Wednesday, December 30, 2009

An Uninspired Title

I am thoroughly enjoying having a whole day off, but let's rewind first to yesterday and what I wore to work. I realize that it looks like I took the easy approach when styling this dress but to be honest it came down to shoes and what I could wear for 9 hours on my feet so this was the answer.

Cardigan-Banana Republic
Dress-The Loft

Now for my day-off attire. Messy hair + jeans + flats= little slice of heaven. And yes, those are little fingerprints all over my microwave....and YES, they are still there

Cardigan-Old Navy
Blouse-The Loft
Gray Jeans- The Loft

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Drama at the Starbucks Drive-thu

This morning I was out of cocoa mix and it was drizzly out so I threw all the kids in the car to head out for some Starbucks hot cocoa.....yummy. We have a drive-thru that can get really backed up so you get stuck in the main road so I was sure to leave early to beat the morning rush. As I pulled in I was happy to see that there was still room for two cars (hopefully this makes sense) and I saw a car approaching from the opposite direction. So, to be nice, I stopped and let her turn left in front of me. Then to my horror, a little car that was behind her got right on her tail so they could also turn in and cut me off taking the last spot. I was shocked and she could tell by my wide eyes (and mouthing what are you doing), it was blatenly rude.

My older son was in the front seat and told me I should honk at her. I knew I needed to use this example as a lesson to him, so I explained that honking wouldn't get my place back in line and would only create a conflict and more anger. Eventually I was able to turn in behind her and I sat there behind her for 10 minutes as we all waited. The entire time I resisted the urge to knock on her window or shoot her dirty looks, I was really upset and was desperately trying not to act on it.

When it was my turn to pick up my order, the guy working the window (who cracks me up and talks a LOT) told me that the woman in the car in front of me said that she felt bad for cutting me off. I told him that she had really cut me off badly but I was glad that she was sorry about it then to my shock, he told me that she had paid for my order as an apology. I was immediately touched by her kindness and felt ashamed for all the mean thoughts that went through my head and was really glad that I had not reacted negatively.

I went from thinking how rude some people are to being reminded of how good  people can be. I wanted to share the story immediately so I called my mom and was quickly pulled over and ticketed for talking on my cellphone while driving (didn't see that coming, did ya). Anyways, I just wanted to share this story with you and here is what I was wearing:

Tunic-The Loft
Vest-The Loft
Lauren Conrad Skinny Jean-Kohls
Kady Boots-Target

Lost in the Chaos

During the chaos of our house on Christmas Day, I lost my camera for awhile but now it is found. I had thought about Polyvore-ing my outfits but I was just too lazy. Here is what I wore to work yesterday, I am trying to squeeze all the "light items" I can in before the dress code changes. Luckily, my schedule is winding down and soon I will be back to staying at home and living in jeans!

Cardigan-The Loft
Fishnet Nude Nylons-Hue

There are so many good sales out there right now I have had a hard time with overspending so I am pledging not to make any retail purchases during the month of January. With my J Crew order on the way and my Boden Spring preorder, I should be able to stay strong. Speaking of sales, I scored this high waisted skirt at Banana Republic on Christmas Eve for just $20! High Waist with pockets? Mine.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas, the sales continue

I hope you all had wondeful a Christmas! I just love Christmas Day- the excitement and joy and then all the time spent together as a family with no outside distractions. Add chocolate truffles and a lemon meringue pie to that equation and it was perfection!

I did sneak away for just a few minutes to take advantage of the extra 20% off final sale items plus free shipping on all orders over $150. I started at $471 and slowly dwindled it down letting a lot of things go that I loved but realized I didn't need as much (like pencil skirts and dresses) and was able to just hit the free shipping number after the additional 20% off. Did anyone else take advantage of the extra20 sale or any other sales out there today?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Last Day of Shopping

before Christmas, I mean....not EVER! I am off to work on Christmas Eve which seems, well-wrong but it will be an entertaining one. Lot's of men with no clue what to buy their wives, it is really sweet actually!

