Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a little Sunshine and Peonies

Sorry for the faded picture. My camera battery was out and this was the best the iPhone wanted to before I went to work this morning. Speaking of work, I officially was promoted to Sales Lead today which just means I can act as the Manager when she isn't there. Oh, and I can potentially get yelled at more...just kidding!

My husband isn't working right now so I am working mornings which I really love so I am going to enjoy it while it lasts. Here is what I wore to work today:
sunshine peonies pencil skirt-J Crew
Lyons Pump-Banana Republic

Tonight I actually get a little girl time with my friend feels way overdue! Completely off topic, have you seen Off The Map yet? If you love Greys Anatomy, you'll definitely love this show. It is on tonight at 10

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

J Crew New Arrivals-dressing room reviews

 Well it is February and I am back and 8 pounds heavier (oops). So lets start this off with my trip to J Crew yesterday.

Forever Cotton Cardigan in smoldering brick ($69.50 item 35751). This is a size Medium and was very comfy and lightweight. Because of the fabric, I would recommend sizing down (which I do later). I liked this cardigan a lot and I liked the way it fell much better then the infinity from the fall/winter.

Vintage Cotton Sunburst Tank in grey ($58.00 item 34085 ). this is a size small, I sized down like I do in most J Crew cotton tanks. This tank lived up to everything I had hoped it would be. The belt makes it hard to see but this tank fits beautifully, I love the detailing and it looks good tucked and untucked. This was a must have for me.

Aurora Tweed Pencil Skirt ($118.00 item 38137). This is my normal size in J Crew skirts, 8 and it fits TTS. I loved this skirt online and in the catalog but I wanted to see it in person. Don't let the word tweed fool is lightweight and shimmery. So gorgeous IRL. The coloring is a red/orange with cream threading. It photographs more orangey but to me it is similar to the nutmeg color in person.

Braided Wrap belt ($52.00 item 39359) Size Small/Medium. This belt is really pretty in person but I could not make it work for the life of me. It did weird bunching things belted over a cardigan and slipped off the waisband when worn under. A no thank-you for me.
Camp Pocket cardigan in smoldering brick ($88.00 item 35750). This is a size medium, my true size and I think it runs a little smaller. I loved this cardigan in the catalog and ended up getting this one over the forever because it was different then my other cardigans. Only dislike was that the bias tape lining like to poke out a little (you can see that in the picture) but that wasn't a huge deal to me.
Scalloped Lace Shell in weathered sage $48.00 item 36952. This is a medium (my true size) I tried it on in a small and it fit but the medium flowed better and was more flattering. Really cute top, easy to wear. Staying on my wishlist for sure!

Horizon Stripe Pencil Skirt ($138.00 item 37986 ): This is my normal size 8 and it fits a little snug. If you go between two sizes in J Crew pencil skirts I would say go with the larger but I wouldn't say you need to actually size up. I liked this skirt better IRL then I thought I would. Don't get me wrong, it was on my wishlist already but in person the quality was better then I expected. The fabric is very thick and crisp (which is good when we are talking about a fitted white skirt) and the detailing was really lovely. I even liked the black waistband.
Here is the forever cardigan in a small (sized down since I wear my long cardigans open at all times)

Striped Drawstring Dress ($69.50 item 34960): ummmm, no thanks. This dress did nothing for me. I feel better about it now that I see it did nothing for the model either. I did like the length of this dress though. This is a medium. I tried on the small also and it fit more like it did on the model so you might want to size down on this one for that look.
 Striped Button Back Tee ($39.50 item 37810). I sized down on this one and it was still away from the body (as designed). I really like this tee. It is cut a little boxy but it drapes well so I don't think it adds a bulking effect.
While I was there I ordered the much coveted No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Citron that is on the website but won't add into a shopping cart for some reason. Ladies, this skirt is in stock it appears to just be a glitch so you can order it over the phone .

What are your thoughts on J Crew's Spring line so far? Any must haves or already gottens??