Sunday, March 27, 2011

No title, just a post

Okay, well this has been a very long, unplanned absense (more like disappearance) on my part. I am going to work on getting back to all your comments this week as well. First off, we had major sickies that ended up with my oldest and youngest having pnuemonia. It was the cold/flu that wouldn't go away, three weeks of being a thank-you. Also, as I had briefly mentioned, my husband isn't working right now, and not by choice. So, I switched to working days and took a lead position at the LOFT so I have been working over twice as much as I am used to. I don't know how I used to work full time and take care of the house. Working mom's my hat is off to you....bravo! Between work, school carpooling, baseball, wrestling and that whole making dinner for a family of six thing, I have hardly touched my computer. Oh, and then we all came down with the stomach flu this week within hours of each other. I will spare you the details but I assure you, it will go in my top five of the toughest things I have been through.

Now, I don't want to sound like a complainer I could have found a way to blog but my family needed me and they win. It was nice to be home more in the evenings and I truly love my job. Plus, I took the opportunity to work on my baking skills and we have thoroughly enjoyed eating a multitude of pies, lemon bars and homemade donuts. Things are hopefully going to get back to normal soon since my husband is about to go back to work (phew) and homemade banana pudding topped with meringue is about to go in the oven.

I did try to get some quick OOTD shots during my absense, here you go! 

coralie cami-J Crew
long lean cardigan-LOFT
lolli pants-J Crew
skinny belt-J Crew
wedges- Target

tiered maxi dress-Banana Republic
full needle cardigan-Banana Republic
scarf-Banana Republic
"Purr" wedges-Seychelles

Ackee pencil skirt-Anthropologie
pulling it together sweater-Anthropologie
banter top-Anthropologie
come dancing peep-toe pumps-Seychelles

perfect shirt-J Crew
cotton tiered ruffle skirt-Talbots
pearl hammock necklace-J Crew Factory

Here is to wishing you all well and I hope to be a little more regular soon....miss ya ;)


Tammy said...

Welcome back! I can relate - I have a big role full time and barely have time to get anything done some weeks.

I love all the outfits on you, particularly the anthropology skirt.

Anonymous said...

So glad you are back!

Anonymous said...

long time reader, first time commenter-- family always has to come first! you're such a stand up (& fashionable) mom! your desserts sound delicious and i know your family appreciates you being there for them :)

suburban mom said...

Glad you are all feeling better!

Mrs. R said...

glad you're back! love the outfits. good for you for taking care of your family first. you are a super mom!

serenitysea said...

Glad to hear you're all feeling better... Was worried when we hadn't heard from you in a few weeks. Here's hoping everyone continues to stay healthy!!

PS: how do you feel, having gone to a sales lead position at LOFT?

Also: do you feel the dresses coming in are a little more forgiving -- as far as lengths being longer and more of an a-line skirt/hem rather than a straight pencil?

Laurie said...

Yay, you're back! Long time reader and lurker but this may be my first time commenting. Sorry to read about the difficulties of the past few weeks but so thrilled to have you back!

Jessica said...

Glad you are back! I hope life calms down for you it sounds like things have been pretty hectic for you! Love all the outfits!

Jenni said...'re back! I've missed seeing your cute outfits, but is sounds like you've had good are one busy momma! Congrats on the promotion---they are so lucky to have you! =) Welcome back!

mommaofonediva said...

you look great & it's good to see your back! have a great Tuesday!!

MMM said...

Welcome back- we've missed ya! ;) I know we all need *breaks* now & then- it's such too bad yours wasn't a fun one! :(

Hopefully everyone stays healthy and life can get (somewhat) back to normal for all of you!?!

Your outfits looked always! =)

triciathomas said...

I am glad your hubby is going back to work! You look so pretty all dressed up for work! I hope you are back but family totally comes first!

amy kelinda said...

Welcome back!! The pictures aren't loading for me, but I imagine that you look amazing as always! I am happy that you made the most of your time away from blogging (homemade donuts?! do tell!), and that your husband is going back to work. Good luck with everything!

Sarah said...

Welcome back!! Random comment - I was in Loft today and found this blue silky dress on clearance for $39.99. It's style #257875, has a silk sash tie and pleats on the back. It's a little dynasty and a little vintage. I kind of like it but can't decide how to style it. I also can't find any images of it online. Are you familiar? Thoughts?

Inkmark said...

Glad you are back. You look great even with the new jobs and all that happening in the family. I agree with you, family always win. Hope things are getting less hectic and we get to see you more often.

Iris said...

Good luck with everything, I hope it all evens out for you soon!

Anonymous said...

I hope things get better, but if you're husband is w.o a job why would you buy skirts that cost $100+ dollars a pop?

Charlotte Beecham said...

i love these images and your blog. Your style and vibe are great. really cute
check mine out and follow me back if you like it! Appreciate the support.

Sabrina T. said...

i'v seen the older posts and outfits..i like so much your style!:)
Would you follow me if you like mine??i'd be very happy if u do so..i wait u, kiss from Milan

gigiofca said...

Just visiting to say hi & hope you're doing well. :)

Skylette from SassySavvyStyle said...

I hope you are well - hopefully the sick bugs are out of your life. Love your blog and your outfit posts. I find inspiration when I'm other wise burnt out so keep it up. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day...hope to hear from you soon

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