So here is what I am wearing, warm and comfortable.........just what the day calls for. As soon as I get home it is cooking time for our yearly hor'doeuvre night with friends and family and then it is time to get ready for "the big guy". Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve!

Cardigan- Banana Republic from eBay
Tunic/Shirt Dress-eBay
Leggings-Simply Vera from Kohls
Kady Boots-Target

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mommy brain boo boo

So, when I was catching up on my blogs I saw that one of you had recreated this look from the Loft styling. I loved the way it turned out so much I decided to try it out myself but as I went to post this, I could not remember or find for the life of me, which blog I found it on to give you the credit.....I call it "mommy brain" and I am sorry!

I am off today to the bank, grocery store and one last Christmas gift. Is anyone else still scrambling for their last minute Christmas stuff? Every time I think I am all the way done, I remember something else but the list has dwindled down so I think I am actually about done this time and I better be since I work all day tomorrow!

**Update, it was Sweet Tea in Seattle's post here that I was looking for, thanks App Gal and Rae!**

White Blouse-Target
Chiffon Rose Sweater-The Loft
Jeans-Old Navy

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh No She Isn't.......

Nope, I am not wearing shoes today and you are lucky I took off my sock monkey slippers for a photo! Today I have the day off and I have been cleaning, wrapping and all that fun stuff so I have had no need to put on any shoes yet! Oh, and I updated my playlist for those of you who keep the volume on!

Today is a Loft day head to toe (see, I can say that because I have on no shoes). They have a whole bunch of jeans and basic pants marked down on final sale and yesterday they had an additional 30% off when I popped in on my lunch so these pants were a whoppin' $6.98, gotta love it! I also grabbed this cardigan on the 50% off sweater promo to go with my striped zig zag tee that I had picked up last week.

**Please note, if I had realized that this sweater made me look like a roly poly or a weeble wobble in these photos I would have taken more shots, it doesn't always take on such a round shape IRL**

 Closer pic of the tee, it is a very casual piece but it is playful and I love the longer sleeves (1/2 sleeve length)

So, with that sale I made sure to grab a few more final sale basics plus this necklace which the SA handed to me while I was checking out. I am not sure if I will keep it, what do you think?

p.s. they are also doing a St. Jude Hospital fundraiser where if you donate you get a 20% off coupon which is a great deal for a great cause. I love all the charities they work with!

Are You Feeling Groovy????

Did you think I was exaggerating about my love affair with knit dresses? This is one of my favorites, it is the Jade Shift Dress from Shade Clothings Summer '09 line accessorized with a Macy's name tag (

Excuse the lighting but it was 6 a.m. in the morning yesterday and I was trying not to wake anyone when I snuck out to work. I have today and tomorrow off (yay!) but of course my mini Cooper didn't want me to get too comfortable so he decided to wake up at 3:30 am, and I mean a wide awake wake-up. Then, as I was dozing on and off on the couch while he played, the phone woke me up with a call from the Sherriff's office saying they had just received a 911 call, luckily I was able to convince them to cancel the dispatched officers...........thanks Cooper!

Hope your morning is going a little smoother :o)

p.s. It was in the 70's here yesterday which is why I don't look winterized at all. 

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

True to Debye luck with phones, another one has bit the dust. Unfortunatly it drowned in hot cocoa on the way to work. Since almost all of my communication with the outside world is done through my phone, I lost access to an entire day of emails and phone calls so if you tried to reach me, I promise I wasn't ignoring you! It is truly driving me nuts not knowing what emails I am, I am becoming a slave to it. Okay, I have been one for a few years now.

Here is the outfit I wore on the day of the hot cocoa in car disaster:

Cardigan-Merona Collection for Target
Shirt-Banana Republic
Belt- J Crew
Skirt-Merona Collection for Target

Here is what I wore the next day getting chores done and meeting with the adoption worker:

Cardigan-INC for Macy's
Tee- The Loft
Flats-Old Navy

Here is what I wore Saturday to work even though it looks a little like a nightie in this picture. I had seen it at the Loft several times without paying much attention. I saw it on the Final Sale rack the other day and I tried it and ended up liking it alot. So comfy and pretty!

