Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stuck in the Kitchen

Aren't summers supposed to be laid back? Well, I am still waiting. My eldest, Jonas, is leaving at 5am (ugghh) tomorrow to go rapelling in Utah. I will be a nervous wreck until he is home with all bones and limbs in tact. I also have another friends wedding  next weekend that I am preparing some of the desserts and a few small decorations for. So after church today I was flash freezing cookies, squeezing lemons for lemon bars (my favorite) and making (and freezing) homemade cinnamon rolls for a church event the same day as the wedding. So after all that I was too tired to make dinner.....oh well. Sorry fam.

This is what I wore this morning. I noticed 15 minutes in to church that I had my scarf inside out but you get the picture.
I have been enjoying all the summer sales going on, what about you? I got some great deals at Boden USA, Banana Republic, Talbots and LOFT. Somehow I avoided any J Crew purchases. I think I am just ready for their amazing fall line to come out and take all my extra money.

Here is the Polyvore of today's outfit. Everything is accurate except for the cardigan which is actually from Banana Republic last year.



Jenni said...

Love love love this cute outfit! The dress is so perfect, and I love it layered with your cute scarf (even if it's inside out)...haha. I too am loving all the sales...I scored a cute top at hte Nordstrom Anniversary sale this weekend, and I've gotten a few great deals at Banana and Anthro too!

shopwithm said...

Love this dress how you styled it -- brilliant! I'll have to try to recreate it. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

triciathomas said...

I LOVE this outfit and the scarf is the perfect accessory!! I love your hair curled like that it's beautiful!

Sherry said...

I just love the skinny gold belt and shoes! I am so stoked to try this one! I might try it tomorrow since I can't decide what to wear to work tomorrow. You look adorable as usual.... and those boys... the first time my son went sky-diving (he is 26 now), I was a nervous wreck until he texted me he was on the ground and fine (he was out of town). Sigh... it never gets better - from what my mom tells me. Us moms will forever worry about the crazy things our kids do! :) Blessings!

Slastena said...

Very breezy outfit, love! And yes, I always enjoy good sale- even despite the fact that I really do not need anything, it seems always to draw me in..sigh.. Thank you very much, BR, Anthro and now J Crew.