Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am not a fan of the dark!

Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike the dark to work dress code at Macy's? Did I ever even mention that I still work there? So why have I neglected to post any work OOTD? Simply because I hate having to wear dark colors, I am much more of a color or light nuetrals gal which is funny because I don't know when that really happened since all black was my uniform in my single lady days.

We didn't end up at the zoo my two older boys thought a Nerf war in the front yard would be a much better way to spend the day so I was overruled! Since I was in my grubbies all day doing laundry and organizing, work attire is all I have to offer you today!

Jacket-Anthropologie from eBay
Zoey Tank-J Crew
Black Jeans-Vera Wang 
Tiered Crystal Libretto Necklace-J Crew

Now onto the fun stuff, my top Summer Boden picks!

Funloving Floral Dress-$98


Tiffany said...

OOOOH love your Boden picks! I'm still stuck in winter here, so I can just lust for now. Made my first Boden purchase on some sale items (sweaters, etc) and I am hopelessly devoted to Boden now.... my credit cards will never forgive me!

dinagideon said...

Girl, get this...I pre-ordered that same dress and the Hepburn shirt (in lime green). :) I have a polyvore set with all my picks from the Summer collection here:

And I totally feel you on a dark wardrobe. Nothing makes me sadder than head to toe black (even as chic as Audrey Hepburn made it look). God gave us those colors for a reason, let's let him know we appreciate his generosity. :)

Anonymous said...

Love that jcrew necklace--i have the crystal symphony one that is similar and wear it all the time. And that bijou cropped cardigan is cute too.

Liz said...

First off, I love the work outfit. I wish I could wear a dark uniform but that's just my preference, and you rock neutrals and colors so well!
Second, that teal cardigan is screaming my name. I had never heard of Boden until I read your blog, and am in love now! (with Boden and your amazing blog)

handbags*n*pigtails said...

I love the Fizzy Spot Top! All those beautiful colors are making me long for spring.

overcaffeinated said...

I just discovered your blog and love your style. Even though the dark palette might not be your style, I still love your work outfit.

Great Boden picks, especially that cropped cardigan and hepburn shirt.

amy kelinda said...

I think that you rock the dark looks, especially in this outfit, but I totally get why you're frustrated with being forced to wear dark colors. Was this a recent change in dress code?

Lady Cardigan said...

It's funny how tastes change. I used to enjoy wearing grey, but now I'm never quite happy with it. I love your outfit, especially the jacket and necklace. It may be dark but it's not boring.

I've recently gotten interested in Boden and I love the Hepburn shirt in that color!

mollywaffles said...

funloving floral dress is great! i did not realize boden put out new items already, i'll have to go check it out now!