**please ignore my dirty stove, I have been baking pies like a mad woman**

Cardigan-The Loft
Dress-The Loft

And lastly, today's outfit! I just love this dress and it is such a playful piece. It is hard to tell in a picture but the white pattern and trim is all done with embroidery so it makes a really unique while being my favorite......a knit dress!

Dress-INC for Macy's

Next step, catch up on reading all my blogs.......I haven't had time to be on the computer the last few days and I am in serious withdrawals!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

May the Force Be With You Today

Let's just rush through my outfit of the day before we get to the good stuff! I am wearing a tuxedo dress from Shabby Apple that I love. The detail of the ruffling, cut out U-neck, buttons and the tie make it a simple piece to throw on without accessorizing, which is perfect for me because I usually don't have a lot of time for details when I get ready in the morning!

Boots-Steve Madden

Now for the fun stuff. I have never been in an H&M, we just never had one here and once it opened a few weeks ago I just figured it was best to avoid going in. Yesterday I decided to check it out on my lunch break and I was doing fine, nothing too tempting until I saw they had a childrens department.....I did not know this. Once I saw this sweater, I knew it had to be mine, or er my kids.......they all now have one, with the exception of my 13 year-old, but Cooper will be my unwilling model. I love when star wars and/or super hero clothing is done in a unique way...........Luke, I am your father.....sorry, I couldn't resist!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Plaid Sheath Dress- On Final Sale

This one is for Rae :o)

Sorry, this post is a rush one since I am trying to squeeze it in before work at 6:45 (yikes). This is the Plaid Sheath Dress from the Loft that is currently on final sale. I grabbed mine in store, it is a size 8 but is a tad big, nothing a belt won't fix. I usually wear a 6 or an 8 in dresses depending on the hips. This one has a fun shape, great plaid and I love the ruffle detailing. I let out them hem on this one (about 1/2 inch) since I am taller and I sewed the slit closed. I think with tights I can handle the shorter length then I am used to. Off to the work the first day of the two day one day sale....ta ta!

Monday, December 14, 2009

OOTD and another one day, really two day, sale! has been a long day. I was in a hurry this morning so I didn't get any pictures taken before work so now you are getting a disheveled, sloppy version of what I wore today but I will make it up with some more shopping picks from today and a promise to post IRL pictures of the plaid sheath dress tomorrow

here is what I wore:

and here is what I put on hold ....Macy's is having another one day sale tomorrow and tomorrow is the preview day which is the same as the "one day" so why don't they just call it a two day sale???

I LOVE this applique dress , it is very comfortable, flattering and the length is perfect! I found it TTS, I grabbed a Medium. I have no idea whether it will go on sale tomorrow but I figured I would wait to see.

The other item I snatched was a shorter version of this cardigan. It is very cute on and reminds me of a J Crew sweater jacket that I am too tired to look up right now (do you hear the violins playing). It is on sale for $27.99 and with tomorrow morning's $10 off early morning WOW coupon, that will be $17.99 before my discount, say what!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wind-Rippled part deux

I wanted to try this tee out again but dressed up a little, I fall more in love with this shirt each time I put it on! I really love the way the Small Packages Cardigan wraps perfectly around the embellishment on this tee but I also am going to have to try it on a button up like on the model.
Today was my first day off since Monday and I am back to work tomorrow so now I have to catch up on Christmas cards, laundry, getting organized and reading all your blogs. Hope you all are having wonderful weekends!

Skirt-Merona for Target

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Yep, I am a berry again!

I don't know if it was because I was up baking pies this morning before work or if it is just purely that blue and purple has become my favorite fall color combo, whatever it is....I am berry again and that's okay!

I am sporting some of my new Loft purchases from yesterday. I have about six more cash certificates left.....uggghhh.....I shop too much. Time to weed out my closet again since I am out of hangers and room, intervention anyone? Well, I am off to work again (double ugggghhhh) and then to meet my family at our Ward Christmas party. We did all the decorating last night so we should be pretty prepared, or at least as prepared as we are going to get.

