Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Layers Sale

Had to do a quick post to let you know that Layers Clothing is having their 50% summer clearance sale to make room for their Fall arrivals next week. This is a great opportunity to get some great and easy pieces. I can't wait to see their fall line! Last year was full of beautiful ruffled pencil skirts and tailored dresses....

The Erica Blouse is only $17.99 and reminds me of this one from J Crew The Hayden Dress is a great layering piece, so many potential looks and for only $20, who can resist?

Transitioning to Fall

Today was a nice break from the heat wave which is due back tomorrow. I thought I'd share one of my favorite transitional outfits as the seasons start to change (everywhere else at least). I love to combine summery skirts with long cardigans. As it gets colder you just add tights....

p.s. excuse the photo, this was all the way at the end of a busy day!

This skirt looks really cute with a military jacket and a belt or with a yellow cardigan but today I was in a "blending in" kind of mood

Perfect-fit falling ruffles tank from J. Crew (on sale now for $14.99)

Navy Wonder tee from DownEast Basics
Trusty gray cardigan from Banana Republic
J Crew Tiered Ruffle Skirt purchased on JCA's weekly thread

Love Me Some Cashmere

......but hate the price! I have been eyeing a few pieces at J Crew but was weary to purchase a cashmere piece at full price with all the complaints about the pilling. I checked Lord & Taylor but the colors just don't compare so I switched over to Ann Taylor just in time for their "Best Sale Ever" which is an additional 40% off on select items once you put it in the cart...........look what I scored
This hydrangea colored cashmere cardigan reminds me of this one I had been stalking. It sold out a few minutes after I purchased it and no was marked down to $53.99 from $185.00
Next, i got this adorable ruffled cashmere cardigan that is truly "swoon worthy" with its pearl buttons and vintage feel. It too was just $53.99 with an original price of $175.00.

$53.99 for high quality cashmere? You just can't beat that! I saved a total of $252.02, that is what I call a sale!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ruffle Shirt Dress

My Ruffle Shirt Dress arrived and I could not wait to throw it over a pair of white straight leg jeans and some strappy nude sandals. I love the menswear stripe and that the ruffles are in a slightly different print then the dress. It is a fun, casual piece and for only $29.99, what a deal!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Right now in San Diego we are in the middle of a heat wave which has been not only uncomfortable, but incredibly frustrating when I have so many fall looks I am waiting to try out!

When it is 90 degrees out, it can be a challenge to try to look cute while staying cool (and modest) so my "go to" pieces are my knit dresses. I love that I can have the comfort of a tee shirt and still receive compliments on being nicely dressed. I thought I'd share a few dresses I have been wearing the last few days:

The Shift Dress from Shade ClothingGrey Pleated Dress from Shade ClothingLeading Lady Dress from DownEast BasicsLayla Dress from Layers Clothing

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Merona Collection and Say Hello

Target is a dangerous place for me usually...okay....always. But today I found some truly beautiful pieces from the Merona Collection which is a higher end version of Merona.
I picked up this beautiful wool tweed pencil skirt in this gorgeous shade of plum with some grey blended in along with this v-neck cardigan in an "almost navy" with gorgeous buttons. I am sure I will wear it soon so you can get a better look at what quality pieces they are! It was hard to catch the color in the picture.
And, now to turn the camera on my little (well, not so little anymore) camera man. This is my handsome 13 year old that is forced to take photos of my outfits each week......say hello!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Loft Striped Shirtdess

I fell in love with this shirtdress a few months ago when I tried it on in the store. Being tall, it was a little too short to wear as a dress for me but they had it styled with skinny jeans.....adorable.
One little hitch though-I just couldn't justify spending $79 on it. Then a week ago it went on sale to $49 so it has been on my mind but I hadn't made it back to The Loft. Lucky for me because my trusty sale alert arrived in my email box yesterday with a new sale price $29.99 so I had to snatch it up online. It appears to be sold out of stores in my area but for that price, I was able to swallow the shipping costs! Can't wait until it arrives!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

J Crew Scattered Petals Tank

I have had a little crush on this playful cami for awhile but as a stay at home mom, it was hard to justify paying $88 on a silk tank that I would have few occasions to wear. But, lucky for went on sale and I couldn't resist. The fit is great, I purchased it in a size 6 and it worked perfectly. It fits close enough to the body that it will tuck in and stay in place while still having a enough "blouse" effect.

