again.
Jaipur Perfect Shirt-J Crew
Merino Etheral Sweater- J Crew
Long & Lean Jeans-The Gap
Teal Necklace -Steinmart

Have any of you taken advantage of the Loft's Friends & Family event??? I was trying to resist since I am just weeks away from an employee discount but my will power may not end up being strong enough. Also, remember the 40% off in store coupon for Banana Republic is valid this Saturday. I have this and this on hold.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

7 Years of Sunshine....

Yesterday was my husband and my seven year anniversary. Our friends watched the kids and we were able to get away for a nice dinner. I am still full. Here is what I wore:
I just love my sunshine peony pencil skirt and I noticed this morning that it is now on SALE for $64.99. If you have been eyeing this one, I say grab it!! It goes with everything! I had created this outfit as a Polyvore set last month. The only difference is that I switched to the dusty blossom maya cardigan versus the sweet guava.  Thanks for all your sweet words on my new job, I can't wait to start!

Sunshine and Spice

Items in this set:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

No longer going to be in the dark.....

....dress code that is! You guessed it, I got the job at the Loft....whoop....whoop (picture me raising the ceiling. can't? yeah, me neither). I am really exited!! My favorite part of all this is that Loft is now pushing for their sales associates to be more like stylists, how great is that? I love putting outfits together for people and now I am going to get paid for it....icing on the cake!

I will be sad to say goodbye to Macy's, I LOVE all my co-workers and my manager is a great lady but I won't miss the dark dress code.

Here is my outfit from last night, I love black and cognac brown together, it reminds me of a Burberry bag. I am off to T-Ball and then straight to work. Hope you all are having a great weekend!
Tuxedo IV dress: Shabby Appple
Belt: Banana Republic
Shoes: Mootsies Tootsies

Friday, April 16, 2010

they call me Mellow Yellow

Well ladies, we survived another week but now I have, I mean get to (it's all about positive thinking, right?) survive a 16 hour work weekend.

I am starting to catch on to wonderous world of Polyvore. When I woke up yesterday I felt another slumpy fashion day coming on then I remembered a Polyvore set I created the other day and whoo hooo, instant outfit without having to think through  morning foggy brain. I switched out the shoes strictly for practicality since the day was only about chores and carpools.


cardigan: Banana Republic
Silk Brulee Tank-J Crew
Jeans-Elle from Kohls
necklace-J Crew

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Muted Disco Ball

So yesterday I had two new items I wanted to wear, my Loft sequin detail cardi and the slub cotton embroidered flowers tee that I scooped up off eBay. So what is a girl to do? Wear them both together just for the heck of it. So why the title? It was a very muted, nuetral color palette but when I got into my car......disco time! The sun reflected off the sequins and it was a light show on the roof of my van. All I needed was a little Bee Jees or KC and the Sunshine Band it would have been my own (G-Rated) Studio 54.

I will wear the cardi again soon so you can actually see how great it really is. It has a relaxed fit so I sized down and it is perfect. Still relaxed but not overly baggy. The tee fit true to size, I have to get used to it. I don't usually wear crew necks but the floral design is amazing so I had to make an exception.

Here is the Polyvore, the pants are actually Old Navy.Flower and Sequins
Flower and Sequins by modestlyme featuring J Crew

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Motivationally Challenged Mean Mom

Yesterday was a cleaning day followed by a late afternoon appointment. Uncle Jef came over to wear out hang with the boys while we were gone and they had a blast but BOY am I paying for it today. I have tired, cranky, whiny toddlers and a six year-old who told me how mean I am because (get this) I made him take a shower AND go to school this morning. Really, they should lock me up for that type of cruelty.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love me an embellished tee? Yesterday's outfit was really a no brainer. This tee (on sale for $19.99) will look great with a white blazer or white jeans but yesterday I just went uber simple, lazy, motivationally challenged...whatever you prefer!