Hope you all have a wonderful day oh, and one other thing. Look at this adorable Guess ring I grabbed off the clearance table at Macy's for $8. It is supposed to be for my 17 year-old niece to go with her clutch but I am having a hard time letting it go. Does anyone else have this problem?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Dear Santa, I have been naughty

So, I have been successfully avoiding the Loft. I have all this Loft Cash burning a hole in my wallet that I have been really trying to ignore but it is like throwing away cash (right?) so I decided to get one cami and maybe a piece of jewelry to equal $50, so I could cash in just one certificate in to satisfy my craving.

But then, they went and marked everything down 25% off for today only so I couldn't use my cash since it is on full price merchandise. That is-until the manager told me that the computer has been letting them use the cash on sale items.....SOLD!

So..... I got the cami, a cardigan, and two dresses. The plaid sheath dress was on final sale for $19.99 down from $98 ) and is adorable on, I purchased an 8 but could have fit in a 6 (they just didn't have one) it runs TTS or a tiny bit big. I also grabbed the Scoopneck Dress with Chiffon Applique which is very cute IRL (fits TTS), and the drop waist v neck cardigan with belt. So, I wasn't suppo(SCOREsed to buy anything else for myself but I got all of this 25% off plus I used $75 worth of my Loft Cash so I paid under $100

It's Friday......Ombre!

Two posts in one morning, yay I am all caught up!Macy's is getting ready to enforce a dark dress code so I have to take advantage of being able to wear my "light" clothing. With another bout of rain on the way, I thought I'd break all the winter rules and go light with my J Crew ombre linen pencil  skirt and a white blouse. As I look at the photo, I realize it is funny how pale my legs have gotten this winter. I promise they aren't quite so white IRL!

After work I get to go decorate for our church's Christmas party. I ended up being in charge of all the centerpieces but I could pretend to complain but I actually LOVE that stuff! Then tomorrow after work, it is party time....whoop....whoop! Anybody have any great Christmas parties coming up?

Skirt- J Crew
Belt-J Crew
Shoes-Anne Klein

We don't get snow in San Diego but yesterday I was "ice-capped" in one of my new tops from Anthropologie.  I really needed to style this top a little better in order to do it justice but with the earlier morning holiday hours I am just not finding the time, I will do better next time...promise.

Wonder Tee-DownEast Basics
Cardigan-Ann Taylor Loft
Pants-Ann Taylor Loft

p.s. sorry for the super short post, gotta finish getting ready for work......retail in December is nutty!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Stockings are Hung the chimney with care, at least until the toddlers pull them down enough times that we give up and put them away until Christmas Eve! As you can tell, we finally got our decorations up...yippee!
My favorite part of decorating for Christmas is hanging the stockings, the more the merrier is what I say! Besides our family we also have one for our dogs and for Nana and Poppa who always celebrate at our house.

Now for the outfit of the day. I almost didn't post it because it looks kind of "blah" in the photo. I promise it looked a little better in person but either way, I still loved the change. It felt very menswear inspired and it was very comfy for a long day at work.

White Blouse-DownEast Basics
Olive Stretch Flannel Top-J Crew
Black Slacks-Ann Taylor Loft
Unisa Shoes

Monday, December 7, 2009

Some (okay a lot of) Anthro Reviews

Today I made a big mistake, I found an excuse to go visit Anthropologie and not even a good one. I am not supposed to be spending money on myself right now and I am actually very good at avoiding costly Anthropologie purchases online but get me in a store and all bets are off.

So I brought two things home and I really love them both. If I had the budget I would have brought home more. So, I am now wondering if I brought the right two things home.....which do you like?

Four-If-By Sea Skirt -on sale for $49.95
great, great, great skirt. Has a beautiful underskirt, exposed metal zipper and hangs beautifully. This is a 6 and fits my waist (does not hang low). My hip and bootie make me an 8 normally but when the hips are loose, a size will usually work fine. So I would say this is TTS.

In true Deletta fashion, this top runs large. This is a small,  I usually wear a Medium in knits. I love this top. It is a low v-neck so I would wear a tank under it. I loved the length as well.