I just love it on, it is so "crewlicious" and adds a little sophisticated fun to an otherwise conservative outfit!
Here it is on for a wedding reception we went to last night....
Cardigan from Anthropologie purchased on eBay
Apt. 9 pencil skirt from Kohls
Belt purchased at Target

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Out and About

Today was a typical day of short bursts of errands, phone calls, knocks on the door and overall craziness. We are on a short hiatis from the heat wave (it is coming back by Friday) so I took full advantage with lighweight cords and a thin jacket!jacket by Mossimo purchased at Target last year
Banana Republic ruffled blouse bought on eBay
Pants from Old Navy

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gap Tiered Ruffle Dress

I was on this blog as most of us J Crew fans are daily and I was directed to her "for sale blog" and found this adorable ruffle dress from the Gap (I love how she accessorized it). The length measurement was confusing me since it looked long enough but the measurements seemed shorter so I googled the dress for more details and there it was........

........ahhhhhh, the clouds all parted and before me was the dress in blue ON SALE FOR $9.99. Since I wanted to be sure of the length was long enough, I checked the tall selection and there was 6 and 8 available as if it were there just for me! This dress won't come up in any searches on the site for dresses on sale (or even if you search by name) but the link works and my order was shipped so yippee! Talk about a steal! I can throw a jacket or cardigan over it or even a pretty tee under it and I am ready to go.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What I wore to the sale.....

Oh, and I was in such a hurry to share the great deal on the Placed Petal Tee, I forgot to share what I rushed out the door in to go buy some more of them.

I think I could live in these boyfriend style jeans if they'd let me. The top and the cardigan were both on sale here, looks like the cardigan sold out

Corsage Cardigan from J Crew
Shirred tank from J Crew
Weekend Jeans from Old Navy
Apt. 9 pumps from Kohls
Daisy Fuentes aviator sunglasses from Kohls

Placed Petal Tee {Special Price}

Okay, let's jump right in to what we all care about....a super duper gotta buy it now kind of deal. The Placed Petal Tee is one of my favorite pieces. It is super soft, flattering, modest and who can resist the petal embellishments? It makes a simple tee so much more then a boring old tee. I bought mine at full price ($36.50) which is alot (for me) for a t-shirt but I never regretted it because of what a fabulous piece it is. So imagine my delight when I received an email from Ann Taylor Loft that this item was on special for just $14.99 for a limited time only! Well, what are you waiting for?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Channeling Annie Oakley

I decided to dive into the new trend of cowboy boots. I found these great boots by Wanted and they finally arrived a week or so ago. Admittedly, I was timid about actually wearing them since they are out of my comfort zone. So this morning I decided it was the day to be daring and break them in!

white tank top from Target

yellow top from Anthropologie purchased on eBay

Banana Republic Belt purchased on eBay

Banana Republic Cardigan purchased on eBay

White skirt from Old Navy

Draw Boots by Wanted

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My new favorite dress

I love Victoria's Secret. Not for their undies or negligees but for their beautiful clothing. I am yet to be disappointed by the quality or selection of what they carry. This is my newest purchase (on sale for $44.99) and I couldn't be happier! I wore this dress yesterday with a chunky brown belt and a light beige summer cardigan and I received compliments everywhere I went. The length is perfect and it is fully lined so no slip is needed. The crochet detailing is a perfect touch and it is placed high enough so it does not give a peek of your bra or garments. Also, being tall I often have a hard time with blouson waists being up on my rib cage but this dress hit my natural waist perfectly!

As the weather cools, I can't wait to try it out with some cowboy boots and a chunkier cardigan!