Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rolling with it

Some days, like today, I love me a simple outfit that takes zero effort. On these days I wonder if I should even post an OOTD, there is nothing too exciting here! I thought I'd bring some springy easter colors to my outfit even if our weather is cooling back down. I paired my rolling ruffle tank with a Jackie in breeze. Have I ever mentioned that I have yet to buy a Jackie at full price? I either grab them on final sale or eBay. It's not that they aren't worth full price (they are) it is just a matter of wanting so many different colors of the same style. I justify the multiples by trying to get them at the lowest prices possible.

Tonight is our last adoption class and then Thursday is our home visit and then the rest waiting for paperwork to be filed. I will be glad to have our part done.
Jackie Cardigan-J Crew
Rolling Ruffles Tank-J Crew
Big Star Jeans

Did you see that J Crew is having 30% off Final Sale items (and free shipping on orders over $150)? Also Banana Republic is offering 20% off their sale items too. And......Macy's one day sale (which is always two days) is today and tomorrow, with extended hours Wednesday (good for you, bad for me)!

Monday, March 29, 2010

With Butterflies In Mind

This weekend I decided to break out the Papillon blouse that I tried on here . The lighting just wouldn't let me capture all the oragami butterfly details in this top but I loved the soft violet color with the navy jackie. How did I ever live without a navy jackie? And, because it was a work day, the pencil skirt came out. The Cotton Papillon Blouse is still full price online but it has been in the sale section of my store for weeks now. I can't tell you how many compliments I got on this top, it really is so pretty and feminine!
I tried to get a better close-up of the top but it still didn't come out that great....boo

Cotton Papillon Blouse-J Crew
Jackie Cardigan-J Crew
Belt-J Crew
Apt 9 Pencil Skirt-Kohls

Friday, March 26, 2010

Why Men Should Not Accessorize

Just thought for fun I would share with you some great examples of how men (even at an early age) should not attempt to accessorize without a woman's help. I feel that having four boys makes me a somewhat expert on this matter and I should share my wisdom with you. Here are two recent examples, from my own household, of what can happen when they try.


Fashion Perpetrator: almost 3 year-old Cooper. Offense: Using a training toilet seat as a necklace. And yes, it did get very, very stuck.


Fashion Perpetrator: six year-old Chase. Offense: Mixing a Davy Crockett racoon hat with star shaped glasses. Oh yes, he did.


Lazy Weekdays, Busy Weekends

Can we say TGIF?/? Actually, I think my weekends are twice as crazy as my weekdays so I have no idea why I look forward to them still instead of Mondays.....hmmmmm. Here is yesterdays outfit which was just a running late, thrown together look. I love turqouise and yellow together, it just makes me happy.

Boyfriend Striped Tee-Shade Clothing
Denim Pencil Skirt-Gap
Yellow Belt-Old Navy

And here is what I am wearing today. I almost forgot to take a photo so I had to grab my "photographer" while they were playing in the backyard. I just love this shirt, it also goes really well with the navy jackie but then again what doesn't?
Pants-The Loft
Bubble Necklace-J Crew

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sunshine done SAHM and some OOTD's

So now that my oldest son has gone back to school, my OOTD's are taken late in the day so you will see more wrinkling, untucks, and a more frazzled me. So forgive me! Also, I am rushing this post before work so I will try to post the outfit detail later tonight!

Here is what I wore yesterday to my interview with the adoptions worker. It is part of my interpreatation of the Sunshine Peony Pencil Skirt done SAHM chic. I had a jean jacket on but by 3:00 I had taken it off and forgotten where it was. I particular love in this picture how the bright sun is reflecting off my patio,  illuminating my already pale legs so they appear to be glowing and/or radioactive.
Here is what I wore today, I just love the Stained Glass Cardigan. I finally broke down and grabbed one off eBay and I don't regret it one bit! Here is the first attemp at a photo:
Let's try this again:

They don't want to share me with you today.

And here is what I am wearing tonight for work:

The shoes I had on didn't work so I changed them after the "photo session". Off to make dinner, ta ta!

