Monday, July 12, 2010

Gilded Jaquard Pencil Skirt

This post is for Hollylovescrew who requested some styling ideas for the gilded jaquard pencil skirt. This was a great challenge for me because I purchased this skirt a while back in store for just $39.99 and have yet to wear it. For me, this is the first J Crew pencil skirt I have found that just does not fit me right which may be due to the fabric. It pulls across my hips and tummy so I don't plan on wearing it tucked in unless I lose some lb's.

With Papaya: excuse all the wrinkles. My Joelle blouse was in my drycleaning bag. I loved the sheen of these two pieces together and if you have the blouse you know how light it is, so comfy.

Olive and Navy: I paired it here with the scalloped petal top and the jackie in burnished olive
Olive and Navy reversed: And here it is again with the spicy olive victoria tissue tank and a denim blazer
Lastly, this is the look I will probably wear the most. I have on the tissue tuxedo tank and the san remo cardigan but I think it would also look great with the breeze jackie or the spring celosia cardigan too!
To check out these looks on Polyvore plus alot of other GREAT styling ideas, check out this set:

Gilded Jacquard pencil skirt


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Debye! I enjoyed seeing your take on this skirt. I love it paired with the olive jackie; and I have that cardi. I also love the last look. I'm at home with my little boys all day so I'm thinking of wearing this skirt to church next Sunday-to try it out. Work starts again in August and it's back to dressing up. Anyway, this is a beautiful skirt and I thank you again for showing your styling ideas;)

A Bigger Closet said...

Great styling ideas! I have the Joelle blouse too in the light blue/grey color and really like it. The papaya is very pretty with the skirt. And the skirt also looks great the way you've styled it with the navy and olive. It seems like a very versatile piece.

Suzy said...

All of these look great on you - my favorite is the last one - the black and white with this skirt - really pretty!

Jessica said...

I love every single look! I would never have guessed that skirt to be so versatile!