Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gap Tiered Ruffle Dress

I was on this blog as most of us J Crew fans are daily and I was directed to her "for sale blog" and found this adorable ruffle dress from the Gap (I love how she accessorized it). The length measurement was confusing me since it looked long enough but the measurements seemed shorter so I googled the dress for more details and there it was........

........ahhhhhh, the clouds all parted and before me was the dress in blue ON SALE FOR $9.99. Since I wanted to be sure of the length was long enough, I checked the tall selection and there was 6 and 8 available as if it were there just for me! This dress won't come up in any searches on the site for dresses on sale (or even if you search by name) but the link works and my order was shipped so yippee! Talk about a steal! I can throw a jacket or cardigan over it or even a pretty tee under it and I am ready to go.

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