Monday, May 10, 2010

Work, Shopping and Mother's Day...'Ole

My first weekend at the Loft was great, I still have to get the swing of things but already I can tell it will be a lot of fun! Here is what I wore the first night:
And here is the Polyvore. I switched out the belt for one that matched my shoes and I wore my light pewter Jackie.  I had always intended to I was just too lazy busy when I made the Polvore to search for that color Jackie.
First Day

Items in this set:

So now for my Friday trip to J Crew where I didn't get the one item I was looking for. As many of you know from the JCA blog (or as Gigi would say, the Mothership) I have been desperately searching for the Neapolitan Pencil Skirt in a size 8. I did a store wide search, scoured the site for pop backs every day, called numerous stores based on JCA tips and did another storewide search with no luck. Finally, I gave up. So when I went to my store on Friday and saw a bunch on the rack I almost resisted the urge to check out the sizes as to not break my heart all over again. Luckily, I looked because there it was in my OWN store. An 8 that was returned.

I also drank the crewlade from Dina, Sumerilla and HeidiG and picked up the Jaspe Sequined Slouchy Sweatshirt which was WAY out of my budget and my belief on what you should ever pay for one article of clothing. What can I say? It really is great on and was impossible to leave behind. I also grabbed the skimmer pants (which are so very flattering) in violet dust and the bling bling cardigan in wild mushroom ( I am so recreating the catalog look, you know the one with the gray sequin tank) and I found a lilac jackie on sale. The SA talked me in to trying out the Tailored Linen Pencil Skirt in the wet peat colorway. This skirt is so flattering and classic. It runs a little smaller then other J Crew pencil skirts and it is a little shorter. I bought the same size as I always do but the cut was higher and more curve hugging then my others. I also picked up the natural covered pearl necklace and this cute little flower pin. Here is a snapshot of my loot:

 I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day, I know I did. My husband got me a bottle of Donna karen's Cashmere Mist and they took me out to have carrot cake at Nordtrom's Cafe (ever tried it? It is amazing!!!). Here is what the kids and I wore, I traded out the sunshine skirt for the Neapolitan of course!

Mothers Day


Pamela said...

whoa, that's a great J.Crew haul!!! Don't you love when you find a return!? I just found a return of the Sunshine skirt this weekend. It was not there earlier in the week and low and behold, there is was Saturday.

I love how you paired the the loft dress as a tunic! When I saw it instore Saturday I loved the print but thought it seemed a bit short, but belted with denim===perfection!

Steph said...

Wow!!! FANTASTIC HAUL! I'm jealous! :)


Jan Russell said...

Glad you had a great Mother's Day AND great success at JCrew - such pretty new goodies!

I LOVE that Loft shift, I need to go try that one on, and the shorts I'm debating if I'm brave enough to wear... You look so cute Debye, I think you became a Loft employee at just the right second, their neutrals right now are gorgeous! And so you!

triciathomas said...

Wow you really got a haul at J-Crew... I'm a bit jelly! Happy Mother's day

Cindi said...

I'm new to your blog. Cute purchases at J. Crew. I like your style and from what I can see, you have a great kitchen! :)

A said...

I can't wait to see an outfit featuring the tailored linen pencil skirt as I've been eyeing it and am looking for a review. I am curious how much it will wrinkle. Please let us know your thoughts once you've worn it!

amy kelinda said...

YAY, I'm glad you found your skirt! The JCA trip was a success, then! I can't wait to see you in your new things because I bet you'll pull them together in such a lovely way!

Michelle Q said...

Happy Mother's Day, Debye! Congrats on scoring the skirt - and on the rest of your J Crew haul! I am loving that Tailored Linen Pencil skirt - let us know what you think of it because I'm worried about wrinkling. I'm on a shopping ban anyway (trying to be good - check out my new blog about it) so I need to wait to purchase anyway.

AppGal said...

Oh, HOORAY! I'm so happy you found your Neapolitan skirt! Don't you just love it when you finally find the item you sought after for so long?

I am also absolutely in LOVE with how you made the shift dress into a tunic. I loved that dress when it first came out, but knew the shift shape wouldn't work on my I totally want it to use as a tunic! Darn you and your impeccable styling! :)

MMM said...

So glad to hear that you were able to find the Neapolitan pencil skirt in your size and at YOUR store~ YAY!! My b&m had a few hanging on a rack but they weren't your size (I checked 'cause I knew you were searching for one!)!!

Looks like you got some other great goodies too. I purchased the Bling Bling Cardigan in wild mushroom and I just ordered the Jaspe Sequined Sweatshirt online w/ the 20% promo so I'm anxious to see the outfits that you put together with them.

I absolutely LUV how you styled the ATL dress as a tunic-- perfection! ;) I have the dress too and I haven't been able to wear it yet because it's been so chilly (and my legs are pretty white) but I must try it as a tunic now! Not sure if I can pull it off like you do but I'm willing to try! :)

Kristin said...

I love how you incorporated the tunic into your outfit. So cute!

mollywaffles said...

I ordered the tailored linen pencil skirt in wet peat too. It didn't catch my eye at first when browsing skirts online as the main picture was in the light khaki-looking color. I've been wanting a new darker brown skirt because an older one I have is a little too big, I'm crossing my fingers it works out! Can't wait to see how you style it.