Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stickin' Around

I have now survived my oldest son turning 14 and returning to public school to finish 8th grade. He has been in an independent study program for the last year so it is a huge adjustment for all of us not to have him home most days. He is loving being back so that is a huge positive.

I even lived to tell that I had TWO dreaded trips to the DMV yesterday with both of the two year olds.  A combined wait time of three and a half hours with only two attempted prison breaks and no melt downs (from the little ones at least) was pretty impressive plus I only broke a sweat once.

On to some OOTD's. In the first one I was running late getting ready for church and this is just what the end result was after throwing clothes through the air. Not perfect but it has potential.
Cardigan-J Crew
Rolling Ruffles Tank-J Crew
Sirt-Merona for Target
Shoes- J Crew (Juliet's)

And here is today's OOTD. I am not lopsided nor do I have a growth on my side. The way I was standing with my purse somehow caused me to droop. The outfit was much cuter in person.....really, I promise.
Cardigan-The Loft
Weekend Jeans-Old Navy

Lastly, here are some fun shots of two of my boys on the velcro wall, why didn't they have these things when we were kids?


Anonymous said...

That velcro wall looks like lots of fun! Wish they had some for parents. :)
What was are the weekend jeans in your 2nd pic? I think the first outfit is cute too!! :)

amy kelinda said...

Oh wow, a velcro wall! That looks like so much fun, haha! I would be throwing myself at the wall all day... I love the ruffly tank and skirt and Juliets in your Sunday outfit! It definitely doesn't look like you just threw your clothes through the air! I loooove the colors in the second outfit. Sometimes I find that purses can make shirts/sweaters hang funny in photos, so I believe you when you say you're not lopsided, teehee!

Anonymous said...

oops i meant which wash are the weekend jeans!! typo :P

Jess said...

Ok if my outfits ever looked that good on Sunday and I had to throw it together .... I wish!! I LOVE the outfits, seriously every time I look at your blog there are like a million new things that I want to buy. I love the last look as well and just ordered the tank with the new promotion ... hope it looks like that on me! Love to get more ideas from you with the tank and making it more "mommy" wear!

overcaffeinated said...

That velcro wall is making me smile! It is sooo cool! Maybe I can live vicariously through my DD when she's old enough to do that.

Both outfits look awesome, but I am totally in love with the first. The colours are so muted and chic. I am kicking myself for not getting that J.Crew cardi when I had the chance.

Kelsey Kim said...

Hey Debye,
Love the church outfit, super cute! And I got that same cardigan in cream from the Loft for $12 a few weeks ago. I like the blue better, though.
Make sure to enter my giveaway for $25 in hair accessories on

Debye said...

Anonymous: I do the same type of things on my comments lol! I am pretty sure that these are the Weathered wash but they could be the Drew. I bought them in store when they first came out and there were only two options!

Amy K: thanks for believing me ;o)

Jess: You'll love the tank, which color did you get? I almost got more with the promo but I am trying to behave.

overcaffeinated: the cardi never really grabbed my attention when I saw it online, I began to warm up to it a little when I saw it on some other JCA's but when it went on final sale I decided to try it out and it ended up being one of my favorites. I highly recommend it if you ever come across one!

Kelsey: I will be sure to stop by and enter. maybe since you aren't entering it the rest of us will have a chance :o)

Jess said...

I got the same color as you did, the sepia and I REALLY love it, I just need to find different ways to spring and summerize it and make it appropriate for being a SAHM ... so I would LOVE some of your ideas!!!

carol said...

Does the layered ruffle tank run large like so many of the other JC knit tanks recently? Is it see through? Thanks.


Debye said...

Carol: The layered ruffle tank does run small, I sized down one size and it fits perfectly and I don't find it to be nearly as sheer as the most of their tissue tanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog, I live in San Diego and would love to take my kids to the velcro wall, would you mind sharing the location? :) Thanks!