Monday, March 22, 2010

CDL Baby

Today is a typical mom day, instead of Paulie and The Situations "GTL", mine is "CDL" (chores, diapers, laundry). Today is such a packed week as we approach our next trial date in April. I have a social worker visit today and then tomorrow I have to drive 45 minutes to meet with our adoptions case worker right after carpool. Truthfully, I will be very happy when I don't have to meet with two to three different social workers a month, especially when they all want to schedule their visits in the same week. However, I do think that the meetings are the right thing for the county to be doing, these foster kids need to be checked in on to be sure they are safe.

Navy Jackie Cardigan-J Crew (purchased on eBay)
Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fashion over lunch, what more could a girl want?

Today was the day of our fashion luncheon. As promised, here are the pictures of my "three way" walls inspired by A Bigger Closet's "Wear it 3 Ways" series where she takes one article of clothing and styles it three different ways. I will try to post some more fun pictures of the event if I can get my hands on them!

The first set features J Crew's Ink Dot Dress styled three different ways, I had picked up this dress on final sale in store and haven't worn it yet but now I am ready to break it out!

Left-Vintage Hem extender slip, Level 99 Denim Blazer (Anthropologie), Belt-Old Navy, Necklace-Steinmart
Center: J Crew Ruffled Celosia Cardigan, Leather Woven Belt Banana Republic, Presta Wedges Target
Left-Pleated Chiffon Cardigan-J Crew, Red Pumps-eBay, Pearls-Tiffanys

Second set featuring Banana Republic's Silk Ruffle Tank (not online but still in stores): This tank is one of my favorite recent purchases! Easy to wear and the color is delicious.

Left-Linen Jacket-Shade Clothing, Jackson Pants Banana Republic, Cluster Necklace-The Loft, Super Skinny Belt-J Crew
Center-J Crew Vintage Matchstick Jeans, Cotton Corsage Cardigan-J Crew, Scarf-Downeast Basics
Right-Leather Motorcycle Jacket-Banana Republic, Pants-Old Navy, Necklace J Crew, Vera Woven Sandals-Banana Republic

Third set featuring J Crew's Sunshine Peonies Pencil Skirt. I just love this skirt so much, it was hard to narrow it down to just three looks. This skirt goes with everything!

Left- Jean Jacket similar here , J Crew Tuxedo Ruffle Painter Henley , white tank-Shade Clothing, Gold Belt-J Crew, Gold Flats-Anne Klein
Center-J Crew Maya Cardigan, Tissue Garland Tank
Right-V Neck Cardigan Ann Taylor, J Crew Tuxedo Tank, J Crew Bouquet Sash Belt

Fourth set featuring an Old Navy Sweater Dress. I love this cowl neck dress but it was a challenge styling it three ways though now I have no idea why.

Left: Marissa Pants-the Loft, Tea Rose Belt-Anthropologie
Center: Pins-Loft (purple) Limited (tweed) and ? for the bow, Leggings-Nordstrom, Kady Boots-Target
Right-Skinny Jeans-Banana Republic, Red Flats-The Gap, Crochet Hoops Etsy seller TaniaNovaCrochet

Lastly, here is what I wore to the event, I wanted to keep it fun and casual. It is hard to tell here but this jacket is a pale pink and so are the shoes. Hope you all are having a great weekend.
Crumpled Jacket-Banana Republic
Sequin Tank- The Loft, similar here
Old Navy Weekend Jeans
Shoes-J Crew

Friday, March 19, 2010

Nude Shoe Alert

I came across this on Gigi's blog and thought I'd share for those of you in search of the perfect nude pump, it is 3 and 1/2 inches but it is a nice thick heel so I thoughI'd pass it on anyways. You can find it here, here and here

Some OOTDs, color repeats and the leather moto jacket

Yesterday was a "catch up" day. Ya know when you go head to head with the never ending pile of laundry, finally go throught the "I don't want to deal with this now" stack of mail and so on. I didn't get dressed or leave the house until afternoon carpool and this is what I wore:

Bubble Tank-the Loft
Cardigan-?? had it for ever
Weekend Jeans-Old Navy

As you saw the other day, I have this clothing rack full of clothes for tomorrow's class so of course now I want to wear everything on that rack because......well, because I can't. Here is what I did end up wearing to work:
Olive Stretch Flannel Top-J Crew
Belt-J Crew
Jackson Pants-Banana Republic

I got a really great question from Jenni the other day, she asked:

