Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wedding Bells and Crystal rays

Yesterday was the wedding and I am now free from the kitchen...yee haw! Here is what I wore to the event, it was outside in the evening so it cooled down just enough that the cropped sweater never got too hot. I scored this dress for just over $35 during a recent promo at Banana Republic where they were offering 40% off sale items plus at 25% off coupon. I also had some rewards so it ended up being a great deal. It's hard to capture in a picture how cute the smocking on this dress is so you'll have to trust me that it makes it extra special. Oh, and it ended up that the Bridal party all had cropped purple cardigans on so I blended right in.
During the same promo I picked up this clutch for $21.99.......
And here is a close up of the Crystal Rays Necklace that I grabbed during a promo for just $34.99. I feel like such a bargain hunter right now
And here is the Polyvore for the outfit, all the details are accurate.

another wedding

Have you seen the new Fall Arrivals on the J Crew site? Our store is getting theirs in tomorrow so I should have some dressing room pics for you.


Mix and Match said...

I tried on the same dress! :) Love the look you put together, so gorgeous!

gigiofca said...

Great score on the clutch. I've seen it online, but never in person. Pretty.

Pamela said...

Wow, that clutch is gorg!!!!

Jessica said...

That dress is so pretty! And I love all the accessories you paired with it.

Jenni said...

You look so pretty in this outfit! The shoes are the perfect touch! I am dying to get this cardi in a few's the perfect layering piece!

Tammy said...

The necklace is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit! I've been looking for that cardigan for awhile now - If you ever decide to sell the purple cardigan, please let me know: Thank you!

workboy53 said...

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