Monday, September 19, 2011

Can I get a 'Witness' (sandal that is)

The other night I hosted a bridal shower for my work. Unfortunately, I am sick with a cold so I am a little droopy looking here plus after wearing it all day I am a little stretched out....oops but I did remember to at least get a picture. I don't think there is a more comfortable pencil skirt out there then the J Crew corduroy, I have several of them!
ruffled dot blouse-Banana Republic
Vintage cord pencil skirt -J Crew
Witness Sandals-Seychelles

Now for some better shots of my much beloved Seychelles Witness Sandals. I love, love LOVE these sandals. They have a great vintage vibe and they look like s peep toe pump from the front.......
.............and a bootie from the side, back! Like all Seychelles, they are very comfortable for a pump. I am leaning forward so the gap in the back looks larger but there is always a gap there because of the height of the back. There is no rubbing at all so I am blister free. Oh, and excuse my chipped toenail polish.

Here is a quick picture of the favors we gave out. It was a cooking themed shower so I made cupcakes in a jar with the soon-to be-brides favorite kind of cake, funfetti.