"So I want to know how do you decide what colors to get of cardigans/tanks/shirts? Since you have quite a few I'm sure you repeat colors from time to time...how do you decide when to get another black cardigan vs a cream, etc? That's where I always run into issues...I think to myself well, I already have 3 black cardigans, do I really need this 4th?? Know what I mean? "

Coming from someone who has 71 cardigans, I can tell you that there are still color/styles I feel that I am missing. For example, right now I really, really want an apple green jackie (or other crew neck) cardi. But for me, I have some simple rules for myself that I use when I am looking at a cardigan I already have. First off, how similar is the style? A black crew neck cardi will serve a different styling purpose  then a v-neck boyfriend cardi. Also, if it is embellished I will get the same color that I may already have in a non-embellished. I opt for a lot of color in my cardigan collection, there are so many different shades of each color it is easy not to repeat. This rule, for me is different when it comes to tanks and tees. There are three colors I am ridiculously drawn to...pale pinks, dark gray and ivory. I have to work to avoid the over purchasing of these. I try to limit myself to one top in a certain colorway that is for the same type of style/purpose. For example, one lavender top that is casual and one that is for dressier outfits.....hope this all makes sense. Howevever for nuetrals (and my favs), I will allow myelf two of each without too much guilt!

JennC asked me for some IRL photos of the leather motorcycle jacket (which I should have done ages ago). I took these early this morning before my "photographer" went to school so they are NOT very well done. I almost didn't post them because they don't do the jacket justice. I will try to get some better shots posted tonight!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Friends & Family, what will you get?

Today is the start of the Friends and Family sale at Banana Republic, GAP and Old Navy, 30% off.....yippee! Have any ideas of what you are getting? Here are my picks......

At Banana Republic-

Silk Ruffle sleeve tie waist top I actually picked this up yesterday with my 40% off Wednesday coupon. I had never thought it would work for me but I ended up really liking it

Watercolor Print Tank- I haven't seen this IRL but the pink looks beautiful online

From the GAP:

Shrunken Schoolboy Blazer that I tried on and passed way back here . Fabulous Florida Mommy has convinced me with her great polyvores that I was very wrong to pass this up

Faded Denim Blazer- I haven't tried this one on yet but it looked promising IRL

Faded Denim Pencil Skirt - Love the casual wash on a pencil skirt AND it comes in tall sizes.

And now to my OOTD yesterday for work:

Cardigan-Banana Republic
Pencil Skirt-Kohls
Dangling Berry Necklaces-J Crew
Super Skinny Belt-J Crew
Shoes-J Crew

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

in the Dressing Room at J Crew

Today is a busy, busy day but I made sure to pop into J Crew to try on some of their new arrivals. I will post additional information on the items as they make it on the website. I didn't take much home this time so my information is limited. I made a shopping boo boo today and wore a dress so I didn't have any pants or a cardigan so excuse the bare shoulders and the cut off tops!

BazaarTunic Size 6

So, I knew this tunic would be much loved so I took a picture of the tag for you. Unfortunatly, it came out too blurry to read....so sorry. Here is a shell in the same print, they are probably holding off on listing the dresses until the dress promo is over.This was really cute and fit TTS. This is one size smaller then my norm and was too tight at the hips. The fabric is thick enough to wear as clothing versus a cover up. The SA was wearing one in an oversized fit and it still looked really cute on her. For me, it had the same issues that prevented me from getting the Boden Tunic too short for a dress, too long as a tunic plus it had a heftier price tag.....it is around $140, ouch. That said, it is a gorgeous print and very well made and I am sure will work really well for those who are shorter then me!
Watercolor Garden Cardigan  $88.00 item 24667 and the Linen Cotton Tiered Bateau Shell $58 item 25274

For the cardigan, I didn't fall in love. This is a medium and it fit a little large. I just wasn't in love with the print on the cardi, it just didn't feel special. They also had this print on a pencil skirt and perfect shirt which looked better. I had really like the shell online and was exited to see it in store. This is a small which fit okay but the tiers didn't fall on me like it does online, maybe if I had tried a medium it would have been a little looser and would have laid more relaxed.
Until I know the name I will call it the Colorblock Bubble dress- and the Dangling Berry Necklaces- $36.50 each NA6434 and NA6470 (receipt numbers)