Cardigan-Ann Taylor during cashmere 50%  + extra 30% off promo
Hand-cut Flower Art Tee-J Crew
Skiiny Jeans-Banana Republic

And the winner......

.......of the Spring Scene Skirt from DownEast Basics is:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To Button or Not To Button, that is the question.......

Here is the button back gingham shirt I picked up at Banana Republic during the 20% off for cardholders promo.  I really like this top and the buttons on the back give it a nice shape. Downfall, the buttons are teeny and are a pain to button and unbutton at first. I added the chino vest to spruce it up a little but I couldn't decide whether to button or unbutton it so I wore it both ways throughout the day.

Remember today is the LAST DAY to enter the DownEast Basics giveaway (closes at 6pm Pacific Time)....good luck!

Here is the Polyvore I created for yesterday's OOTD:

Chino Checks
Chino Checks by modestlyme featuring Old Navy jeans

p.s. Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike waiting for online orders? I am still waiting for my sequin detail cardi from the loft.....uggghhhh.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Scoop and the Stash

So the Loft interview went well, I should hear back this week if I got it, if not...that's okay too (although I'd really enjoy working there)!  The group interview was unlike anything I'd done before. There were six of us and they would ask a question and we'd all have to go around and answer it. For me, this was just fine and kind of fun once you got used to it, like girlfriends talking. There were some neat ladies there so I am sure the final decisions will be tough. I did feel bad for the younger, shy-er (is that a word?) applicants. I would not have been comfortable in that environment when I was younger and they clearly felt awkward.

And ladies, guess what? I was the ONLY ONE wearing any article of Loft clothing. That suprised me some in fact, a few of them said they had never shopped there *gasp*!

I did do a little shopping this weeken although I had said I wouldn't. I had a hard time not going crazy with the 20% AND free shipping on all tees and knits. There were so many I wanted but I settled on two:

This top is on backorder but I didn't want to miss out on it!
I know the buzz has not been big on this tee but I LOVE the peachy color and look how cute it is on Katie Holmes

And while we are at the J Crew tees, I finally caved in and got the slub cotton embroidered flowers tee off eBay:
And I picked up a great suckered gingham top at Banana Republic that I'll show you tomorrow. Here is my OOTD from Saturday at work. I love this top and plan on wearing it how I would really like to (without the dark dress code) this week!

Palmera Ruffle Cami-J Crew
Jackie Cardigan-J Crew
Pants-Banana Republic

Friday, April 9, 2010

Off to the Loft

I have really been enjoying the kids spring break. We had cancelled our trip last minute and have kept it simple. My days consisted of all the kids in my bed at 7am to watch two episodes of Ninja Warrior followed by the Unbeatable Banzuki (that's what happens with four boys) and then playing in the backyard while I grabbed some rays and read Her Fearful Symmetry on my Nook. I love not having to be anywhere in the morning!!

Now, I am off to my group interview wish me luck! Here is how the polyvore translated IRL....

I changed the necklace out to a Loft one at the last minute

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Scene Review and Giveaway...yep, I said GIVEAWAY!

It is no big secret that I am a DownEast Basics fan (in life, blogging, and on Facebook) so when they contacted me about a review and giveaway I thought it had to be dreaming. That was an easy one......YES please!!!! You can see some of the pieces I have worn recently from DownEast here

The hardest part was narrowing it down to one item to review. In fact, this proved to be so difficult that I ended up giving them three options and asked them to make the final decision. I am really glad they chose the Spring Scene Skirt because it is a beautiful budget friendly way to join in on the floral pencil skirt trend. To me, it is reminiscent of the Penciled Abronia Skirt from Anthro.

All of my skirts from DownEast Basics (and trust me, I have a lot) are A-lined and sit lower on the waist so I was really curious as to how they would do with more of a fitted, pencil shape. They did not disappoint one bit. The cut is very flattering and it is fully lined to avoid being see through. I love that it is a more mom friendly fabric that you could even wear at the park but without sacrificing any of the style. Oh, and the colors are really beautiful, deep magenta-y fuscia with navy, green, periwinkle and white. Did you see the green piping around the waistband? I love that detail. I see a lot of outfit possibilities.

