Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy Saturday! I have been battling a rotten sinus infection for two weeks now. I was on antibiotics but started getting worse. I was quite assertive with the fact that I have four kids to take care of and I can't keep functioning at 40%. They prescribed a new antibiotic that, according to the printout, is used for treating certain types of bacteria and for Anthrax. So, I guess I will be better soon and if you have any suspicious mail, I can handle it for you!
My sick uniform is pretty much what I wore today. Maxi + knits+ flats. Then I can run errands without looking as bad as I feel (hopefully) and then transition to laying on the couch/bed until I have to get up and do something else.Today it was my Amie Maxi dress (size XS, I sized down one size) that my awesome PS kept pushing at me. I don't usually wear strapless so I never bothered to try it on. Once it went on sale I finally agreed to give it a shot and the way it is structured works for me and I found that I actually end up wearing it a lot.

Amie Striped Maxi Dress-J Crew (in store color)
Knit Blazer (old)- Banana Republic
Abby Ballet Flats- Banana Republic (this color no longer online)

This necklace is really growing on me but the chain does like to twist (see pic) 

Do you have any items in your closet that you didn't think you'd like but now can't live without?


Slastena said...

Ooh, I am so sorry- those bugs are stubborn sometimes. Please, feel better soon.It's h ard to function at half full capacity {if that} with kids around. The elephant is cute and does brighten an outfit. I have similar experience with paisley skirt, first I thought meh and it ended up being my staple in my Phase 2- I wore it a lot.

Jan Russell said...

Well, at least your sense of humor isn't being affected by the sinus infection - they are the worst! I hope the meds kick in soon. You look gorgeous in this color! I am madly in love with my Paso Fino sandals and I usually hate myself in flats - I've been wearing them tons!

ina said...

hope you feel better soon! in march i had a sinusinfection that took weeks to heal out and with kids you you still have to function!

funny that you talk about the amie maxi dress,because i was going back and forth about it.i am usually not wearing strapless,but everybody seems to like the dress.
would you recommened sizing down?TIA

Debye said...

Slastena-That paisley skirt looks great on you!

Jan-The sandals are so cute, I hadn't noticed them before but they look like a great summer nuetral with a pop of whimsy!

Ina-aren't these sinus infections the worst?I would recommend sizing down in the Amie dress. It helps it to stay in place better and since I don't have much holding it up, that is much appreciated ;)

BJ said...

That elephant pendant is so great. BJ xx