Don't let the picture fool you, this dress is adorable. It has an easy fit and the bubble skirt is perfectly done. The length was longer then I expected just not quite long enough for me and the way the hem was, there was no way to let it out for just a littl more length. It ran TTS for a relaxed look but if you wanted the top tighter you may want to size down.  The necklaces, I love love LOVE. I am wearing three here and I took home two
Alice Ruffle Tank -$79.50 item 26725
I thought this ran small then I realized I had grabbed a 4 by accident so this top seems to fit the same as the other silk tanks. They hadn't steamed the new arrivals yet but there were some fun jewels and "streamers".
 Perfect Shirt-$88, receipt number WP2345

Okay, I am finally on the perfect shirt band wagon.  I just fell in love with this print which is the same color and feel as the tunic dress I had to pass on.
I fell for this tee and was ready to take it home until I looked at the price tag. $78 for a tee.....umm no thank you. Online it is on sale for $68 but unless it goes to under $40 I can't even consider it. That said, this is a medium and I most likely would have sized down.

Loulie Ruffle Tank-on sale for $49.99 item 22544

I tried this on because it was new to the store sale section and yuck. This was my regular size in J Crew tops (6) but it poofed away from my sides like a parachute, terrible fit on me. Sal or no sale, I passed.

Worth a VERY honorable mention was a beautiful pencil skirt in this print that I had to avoid since I had just purched the sunshine peony pencil skirt last week. So what did I bring home? I grabbed the pearl and whisper pink dangling berry necklaces, the  Jaipur and the Slub Cotton Perfect Shirts and the Scalloped Petal Top that I had passed up last week.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Before the heat was on......

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend! Sorry I am a little late blogging and I will get to all your comments and post tonight *promise*

This was Friday's outfit when it was a little cooler still....it is over 80 degrees here today! I found this great blue knit double breasted blazer/cardigan at Banana Republic and it was on sale for just $31! I also picked up the Vera Woven Sandal last Wednesday with a 40% off coupon and I am wearing a pair of Banana Republic's Skinny Jeans that I cuffed. They fit really well and replaced my Lauren Conrad skinny jeans that stretched out way too much! I got my regular size 29 and they stretch out just enough to be comfortable without ever getting too saggy. The long sleeve tee is from the Loft winter '09
Here is a closer look at the jacket. I really wish there was an online version to show you, I love this piece, it serves as a knit version of a boyfriend blazer which us great for chasing the kids around!
On Saturday we are having a fashion show and class. Here is my clothing rack of outfits I am using to create clothing wall inspirations based off of A Bigger Closet's "Wear it 3 Ways". I will be sure to take some photos of the walls this weekend.
and lastly, I will be headed to J Crew tomorrow to see their new arrivals and will be sure to post some dressing room pictures. If there is something you have been wanting to see an IRL photo of just let me know and I will look for it!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

And the winners are......

First up, the winner of the Amanda Metallic Leather Large Wristlet is.......

Next up, the winner of the Betsy Johnson necklace is.....................

Congrats ladies and thank-you ALL for your wonderful comments! Now that you are out of "lurkdom", stay in touch!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Getting around the dark and what happens when I blog

For today's post, I decided to use my work attire to show how I consistently get around the dark dress code. Of course my hair is covering the best part of the Ruffles and Roses tank but hopefully you will forgive me. I did a navy cardigan and black pants and then accessorized with cognac shoes and belt.

Cardigan -The Loft
Knit Tank-J Crew
Leather Woven Belt-Banana Republic
Jackson Pants-Banana Republic
I had received a question on how to start introducing bright colors into a dark wardrobe. I am not an expert but here is my humble opinion. Start with pops of color near your face. Whether this is bright earrings and a necklace or a bright top, it is the best way to get used to it and get the benefits of what a bright color can do for you. A bright color with dark pants and jacket goes a long way but don't be afraid to mix up your dark colors. Black pants doesn't mean you need a black cardigan, that will actually draw more attention to the bright color. For example pairing a bright blue top with a charcoal gray cardigan can help nuetralize the blue.

