Friday, October 29, 2010

Tortoise & Pumpkins

I guess I must be in he halloween spirit because it appears I am wearing a lot of pumpkiny colors this week! I finally caved and bought myself a pair of tortoise Juliets off of eBay. I usually like to wait for better deals on my J Crew shoes (like under $40) but I decided that I had wanted a pair of these long enough and the price was what i would have paid for in the store so after a year of trying I decided it was time.

Yesterday we signed the adoption papers....yay!!! Now all we do is wait for the court date to make it all official. But as of yesterday he is no longer considered a foster placement, he is now an adoptive placement. Baby steps ;)
marigold Jackie-J Crew
Viscose Tango Tank J Crew (factory version now available)
Long & Lean Jeans-Gap
Tortoise Belt-J Crew
Tortoise Juliets-J Crew via eBay

This picture did not capture how adorable this cropped sweater jacket is. I love it, it is an easy casual, easy going piece. It  is part of the next LOFT holiday roll out so it is not online or on the floors yet but it may be sitting in the backroom of your store. The style number is 254417 and the price point is $89.50 but you can get it with the current 30% off promo in your stores. Also, if you shop by October 31st you can purchase a $25 LOFT cares card that goes towards the breast cancer research foundation. In return you get a 20% off coupon for all purchase over $100 through Nov 15th (it is reusable and it gets you 25% off if you use your LOFT loves credit card). The promos and sales are combinable with thiscoupon pays for itself if you spend like $130. Sounds a little confusing but trust me, they can calculate it for you at the register and it can help save you bundles on a larger purchase.
modern slim Jeans-LOFT
Cropped Sweater Jacket LOFT
embellished tissue tank-J Crew

Now I am off to try to squeeze in a trip to the Pumpkin Patch, a school Monster Mash carnival and dinner in before I go to work. I remember not so long ago when weekends were relaxing.....I miss those days :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Help, I'm Alive

So, I promise you I have not been running around naked every day. It has been a little crazy here and I have not been able to remember to take any OOTD pics plus my computer doesn't like me anymore (but that's another story). Here is what I am wearing today (so far). I am not sure about the boots. Two Fridays ago when J Crew had the extra 30 promo going on I finally grabbed the merino silvana cardigan in sweet almond that I tried on here. By the next Friday it still hadn't shipped so I called the customer service line. It appears that all orders placed that day were held up. To make up for it they were shipping it overnight and refunding all the shipping costs and I would have it Monday or at the very latestTuesday. Woohoo. Then Monday came and there was still no status update and no cardigan. They actually left me a message for me to call them but when I did, no one was sure why. So they shipped the cardigan that day and sent me a gift card for $25. Bravo J Crew for proactivly fixing everything without me having to get upset!
Imperial Tee-J Crew Factory Store
Merino Silvana Cardigan-J Crew
Bronzed Twig Double serge pencil skirt-J Crew
Kady Boots-Target (last year)

Now, I am going to be take their lead and try to make up my crummy blogging lately and share with you my favorite live version of "Help, I'm Alive" by Metric.............enjoy!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Introducing Christopher

So, here are the results from our family photos with Tara from AlaMode Photography . I am amazed she was able to get to get some winning shots in a short amount of time with two toddlers who did not want to smile. And now you FINALLY get to meet our little red head Christopher! We sign the paperwork next week for the adoption and then all we do is wait......yeah!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Checks and Tears...oops I mean Tiers

Happy Monday! The weather here has been wonderfully dreary so I have been taking full advantage! Here is what I wore to a casual dinner with the LOFT gals for a baby shower:

I actually ended up trading out my yellowish boyfriend sweater from the GAP for a more fitted one from J Crew. I didn't snap a picture but here is the Polyvore:
yesterdays OOTD

And here is what I am wearing today. The chiffon tiered tank is always a great camoflauge on bloated days and the length is great for leggings and skinny jeans (and cords here). Today I went grocery shopping and baked so comfort was key. These cords definitely fit the bill.

Have any of you caved on the extra 30 promo at J Crew yet??? I was good and just picked up the merino silvana cardigan I tried on here
Jackie Cardigan in San Dune-J Crew
Ivory Chiffon Tiered Tank-J Crew
Aluminum Matchstick Cords-J Crew
Kady Boots-Target
And because I am such a proud mama I just had to share a picture of Jonas before his first Homecoming Dance. They grow too fast....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Got Spots?