This is a size 6 which is one size smaller then I normally would wear in bottoms. It is a little tight on my curvy hips so I would say it is running TTS. If you go between two sizes, I would go with the smaller (comes in sizes 0-14). I styled it a few ways for you to show how versatile this can be...
cardigan:Loft, tank:J Crew, Shoes: Banana Republic Outlet (old)
double breasted cardigan/jacket: Banana republic, tank: J Crew, Belt-Loft, Shoes: Banana Republic

Victoria look-a-like blouse-Loft, Shoes-Apt 9 from Kohls

So, I am loving this skirt, what about want one too? Well, you can win one here:


1. This giveaway is open to anyone who hasn’t won a DownEast Basics blog giveaway within the last 90 days.
2. Visit DownEast Basics website and let me know what your top two wishlist items are. Make sure to leave your name and email in the comment (if they aren't accessible through blogger).
3. For a second chance to win, become a follower and let me know in a seperate entry. If you are already a follower, let me know that too :)
4. It's that simple!

**last day to enter is Tuesday, April 13th at 6:00pm. Winner will be announced the following day**

Stay tuned for a swimsuit review and giveaway coming soon too!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sequins, Sunbursts, Skin, Sunshine and OOTD

I have had a problem with self control and shopping this past week (or two) and my bank account is showing it. Now I am going to get back on the shopping within my budget wagon. But first, let me share some of my recent purchases.

I haven't seen this in a store yet but I fell in love with it online. It reminds me of  J Crew's Shrunken Sequin Cardigan mixed with the Twisted Chiffon Cardigan.

I kind of broke my own rule by purchasing a jaquard skirt with my lifestyle but it didn't really feel or look like what I think of as a jaquard. It was less dressy and softer. I purchased it in an 8 and it is a little loose so I wear it a little lower on my waist. Only drawback? The pockets. I know, since when are poclets a drawback? These are slit pockets right on my hips (directly below waistband) so they poke out a little adding bulk where I don't need any. That said, it is not drastic enough to warrant a return.

Dear Clinique,

I have fallen in love with you. In just two shorts weeks I have banished all others and am declaring my undying devotion to you.
My top picks:
4. Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer (included in free gift set)

I really love their lipstick too, it doesn't feel like lipstick, clump or smell. I am hooked on this one in Bamboo Pink You should see my Clinique Wishlist. At Macy's they are having the free Clinique gift ($60 value) for any Clinique purchase over $21.95. Talk about a great deal. I have three gift sets already (shhhh......don't tell).

And lastly some Sunshine. I am such a bad blogger sometimes. I read (and thoroughly enjoy) all my comments on my phone but I don't normally get back to the computer enough to properly respond. I was lucky enough to I receive a Sunshine Award from Peggy and Lady Cardigan both of whom have great fashion blogs with wonderful senses of humor! Thanks ladies and sorry for the delay in posting the award!

Instructions for the award:

1. Put the logo on your blog within a post.

2. Pass the award on to 12 bloggers.

3. Link to the nominees within your post.

4. Let them know they received this award by commenting on their blog.

5. Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.
Okay, because I lagged thoroughly posting this award I noticed that it has gone through most of the blogs I frequent so I am going to cut my blogger number to 6. I know, I am a rule breaker....
1. Kelsey at Courageous Mother because she is my friend and I adore her!
2. Jan at The Girliest Boy Mom because I am convinced we were meant to be sisters
3. App Gal from Musings on the Mountain.....I know, I are on an indefinite break but you still spread your sunshine around!
4. The Girls over at Sensibly Styled they are always ready to help with any fashion dilemmas
5. Chelcie at The Guilt Free Housewife  such cute style and so budget friendly
6. J Crew Chick at About All and Nothing at All love her style, what more can I say?