And now for a perfect example of what happens when I am blogging:

Christopher got into my purse and tried out my lipstick, thank goodness it was a nuetral. Cooper just wanted to be in the picture. Once the adoption goes through I will be able to give you a picture of what our adorable little red headed terror looks like, ti'l then you can see his big ole grin. While we are talking about this cutie, I will answer another question about the adoption. We are adopting from this country, Christopher has lived with us most of his life as our foster son and I couldn't imagine not adopting him once his mother lost her rights. That said, I have developed a strong bond with his mother through everything and I will continue to let her be in his life as long as it remains healthy for him.

More answers:

Shiver, I personally loved it! It had all the charm and romance of Twilight (the first book not the whole series) and it was an easy and enjoyable read. If you liked Twilight, you'll like Shiver. Who am I kidding? Who likes Twilight, it's a LOVE thing!

My Peep Toe Flats and necklace from here: the shoes were actually from Target and the necklace was from Brass Plum at Nordstroms from six years ago.
My Birthday? It's on the 13th....tomorrow!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some J Crew Fitting Room Reviews

So yesterday I headed to J Crew to spend a little Birthday money from my parents (funny how I still sound like I am a teenager). The gift of shopping is my favorite present and I was really good at only spending what I was given (pat on back) but as I left the SA says the dreaded (and equally beloved) words " Our new collection will be here next Wednesday"......now I have a whole new line to check out and drool over....how much self control can one girl have?

This picture doesn't really do it justice but I really liked this top ( I am pretty sure I am in the minority here) but I just didn't like the price tag. I also wish it was cotton instead of silk I will be on sale watch for this top though. I wasn't, however, impressed with the cardigan at all. I just didn't like the shape or lack there of. Maybe it is just the fact that it is too long for a crew neck cardigan, but whatever it was...it was a no go for me.

This top was in the sale section in my store but is still full price online. I have loved this top since I originally tried on here but this was a 4 and was snug on my shoulders and they didn't have any 6's left. I figured I'd go home and order it online but then I saw it was still full price...ugghh. Luckily I called CS and they honored the price for a one time exception (they post it on your profile) so it was like a birthday bonus!

I really loved the scalloped petal top, it is sold out online but there were plenty in our Fashion Valley store. Unfortunately but the cardigan had all the problems for me that Sumerilla mentioned here .

This cardigan is really beautiful even at it's high price tag. I just couldn't see it holding up in my life style (picture kids picking flowers off it) so I had to pass.

I really loved this cardigan (this color may be in store only), it has a vintage charm to it IRL and I think it would look great belted. I have been drooling over the sunshine peony pencil skirt since MMM told me she had gotten it over the Neopolitan. I copied her and did the same.This is a size 8 and it is a nice lightweight and casual material. I can't wait to pair it with my ocean breeze jackie.

I really liked all three of these items. I had passed on the Celosia cardigan before but when the Spring colors came out, this one needed to be mine! I did size down on this one though. The tee fit TTS and was very cute and the jeans fit like a glove, a latex one and were really cute. I liked the ankle length, it goes well with both heels and flats. But since I had a 40% off coupon for Banana Republic, I decided to pick up jeans there instead.
This skirt is so stunning if it weren't for the fabric it would have been mine. However I could not justify the price for the amount of times (or lack of) that I would be able to wear it.
The kids had worn me out in the dressing room by the time I tried this on so I never got to the belting part but it was very comfortable and flattering.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lazy Days and more answers!

Yesterday was a lazy day and like Amy, I also have a lazy day uniform. Weekend Jeans, a knit tee or tank with a long cardigan. I have no idea why the color of this cardigan refuses to show in pictures but it is a pretty butter yellow.
silk brulee tank-J Crew
Old Navy Weekend Jeans

And here is what I wore today, and yes I am in the J Crew dressing room so I will post some reviews for tomorrow!
Linen Top-Target
Chino Vest-Banana Republic
Vintage Matchstick Jeans-J Crew
Shoes, Apt 9 for Kohls

Now for some more answers......

Work/Macy's/Temptations/Handbags: I work in the handbag/watches/fashion jewelry section which has not been a huge temptation for me, my weakness is clothes and luckily that is on a different floor. I usually buy a handbag and then wear it for at least a year before switching to a new one. I have never been a handbag junkie which, I know, seems strange. I do see some beautiful bags but the price tags keep me from buying them too often.

