Friday, February 26, 2010

Going Banana(s)

Before I get to today's post, I just want to ask for your prayers and help (if you are in the area) for Chelsea King and her family. She is an amazing kid from our town (Poway, CA) who went missing yesterday afternoon after going out for a run. I can't even begin to imagine what her family is going through. The search efforts have been amazing but at this time they still have no leads as to what has happened.
On a MUCH lighter note, this morning we had a planning meeting for a mother/daughter fashion show that I am "MC-ing" and this is what I wore. Those who do not have daughters, get to borrow them for events I guess :o)

Ruffled Collier Top-J Crew
Jackie Cardigan-J Crew
Vintage Matchstick Jeans-J Crew

Afterwards, I ran to Banana Republic to get a pair of black pants, they just have the best cuts for my body type. I have not been very impressed with BR lately but that has changed as of today. I had to dart in and out quickly before afternoon carpools started but there are some beautiful pieces. In store they are offering 30% off of all tops so I couldn't resist picking up this beautiful silk tank which I am guessing will fly off the shelves:

Silk Ruffle Front Top (not showing online yet) in this beautiful mint color. I WILL be wearing this tomorrow and will post some IRL pics.

I also picked this necklace up with a whitish clear bead versus purple in the pic off the clearance table. The clearance jewelry is an additional 30% off as well bringing this down to under $19.00.....whoop, whoop!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Seeing Spots

It is almost Friday.....yay! This morning I headed out to Old Navy to take advantage of the Fundamentals Sale and stock up on some things for the boys. If I do say so myself, I showed incredible restraint and was able to walk through the womens section without grabbing anything but a casual cardigan for lounging. I am saving my shopping for a well deserved trip to J Crew for my birthday coming up next month.

Quick Note: The Weekend Jeans were well stocked in our local store and are $19.99 this week. Here is what I wore today:
Layered Ruffle Tank (on sale now): J Crew
Denim Pants: The Loft via eBay
Juliet Shoes: J Crew via eBay

And here is what I wore later for date night. The strange thing about the weather in San Diego is that it may be warm enough for skirts and dresses but my legs sure aren't tan enough.
Scattered Petals Tank-J Crew
Belt-J Crew

Speaking of shopping at J Crew, have you taken advantage of the 20% off knits and tees sale? I have a long wishlist but behaved and picked up just two things:

and I finally caved in and got the Evie Ruffled Top in Ivory while it was marked down to $19.99, for that price how could I resist. See it on Gigi here.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stickin' Around

I have now survived my oldest son turning 14 and returning to public school to finish 8th grade. He has been in an independent study program for the last year so it is a huge adjustment for all of us not to have him home most days. He is loving being back so that is a huge positive.

I even lived to tell that I had TWO dreaded trips to the DMV yesterday with both of the two year olds.  A combined wait time of three and a half hours with only two attempted prison breaks and no melt downs (from the little ones at least) was pretty impressive plus I only broke a sweat once.

On to some OOTD's. In the first one I was running late getting ready for church and this is just what the end result was after throwing clothes through the air. Not perfect but it has potential.
Cardigan-J Crew
Rolling Ruffles Tank-J Crew
Sirt-Merona for Target
Shoes- J Crew (Juliet's)

And here is today's OOTD. I am not lopsided nor do I have a growth on my side. The way I was standing with my purse somehow caused me to droop. The outfit was much cuter in person.....really, I promise.
Cardigan-The Loft
Weekend Jeans-Old Navy

Lastly, here are some fun shots of two of my boys on the velcro wall, why didn't they have these things when we were kids?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Neapolitan anyone?

Today I am getting ready for my oldest son's birthday "get together" tomorrow. What better for a teenager's party then pizza's,  rootbeer, junk food and homemade icecream cake? So in honor of the cake I will be making throughout the day, I wore my neapolitan cardigan. This print is a really great blend of colors and I am seriously considering grabbing the skirt as well (but not to wear together) but am having a hard time justifying having two items with the same pattern. What do you think? Do you own multiple items in your favorite prints?
Neapolitan Cardigan-J Crew
Tank-J Crew
Vintage Matchstick Jeans- J Crew
Pumps- J Crew

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am not a fan of the dark!

Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike the dark to work dress code at Macy's? Did I ever even mention that I still work there? So why have I neglected to post any work OOTD? Simply because I hate having to wear dark colors, I am much more of a color or light nuetrals gal which is funny because I don't know when that really happened since all black was my uniform in my single lady days.

We didn't end up at the zoo my two older boys thought a Nerf war in the front yard would be a much better way to spend the day so I was overruled! Since I was in my grubbies all day doing laundry and organizing, work attire is all I have to offer you today!

Jacket-Anthropologie from eBay
Zoey Tank-J Crew
Black Jeans-Vera Wang 
Tiered Crystal Libretto Necklace-J Crew

Now onto the fun stuff, my top Summer Boden picks!

Funloving Floral Dress-$98

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A little taste of summer.........

We are having a little bit of a winter heat streak in San Diego so why not pull out the white jeans in February if it's going to be 77 degrees out?  The kids have the week off so I think we will take advantage of the weather and head on out to the zoo tomorrow before they drive me crazy.....hope you all are having a great week!

p.s. have you checked out Boden's Summer line here? I don't find it nearly as irresistable as the Spring Line but there are some great pieces. I'll share some of my favorites tomorrow!
Tango Tank-J Crew
Cropped Cardigan-Old Navy
Weekend Jeans-Old Navy

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My (not so) Triumphant Return

Sorry for the unexplained absence- we had a bad stomach flu in the house that started with me and worked slowly through three out of four of the kids and ended (hopefully) with my hubby. Needless to say, I have not been on the computer checking my favorite blogs and you would not have wanted to be exposed to my outfits of the day which consisted of yoga pants and my husband's t-shirts with a messy ponytail.

I am finally getting to leave the house a little now that everyone is on the mend. I don't have anything fabulous to share with you (sorry) but here are two OOTD so I don't say "hello again" with nothing to offer.

tank-J Crew
Jeans-Banana Republic

Cardigan, Tee and Jeans-the Loft
Shoes-J. Crew

I am looking forward to catching up on all your blogs and even though I didn't have the energy to respond to all the great comments, I have been able to read and appreciate them ALL!!!