I missed out on it's sibbling, the wavelet and have always regretted it. I thought with the chiffon sleeves I'd be able to pass this one up but it is truly a beautiful and unique piece that is hard to resist, even at the price tag. This is a size 6, my normal size in blouses. Some reviewers said they needed to size up in the chest area, I don't have that issue so it fit perfectly. Also, the top is a little short but that will make it go well with slacks and skirts.

I lovey this skirt and will look for it to go on sale. This is a 6 and fits perfectly so this runs large since my hips usually demand an 8 in a pencil skirt. I will be looking for this to go on sale for sure.

I want, I want, I want! I love this skirt, I just needed a larger size. This is a 6 and the mustard under skirt was bunching from being to tight so this seems to run TTS if not a tad small.

Whirling Ruffles Sweater Dress on sale now for $99 thanks. Kim looks cute in it, me not so much. This is a Medium, maybe a small would have helped.

This sweater is a beauty. I guess I was wearing it differently then shown but I loved it just the same. Very nice fabric, beautiful fit. Even with the fabric braiding, knotting and ruffling, it didn't seem bulky at all. I wish it were a tad longer, but I would just wear it over a tee. This is a small, I tried on the Medium as well and the length didn't seem to change.

I just don't know what to do about this sweater. From the moment I saw this sweater in the catalog, I wanted it.... it screams Debye. Though there were quite a few in the store, they are almost sold out online and I know my window to purchase is closing fast. Still, I am having a hard time justifying the cost. The fabric didn't feel $128 worth. It wasn't itchy but it wasn't smooth and soft either so I am paying for the style and honestly, I am not sure how many wears it would last through. Still, I love it. Oh, and this was a medium, my normal size.

I had high hopes for this top but it was soooooo unflattering on my body type. I can see how it would be beautiful on others but on me I look like a bloated tree trunk. This is my regular size, medium.

I am a sucker for any ballerina wrap top. I have been since I was a little girl. This is a size small but a medium would have fit well too. I was just wearing it higher up on the waist.

My Wind Rippled Tee has arrived

Today it is actually raining, raining (not just scattered sprinkles like we would normally get) so how appropriate is it that my Wind-Rippled Tee arrived today from Anthropologie? Even better, I am headed out to Anthro now.

My review? True to size and very unique and beautiful. The fabric is thinner then I expected and it is made for women who are blessed with a larger chest then I am so I didn't fill it out, leaving me with some saggy bust fabric but not enough to make it return worthy!

Since it is yucky out, I went for cozy comfort. I added a possibilities cardigan from Anthro and some skinny jeans, belt and my Kady Boots (of course) and off I go! I'll be sure to take some pics for ya

Sunday, December 6, 2009

2-Fer Sunday

Today I am going to post two outfits of the day. One for church, one for after church.

First up, what I wore to church. I just love the vintage feel of this dress, peach lace on black, key hole button, peter pan collar.....what more could you ask for? Black Mary Janes, my wardrobe is lacking them but not for long I am sure!

Next up, after church casualness. See my new Steve Madden boots? I love them. They didn't make under the Christmas tree, maybe the box will. I still haven't put the Christmas decorations up. We moved it to tomorrow night. Can you say procrastination?

Longsleeve-Shade Clothing
Wrap cardigan-Old Navy
Elle Skinny Jeans-Kohl's
Simply Vera Belt -Kohl's
Steve Madden Boots-Macy's

Saturday, December 5, 2009

It only takes one to Tango

Today started with serving pancakes at my son's school for a PTA fundraiser followed by an equally exciting trip to some furniture stores for new beds for the toddlers, soon to be followed by sewing three aprons and getting centerpieces started for our churches Christmas party next week. But you know what? It was all made more enjoyable because I had on the magical Tango Tank that I am head over heels for!

