Friday, February 26, 2010

Going Banana(s)

Before I get to today's post, I just want to ask for your prayers and help (if you are in the area) for Chelsea King and her family. She is an amazing kid from our town (Poway, CA) who went missing yesterday afternoon after going out for a run. I can't even begin to imagine what her family is going through. The search efforts have been amazing but at this time they still have no leads as to what has happened.
On a MUCH lighter note, this morning we had a planning meeting for a mother/daughter fashion show that I am "MC-ing" and this is what I wore. Those who do not have daughters, get to borrow them for events I guess :o)

Ruffled Collier Top-J Crew
Jackie Cardigan-J Crew
Vintage Matchstick Jeans-J Crew

Afterwards, I ran to Banana Republic to get a pair of black pants, they just have the best cuts for my body type. I have not been very impressed with BR lately but that has changed as of today. I had to dart in and out quickly before afternoon carpools started but there are some beautiful pieces. In store they are offering 30% off of all tops so I couldn't resist picking up this beautiful silk tank which I am guessing will fly off the shelves:

Silk Ruffle Front Top (not showing online yet) in this beautiful mint color. I WILL be wearing this tomorrow and will post some IRL pics.

I also picked this necklace up with a whitish clear bead versus purple in the pic off the clearance table. The clearance jewelry is an additional 30% off as well bringing this down to under $19.00.....whoop, whoop!


Michelle Q said...

Oh - prayers and positive thoughts go out to this girl, her family, and your community. I got a lump in my throat when I read your post, thinking the worst. I hope she is ok.

Thanks for the tip on BR! I need to go in there this week to see if there is anything I "need" for our trip next week.

Peggy said...

this is heart-wrenching - can't imagine the parents. Praying here

Nicole said...

I so hope they find her. This is a story that hits home for me.

I went out running one morning a few years back, and on my 5th loop, I noticed a suspicious looking guy messing around in the trunk of his car that hadn't been their on my previous passes by that area. A car came down the road, he closed the trunk and proceeded to mess around on the back passenger side. I had a really weird feeling about him, so I was very alert as I passed by. I heard footsteps in the grass, whirled around and yelled STOP! Sure enough, the guy was coming towards me, but thankfully he stopped. Another car came down the road, so I turned and bolted.

I know I was very lucky to get away. I can only assume he meant me harm because he said absolutely NOTHING at all. Not even a "jeez lady." I'm so glad I chose not to wear my iPod that morning because I never would have heard him. Anytime I'm out running/walking on my own now, I carry pepper spray because I don't trust anyone.

Again, I'll be thinking of the girl and her family today, hoping that everything turns out okay.

Anonymous said...

The family and girl are in my thoughts and prayers :( Nicole, I'm glad you are and were safe!!

Jan Russell said...

Oh how heartwrenching to read about the missing girl - prayers for her safe and quick return home.

I'm glad you were able to grab that pretty mint top at BR - it actually came out on the website about a month ago, and sold out super quickly (I think this is in part because it was on a store coupon and some ads that ran in Lucky magazine and probably elsewhere, too)I'm not sure if they will restock it or not? Can't wait to see it on you - I had to send mine back for sizing issues - boo!

Pamela said...

How sad about the missing girl. My thoughts and prayers that she comes home quickly.

I can't wait to see the new BR top. I haven't found much there lately, either, but this may be a re-awakening!