And here is what I wore today, I pulled out the new hat tee again already it was a happy accident....such a comfy tee. I was going to wear the palmera with my dusty blossom maya cardigan but decided it was too pretty together to waste on a not going any where day (plus who wears silk around the house except for PJ's) then I decided to check out the color combo with the guava maya cardigan, then the guava reminded me of the pretty flower on my new hat shop tee so I pulled that out, realized the maya "twist" covered the flower but decided it was a winner for me today anyways. See, happy accident.
Maya Cardigan-J Crew
Lester Hat Shop Tee-J Crew
Coral Necklace-The Loft
Weekend Jeans-Old Navy
Nude Sandals-Moda

Monday, April 5, 2010

Loft Interview Outfit Ideas

Since you had such great input on my Loft interview brand dilemma, I thought I'd run my interview outfits by you. Warning, I am terrible at Polyvore so far but hopefully I will learn the tricks one day but for now, you get the general idea.

Interview Outfit 1 (group interview):

Items in this set:
Slub Cotton Perfect Shirt, $60
Ann Taylor Loft-Chiffon rose cardigan (rosette), $90
Harper suede-and-patent platform heels, $230
J.Crew-Bubbe necklace (soft violet), $150
LOFT: Skinny Knit Pants

Interview outfit 2 (individual interview): I may change around the tee (this one isn't an exact match to mine)but I like all the tones together but we'll have to see how they translate into real life (the cardi is on it's way)Loft Interview 2

Ruffles and Lester's

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! The babies hid my camera between the couches so I am a little late on my posting.....imagine that. Thanks for all your input on the Loft Interview outfits, I have two in mind to show you (assuming I get to the second interview) later.

This is what I wore on Friday, excuse the lighting (and the unmade bed) I was improvising.
Viscose Tango Tank-J Crew
Spring Ruffle Celosia Cardigan-J Crew
Belt-Banana Republic
Pants-Old Navy

So, I had originally passed on the Lester Hat Shop tee. I liked it straight away but had overspent that day but after seeing so many JCA's wearing it I knew I would regret letting it go. After hearing about all the goodies szmom scored on her comment here, I knew I had to dash over to J Crew to see what may be waiting for me. I too was able to pick up the Lester Tee at $10 off and the Palmera Ruffle Cami in Whisper Pink for $49.99. Every time I look at my Palmera cami I think about Gigi's comment about a paper shredder but I love it anyways! Here is how I wore the tee this weekend to work.
Navy Jackie Cardigan-J Crew
Tee-J Crew
Skirt-Merona Collection for Target

Friday, April 2, 2010

What I Wore, An Interview and a Question!

Is it really Friday  already, I don't know where this week went! I had a busy and unmotivated dressing week....ever have one of those? Ohhh, and I have an important question I need your help on after my OOTD so make sure to scroll down ;o)

This is me on a lazy chore day and I will warn you now, I look less then thrilled in my my pics this week. (Mental note: smile more during photos)

This was what I wore on a strictly "CDL" day (baby). I can't get enough of these Banana Republic Skinny Jeans, they keep their shape so well....highly recommend!
Knife Pleated Tank-The Loft
Cardigan-Banana Republic
Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic

I also decided to bring one of my wall outfits to life from my fashion wall here . I am not the biggest scarf person but it was a rare dreary day so I took advantage!
Cotton Corsage Cardigan-J Crew
Silk Ruffle Tank-Banana Republic
Scarf-DownEast Basics
Vintage Matchstick Jeans-J Crew
Vera Stappy Sandals-Banana Republic

And here is my question for you: I have a interview at the Loft next week (whoop, whoop) and I was curious as to your opinion on what I should wear. Should I try to wear mostly Loft pieces or should I feel free to wear whatever I want? Mostly, I wonder about J Crew.....should I not come in dressed head to toe in a competitor?

And lastly, here is what I picked up during the Final Sale Promo at J Crew, I was really proud of myself for keeping it under $ was hard to do!