I ordered this last week and have been anxiously awaiting it's arrival. I sized down on this one because the other J Crew ruffle tanks I own run large but then I heard this was running TTS so I was worried about the fit. On Monday I tried on the medium in the store and it fit perfectly but the small fits perfectly too. I think because the ruffles are so flowy, the under tank can fit closer and not bother me since no rolls are going to show. It appears this top is now sold out online but there were quite a few in the store the other day when I looked

And don't let the flowy ruffles fool you, this tank is very slimming on it's own. I don't know how they got that to work out but they really did a great job on this top! Today was a rare day in San Diego where it actually looks and feels like Fall so I threw on a cardi, skinny jeans and my Kady boots (best $30 I ever spent) and I was set! Well, now it's time to go back to work although I am really "jones-ing" for a trip to Anthropologie...hmmmmmm

Cardigan-J Crew from eBay
Tank- J Crew
Jeans-Lauren Conrad from Kohls

Friday, December 4, 2009

Can you say TGIF?

I have to hand it to working mom's, I don't know how you do it. I used to do it until I had my third son but now I just can't seem to remember how to juggle it all, I feel like I am living in chaos.Three more weeks of working full time and I am done....whew.

I tried to rock the booties today but I am still not sure this look works for me. I have teeny ankles maybe that's what throws me off. I see so many of you fashionable ladies with these on and they look great but maybe this is just one of those trends I just can't pull off. That's okay, you can't win them all!

I was happy to finally wear my Rose Print Dress that I got on Final Sale at ATL. It hugs the belly which made me a little self consious but the belt on long cardi helped!

Tomorrow, I am cooking pancakes at the kid's school for a fundraiser so I am going to break in the Tango Tank for it.

 Dress from the Loft
Cardigan from Banana Republic off eBay
Belt, came with a dress from Kohls
LifeStride Booties

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Some Drool Worthy New Arrivals

How pretty are these new arrivals at Ruche?

and let's not forget these:

Ruffled Collier Top

My J. Crew goodies arrived last night and first up is the Ruffled Collier Top in the wildberry colorway. I just love the blue/black combo. They don't seem to have this color left online but there were plenty in my store in the sale section earlier this week when I checked.

I was wearing booties but I think I am going to switch to flats real quick because my feet are a little tired from wearing heels to work yesterday. Guess what ladies, the week is over half way through! Like the song says, everybodies working for the weekend..... and I am feeling that. I am looking forward to a weekend off!

I have got to put up my Christmas decorations this weekend or my kids will kill me. Have you done yours yet?

Top from J Crew
Cardigan from Banana Republic
Vera Wang Black Jeans
LifeStride Booties

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Macy's Loot

Here is a snapshot of my Macy's loot, I guess you can guess that I work in the Coach section. I got everything you see here for super duper low prices. Each item was clearanced and then double clearanced on a special sale day then  presold for the F & F sale for another 25% off and lastly, my employee discount. So they were at least 30/30/25/20% off. 
Here is a little Macy's Coach make room for the new Coach items, they will mark down perfectly good bags to 30% off. When there is a storewide sale like the One Day Sale or the Black Friday specials, the clearanced Coach will go on a deeper sale while the rest of the Coach stays full price.

See my Steve Maddden boots? Aren't they pur-ty??

Most of these are gifts but they are still fun to look at!

Even More Friends & Family

Today is the first official day of Macy's Friends and Family Sale. 25% off almost everything, including Coach, watches and all the other items that the coupons don't typically work on. And yes, it applies on sale and clearanced items as well. There is a physical coupon to use in stores but if you don't have one, they should be able to scan one that they have at every register. Online you also get free shipping on orders over $100 with your 25% off.....great deal, huh? The online Promo Code I recieved it MACYSFRIEND but I saw that MACYSFF also works. Wait 'til you see the loot I scored at bargain prices, I'll try to upload them tonight when I get home!

Here is what I am wearing to work today, Ijust  love when you can dress up but still feel like you are in loungewear (besides the shoes). I can always count on Shade for comfy skirts, Elaine has this one in white

Etheral Ruffle V-Neck from J Crew
Pleated Tulip Skirt from Shade Clothing
HUE Nude Fishnets from Macys
Fireball necklace from J Crew
MaryJanes from Target

Also, Boden has a 20% off code (plus free shipping) through tomorrow. Promo Code is PR3F. I was able to call today and have the extra percentage taken off of my preview order that I placed right before Thanksgiving for the Spring collection being released in January.