I know that quite a few of you have the spotted cheetah pencil skirt from the LOFT which is adorable yet almost impossible to match. Good news for you, the new sienna color that LOFT has just released is a perfect match for the spots.  So far there are four tops to choose from in this color. The Shoulder Ruffle Sweater that I am wearing, the Scoop Neck Sweater,  the Drape Neck Tank and the Ruched Side V-Neck Sweater. My only sidenote to this is that the Drape Neck Tank color in our store looks nothing like the Sienna (it is more of a muted redwood) so I am going to double check tonight to see if it is an in store color or if the sienna coloring in this top is off.

I am a firm believer that things don't have to match they just need to "go" but I must admit, sometimes it is nice to find a match. For more styling ideas, see this post
double wrap belt-LOFT
Shoes-Mootsies Tootsies

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Don't you LOVE a great deal?

I fell in love with the Terra Paisley Shift Dress as soon as it I saw it last year. Unfortunatly, I just couldn't justify the $225 price tag for a silk/wool dress that I wouldn't be able to wear very often. Even when it was reduced, it was still out of my budget. So, I let it pass but thought of it often....sigh.

terra paisley shift dress-J Crew
Cardigan-Banana Republic

Then last month, I came across one on eBay and won it for guess what........$40.99, brand new with tags!! Here is a quick picture of it styled very, very basic. I found that it fits TTS. As other bloggers have mentioned, it is shorter then the website picture. Fortunately it had a substantial hem that I was able to let out and rehem (you can still see the old hem line, I need to iron it out better). And viola, it is now to my knees and church appropriate!

I love a great eBay deal, especially with all those sellers that inflate the prices so ridiculously high!! What was your best eBay deal???

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Sun is Back

Well, the sun was back today. It was nice to have a glimpse of Fall but alas, it was short lived here in San Diego. So today I was bright and shiny to match the weather. I have no idea why I have never paired this tee and skirt before, they are a perfect match!
Applique Floral Art tee-J Crew
Impressionist Skirt-J Crew

I ran to the Children's Place today for some new jeans for the boys (at least some of them) and grabbed this cool is this?

Hope you guys all have some fun stuff going on this weekend!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Clinique Promo, Gray Wedges and a button......

I feel sporatic and behind on my blogging lately, my husband is OUT of town, company is IN town and I have discovered that my email has been sending quite a few of your emails into my junk folder. If you have emailed me and not heard back, please don't hesitate to email me again!!

It is that wonderful time again at Macy's where you spend $21.50 and get this:

I love these gift sets, I never have to buy mascara because I stock up on as many of these babies as I can. As many of you know, I am a huge clinique fan.  I had used many brands before but Clinique noticeably changed my skin and I am fiercely loyal now. Here is my clinique skin care regiment (in case you are interested). It may seem overwhelming but I bought and expanded the products over time. I always try to buy when there is a promo online or in stores so I get bonus items so I am purchasing less frequently. There are lots of other products I have tried but they may not be part of my normal routine so feel free to ask any questions.

skin care/morning:
7 day scrub
clarifying lotion (toner)
even better moisturizer
all about eyes
repairwear intensive lip treatment (love this but keep going through it too fast so I am now going to try the all about lips)

skin care/night
take the day off for eyes/lips
rinse-off foaming cleanser
I have been using repairwear laser technique for a week and like it so far
youth surge moisturizer
repairwear intensive lip treatment

While there I dropped by Banana Republic and saw these beauties in my store. They looked lighter to me and reminded me of your question Jeannie in this post.

If you missed it yesterday, Amy told us about the Instant Button for jeans to help with the problem many of us have with our pants and jeans stretching out in the waist during the day. Maybe if we are lucky, she will share a review with us (hint, hint)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nuetral Dog Days

Yesterday felt like Fall here which was a really nice treat...I even wore a scarf!  This was my first time wearing my matchstick cords, I must say that they passed slim/skinny leg test. The waist only loosened a little so I didn't have the problem where the pants stay tight on my legs but then get loose at my waist so I have to keep pulling them up....anybody else ever have that problem? I think if (more likely when) I get another pair, I will go with a tall (I am 5'9").

