Monday, May 24, 2010

On Lockdown....again

Okay ladies, I am on potty training lock down again. This is just not going well. With me other two boys as long as I waited until they were three, it was a pretty quick and painless process. This time around, there has nothing quick or painless about it. Christopher (2 and a 1/2) will go on the potty just for fun but doesn't relate the need to the "duty". Cooper (now 3) however, loves wearing big boy underwear but has never gone on the potty no matter how often he sits on it.....uggghhhh......I really hoped to have this all behind us (excuse the pun) before summer vacation started!

On to the better stuff, here are some recent OOTDs. My heather ice Victoria RuffleTissue Cami that had been backordered finally arrived. I can see why so many JCA's love this tank. I grabbed mine in a Medium but I think I will size down on the next one I order (because yes, I will be getting more)

Cardigan-Banana Republic
Victoria Ruffle Tissue Cami-J Crew
Shoes-Banana Republic Outlet from eons ago

Here is what I wore to work Friday night, I felt a little guilty because everyone wanted the tank (which isn't Loft) but whatta ya do?
Jacket- Loft
Ruffle Shell-Banana Republic
Denim Capri's-Loft
Necklace- J Crew
Vera Sandals-Banana Republic

And lastly, here is what I wore for the Loft's Summer Style event on Saturday. Not for the faint of heart but I had fun mixing the patterns and it sure was an attention grabber! Oh and if you like this cardigan.....grab it. They flew of the racks at our store in the chocolate!
Short Necklace-Loft
Long Necklace-J Crew (in store)


Anonymous said...

I love the last outfit - I wish I had the guts to mix patterns like that!

handbags*n*pigtails said...

Me too! As soon as I saw the last outfit I said "I want that." It looks fabulous:)

Kelsey Kim said...

All are great outfits, Debye!! I LOVE that cardigan(the zebra one). I'm a small. ;)hehe

Kiki said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! (And do you have any potty training books to recommend? My little one is only 18 months, but I like to read ahead!) Thanks! :)

Jenni said...

So good to see you post! Love the outfits! I picked up that zebra cardi in chocolate on Saturday...couldn't resist!!

spiffykerms said...

I just found your blog and have added it to my google reader. <3 your style for sure.

I bought that exact same BR cardigan a few days ago, in the dark brown color. It's SO soft isn't it!?

Ben and Jenny said...

Is that ruffle tank from BR from a different season? I was looking on their website and couldn't find it!

Pamela said...

oh, that last outfit is GORGEOUS! It works perfectly!!!

Jan Russell said...

I love all three outfits! And look at that big smile in picture #2 - even despite the PT woes! I am usually not an animal print kind of girl, but I saw the zebra pieces at Loft and loved them, they are so well done - I really wanted to grab the tank during the weekend promo, but my boys baseball on Sat. and my dh's guilting me about shopping on Sunday prevented me...SAD. I wish online didn't sell out of sizes so fast!

HeidiG said...

Oh the potty training woes.... My son didn't train - as in wasn't even interested - until he was almost 4. But when he did PT, he was really, really ready and we hardly had any accidents. silver lining??

Love the last loft dress - was curious about it after seeing the online pics.

MMM said...

LOVE the outfits! I was hoping we would get to *see* you in that last maxi dress! ;) Too bad I never look good in maxi dresses. :`(

As far as the potty training- hang in there!!! It'll happen when they're ready! Maybe don't let him wear the big boy underwear until he actually goes on the potty- that can be his 'reward'! Maybe?!? :-\

Debye said...

I am glad that a lot of you commented on the last outfit, I was afraid I might be all alone in crazy town in loving the mix....

Kiki-I don't have any potty training books (I thought I was a pro by now...guess not) but I may have to get one....I'll let you know if I do ;)

SpiffyKerms-yes, it is so soft. I only wish they had made more colors so I could collect them all!

Ben and Jenny-the BR tank was from this years Spring collection. If you ever come across one, I highly recommend is one of my favorite pieces!

HeidiG-thanks, that actually makes me feel a LOT better!

MMM-great idea and I bet you look a lot better in Maxi dresses then you think. This one was the first one I ever tried on and kept!

Michelle Q said...

Ok, I love all your outfits but that Maxi dress + zebra cardi is a KNOCK OUT! I love it and hope to copy soon! :P

Good luck on the PTing - my youngest is 22 months now and I'm dreading it. I keep thinking it's going to be better than the first time since he's got an older brother, but that remains to be seen.

Phyllis Bourne said...

I ordered the cardi and the necklace they styled it with - LOVE 'EM!

Suzanne said...

I would love to see the dress with out the cardigan. To see how it looks with the tank underneath. I love all the maxi dresses I have been seeing but due to being larger chested I can't wear them without something underneath.

MMM said...

Debye, would you mind sharing what size you are wearing in the LOFT maxi dress? I'm thinking of ordering it but I have noooo idea what size to order!?!? :-\ Sometimes I need to size way down and other times not! TIA for any help anyone might have on the sizing of this beauty! :)

Debye said...

MMM-my dress is a Size 6. This is my normal size for tops (I wear 8 on bottoms for my hips and booty). I don't have much of a chest and it is a tight zip over my ribcage (I wear a 34 bra) but is comfy on. I wouldn't size down on this one and some of the sales reps were even recommending sizing up one on it. I personally found it TTS if not a little on the smaller side. Hope that helps!

MMM said...

Thanks Debye~ That really helps! :) I think I'll just go with my *normal* size then. Did you take a size 6 in the Medallion print dress/tunic as well (cuz I have that one too!)?

Thanks again!!! =D

Debye said...

MMM-yes, I took a 6 in the Medallion print dress too

gigiofca said...

You look so great in the zebra & maxi dress combo. It's very eye catching. I added this link to my post on the Victoria tissue cami. It's a great piece.

FYI, your 5 Minutes is scheduled for 9am, 5/27. I hope Blogger pulls thru and publishes. :-)

Bellamama said...

I love that last dress. Is the necklace with it a lightweight necklace? You are such a stylish mama!

Modesty is Pretty said...

oh what a beautiful dress! I just found your blog and I'm adding you to the modest fashionistas =)