The DARK dress code? I hate it but I take advantage of the little loopholes like being able to wear a light color or pattern as long as it has a dark cardigan or jacket with it and the freedom to wear any color accessories. I also refuse to shop around the dress code. I shop for what I want even if that keeps my work wardrobe limited.

Have I considered working at J Crew instead? Of course I have but the closest J Crew is 30 minutes away (without traffic) so I never applied. I have been in talks with The Loft. Their discount is 50% off for employees but I it would make it really hard not to shop it all away.

Cool versus Warm Colors: I always ignore rules that restrict me as to what I should wear. Okay, well not always since you don't see me in mini's and tube tops but that is more of a personal and religious choice. There are definitly colors that look better on me then others but I don't rule out any colors. For some really great advice on color analysis you should check out these posts from Cardigan Empire

Do I ever just wear yoga pants or sweats: I do-I just wear them in the evenings and mornings until I get ready for the day. I used to wear yoga pants almost every day after my third son because it was the first time I wasn't working, then it turned into never wearing make-up on the weekdays and just throwing my hair in a wet ponytail. It was a slippery slope because it was so easy to not . At some point I was worried about ending up on What Not To Wear. It is rare to have a day where I don't have anywhere to go or to not have someone unexpected stop by. I surely don't dress to the nines every day, I just found a casual look that still looks put together. That said, the second I walk in the door I wear slippers so even when I am dressed  at home, I still will have fuzzy feet.

Do I plan my outfits the night before? I often plan my kids but rarely my own, I am just not that organized. I may have pictures in my head of some outfits that I want to try out during a week but it just depends on my mood each day what I actually put on.

Adoption Status: We have about 3 to 5 months left in the process. Hopefully closer to three :o)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What I Wore and...some answers

First up, here is what I wore yesterday. It is still cold here so I needed comfy and warm for the daytime. I paired my Zig-Zags and Zinnias tee and the Small Packages Cardi with my old faithful Banana Republic jeans and "seen better days" flats.
And here is how I changed it to work attire for the dark dress code (boo) at the last minute. The jacket covers most of the charm of the top but I was feeling lazy and well, it's just that simple, laziness wins sometimes. I can't help but "Arrrrrr" at my kids each time I wear this jacket, it makes me feel like a Pirate.
Jacket-The Loft
Jackson Pants-Banana Republic

I will try to address your questions on each post this week so bear with me!
Skin Care: I have been using Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford for 4 or 5 months now, my only infomercial purchase ever. It doesn't work any miracles but my skin looks better and I am happy with it!

Hair: My hair and I aren't often on speaking terms, it never listens to me but it is probably because I don't give it enough attention. I am cheap when it comes to my hair, I color it myself, rarely get a hair cut and I use plain ol' Pantene. What I do do (picture my 14 year-old laughing hysterically because I said do-do) is  wash and blow dry my hair every day and then I use large hot rollers all over for body. Now because I have busy mornings with lots of kiddos with places to go and things to destroy this process can get spread throughout the day. Sometimes the hot rollers don't go in until nap time but to me this is my essential step. Even if I end up throwing my hair in my favorite "go to" style,the messy ponytail, it still looks more put together.

Fostering and Adopting: We have been foster parents for going on three years now and for us it has been a wonderful experience. However, we are not licensed directly with the county, we are with a private agency called Angels Foster Family Network  and they are a lot of the reason it has been such a great experience.If you are considering fostering, a highly recommend you look for a private agency. Our agency works with infants and toddlers so that they get that critical bonding they need at that early age. We only have one placement at a time and they are an amazing support system that you just don't get from the county workers. This is no way a knock at county workers, because of budget cuts they have tremendously heavy case loads and can only do so much.

We have had three foster sons and with two of them we fought hard to help them get back to their families because they had wonderful homes to go home to. Thankfully, not all kids are removed for reasons you'd imagine. However with our other foster son now (who was actually placed with us twice) we knew it was better that he didn't go back home and luckily everyone agreed on that, even his mother. He will be our first adopted child. I want to adopt again but would like to help an older child (by older I mean between 4 to 8) but it may take me awhile to get my husband on board for another!
Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday, if you missed last weeks premier of Parenthood trust me it is amazing. I wouldn't call it a family show by any means (it is geared to adults) but it is a hilarious take on many aspects of being a parent and has an amazing cast! It is on tonight 10/9 c