Yes, my Chase is quite a character (notice the one glove) he definitly has his own style
Here is the Polyvore for the outfit, all the outfit details are listed below and are accurate except the scarf that I couldn't find online but I bought at a J Crew store last week.
today is a very blustery day

Monday, October 4, 2010

No title there!

Hope you all had great weekends! Saturday was a mad house here with my hubby gone but guess who he sat next to on the plane....Brody Jenner. He didn't ask him about LC but they had lots of "guy talk".

Here is what I wore in the morning for a meeting with the Temple President last week
Pilar Paisley Cami-J Crew
Burnished Olive Jackie-J Crew
Spicy Olive belt-J Crew
Pencil Skirt-Apt 9 for Kohls

 Later in the day I changed it around for running errands. I completely copied this look from shopwithm's Polyvore here
Paisley Pilar Cami-J Crew
Velvet Eden Blazer-J Crew Factory
Long & Lean Jeans-GAP
Merona Myka Suede Wedge-Target

And here is what I wore to Jonas' cross country meet....soooo not a spectator sport. If you watched last weeks episode of The Middle -you get it :)

Lester's Hat Tee-J Crew
Maya Cardigan-J Crew
Cardgo Pants-LOFT

I finally caved on J Crew's Factory Store online. I called my crewlet and they didn't have these and I had always been sad I had missed out on this tee the first time around. A gal was in my store last week with one on and I loved it so when it showed up online, I was a sucker and paid too much for a tee.

p.s. for all those of you who got some goodies at the blog sale, they are on their way ;)

Friday, October 1, 2010

LOFT Holiday/Winter Collection Preview

Straight from behind the scenes.....well, behind the counter to be precise. Out Holiday Preview Lookbooks came in this past week so I snapped a few pictures of my favorites to share. I love the styling they have done in these. It seems like they are finally adding a little more sophistication back into their styles. Notice the amazing velvet jacket (very similar to this one but I like the LOFT cut better), the lace skirt, the toned down fur accents (versus the current fur vests) and the rich colors. Oh, and lets not forget those shoes! You should be able to look at the entire book at your LOFT store (just ask) but for now...enjoy!

What do you think of the upcoming collection? Any must haves for you?

$10/7/5 Accessories....this is the last post

just a few quick items!

LOFT crystal drop necklace (pale blue cording) polyvore pic here SOLD
 LOFT Ribbon necklace IRL pic here (with necklace above) SOLD
 Banana Republic Long Necklace better pic here in different color SOLD
 LOFT stone necklace, IRL pic here SOLD

$10/7/5 BLOG SALE-cardigans and jackets

$10/7/5 BLOG SALE

$10 -1st item
$7- 2nd & 3rd items
$5-everything else

example: if you purchase 6 items it would be 10+7+7+5+5+5= $39 so (theoretically) you could get a top, three sweaters, a skirt and a dress for $39. There are no additional shipping or PayPal fees.

how it works: email me at to reserve an item. Items can be reserved while you wait to see what else you may want from later posts. After the sale, I will send a PayPal money request for the amount due. Payment is due w/in 24 hours, if not receives the items will be open for purchase again. If you need more time, just let me know......I just don't want to hold an item too long that someone else may really want.

Anthropologie Possibilities Cardigan, Size M seen IRL here and here SOLD
J Crew Piped and Twisted Cardigan, Size Medium SOLD
 Boden Sealion Leopard Cardigan-size 6 US (UK 10), seen here and here SOLD
 GAP navy wool hooded sweatshirt with green trim, size Medium SOLD
 Ann Taylor LOFT ruffle jacket, Size 6 seen here SOLD
 Old Navy Shimmering Cardigan, Size Small, seen here SOLD
 Black Apt 9 Cardigan, Size Petite Medium, as seen IRL here SOLD
AB Studio Raspberry Ruffle Trim Cardigan, Size Medium SOLD
 Shade Clothing short sleeve v-neck cardigan, Size Medium seen here SOLD
 Ann Taylor LOFT pinwheel detail cardigan, Size Medium as seen here and here SOLD
Old Navy Cropped V Neck Cardigan, Size Small SOLD
 J Crew Featherweight Cotton Ruffle Cardigan, Size Small seen here and here SOLD
 J Crew Whirling Ruffles Cardigan, Size Small seen here SOLD
 INC Sweater Coat, Size Medium, as seen IRL here SOLD
 LOFT Dolman Sleeve Cardigan (ivory) size Small SOLD