Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Falling for LOFT's new arrivals

The transitional line (early fall) is finally in at the Loft and I am so happy with the new arrivals. the last few lines have been "okay" but they seem to be getting back on track! Unfortunatly, they have done a pretty lousy job on the styling for the web picks. The lookbooks they give us are so much better....go figure. Here are some of my top picks so far.

Ink Floral Shift Dress with Ruffle Neckline ($89.50): I adore this print, it is so beautiful. It is too short for me as a dress but over leggings and skinny jeans it looks wonderful. I especially love it belted. I found my true size (8) worked best. The dress is nicely made and fully lined. Differs from online photo at the waist. It is a straight waist not fitted like it appears on the model.
Flutter Silk Dress ($128): I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this dress. They have it all through the Loft fall style guide adorably styled and then on on the website it is kinda done boring. I LOVE this dress on. It is 100% silk and it falls beautifully and has more "poof" to it then in the website photo. The size 6 fit but my true size (8) hung better. I love that this dress has a longer length then normal for the LOFT. It is light and unlined. For the price, I would have expected lining but since there is a lot of fabric, it wasn't a deal breaker for me. Oh, and this red is beautiful and rich. It goes beautifully with creams and browns.
Flutter Sleeve Charlotte Dress ($79.50): The color of this dress is stunning and the fit is much better then it looks online. There was no vanity sizing with this dress. I wore an 8 and could not have sized down. The length on me was just like the photo so if you are shorter (I am 5'9") it will be closer to knee length. This dress has a very high fashion feel/dressed up feel but it also was unlined and was see through enough to mandate a slip. It is not completely off my wishlist but I am not sold yet.
Crystal Bead V-Neck Tee ($44.50): I haven't tried this one on yet but it is much cuter IRL styled with jeans and pants (untucked). Not crazy about how they tucked it in to a skirt.
Twisted Neck Exposed Back Zip ( $49.50): I haven't tried this on yet but the autumn yellow is so beautiful that I plan on making it mine!
 Short Sleeve Dolman Cardigan ($39.50): Great basic and the colors are so very beautiful! The moss green is very close to J Crew's burnished olive. It is a Pima Cotton so it isn't as thin as some of their recent super see through cardigans.
Cotton Faille Jacket with Ruffle ($98): This was love at first sight for me. It looks like a relative of J Crew silk ruffle cascade jacket (if you have it, you it know it looks like the back )
These are my top picks of what they have released so far. There are tweed jackets, nautical striped cardigans and dresses and other great things still coming later. What are your top picks at LOFT so far? Also, if you go by the store and they don't have some of these out you can always ask the SA's. Sometimes we aren't allowed to put them on the floor yet but we have them and we are allowed to sell from the back!

So, here is where I may or may not have cheated on my shopping ban. I returned the dress from Boden and a jacket from BR and I got the red dress. It wasn't offically a "return" but it was purchased from returned funds.....what do you think? 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your new Loft picks! You are making it so easy to shop at Loft- I feel like I have a personal shopper! I hope you are super appreciated by Loft. I vote NO that you did not break your ban- I only consider it breaking the ban when you spend any additional money for the month. It sounds like you broke even, or maybe even came up with extra?!! Keep it up- not too much longer! You inspire me!

Anonymous said...

I also vote NO since you did not spend incremental money.

Debye, since LOFT doesn't show the store lookbooks online, could you show us how they styled some of your picks above?

Also, when will they be getting in the rest of the early fall line?

Thanks - love your blog!

Lisa_Groves said...

I agree! It was a wash. Shopping is only spending additional money. I'm constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul...returning one thing to purchase something else! Thanks again for your blog, Debye. I look forward to it every morning. You have such great style and I love that you include stories about your personal life. I have 4 kids also...3 boys and a baby girl. They keep me busy, but I still love fashion. It's great to see someone who makes it all work!! I think that you're doing great with your ban, and I am satisfied just getting a peek at your OOD and styling solutions!! Only 10 days to go!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reviews! I was wondering a few things, actually...Not sure if you'll know, but it's worth a shot, right?

Is the Crystal Bead V-Neck Tee going to come in any additional colors?

Any idea when this top ( Violet&defaultSizeType=Regular) will be released? It's GORGEOUS! Thanks and love your blog :o)

Amy said...

Loving the look of the twisted neck exposed zipper top as well. Have you seen the autumn yellow in person? The short sleeve cardigan is a great price point so I will be checking those at as well as the pima cotten twisted trim sweater in blue.
Thanks for the fall previews!

Debye said...

Anonymous (1)-ahh, thanks!

Anonymous (2)- that's a great idea, I will work on getting some pics together. The rest of our fall line is supposed to be coming in sometime next month. I'll get you better details when I have them!

Lisa_Groves-you made my day, I didn't even realize there were just 10 days left!!

Crystal-I will double check on the v-neck top. SOmetimes we get more colors in the store then they have online but I only remember seeing this color but there were so many new things in the back that I was in shock ;)

As for the cardigan, our store got it in on Monday but I don't know if it has made it out to the floor yet. If you ask about it, they should be able to grab it for you from the back. Our fall "store set" is supposed to be done next week but they are trying to get the stuff on the floor quicker then that.

Amy-YES, I have seen the autumn yellow in person and it is sooooo beautiful.

Debye said...

Meli-I called you crystal by accident, must be because I was thinking about the crystal bead v neck when I responded...oops!

laylablue said...

your posts are a continual inspiration for me. i always choose LOFT for my birthday outfit. they have the best petite styles! i am 5'2" on a good day :)

L.O.V.E. the jacket/blazer and the tops, and, well, ok, all of your pics.
hoping the jacket will appear in navy.
and the short sleeve cardigan is wonderful. i don't have any like that. hope some are available in early october. (crossing my fingers)

Anonymous said...

That crystal beaded tee looks REALLY cute. Does it come in other colors?

Thanks so much for sharing these!

Anonymous said...

Debye- LOL! Not a problem. I was actually wondering about the top under the cardigan, sorry for not being clear :o) Thanks for your quick answers!

Rachel said...

I agree with the first anon comment - I always love your loft advice -

Jenni said...

OK, I went online to look at all the new arrivals after seeing your picks here and am DYING for so many things!!! That red dress is GORGEOUS and the crystal bead v-neck top is super cute---hoping for more colors too in that though. I NEED the whole outfit from the email sent out this morning...Debye, did you get that email? The model on the left is wearing that super cute Cotton Faille Jacket with Ruffle and has on the cutes knee-hight brown boots...are those boots LOFT? IF so I must have them!!! Wow...just super impressed with this release so far!!! AUgust can't come fast enough for me with my shopping ban! And no, you totally did NOT break your ban on the dress...even if you had I'd forgive you! =)

Mikaela said...

those picks are gorgeous!! i love that autumn yellow top too!!

Tiffany said...

LOVE your picks! Loft is definitely stepping it up, I think, and I'm loving their stuff. Just got a $20 reward card in the mail this week and was holding on to it to see what comes out for fall... fingers crossed I get a "professional" job that I'm up for because some of the new stuff would be PERFECTION.

And I love the tip that sometimes stuff is in the back and that it can be sold... I see so much stuff online (or in the more "posh" store on the other side of town) but not in the store near me and wonder where the stuff is. Good to know!

Now, I just wish that you were in Richmond because you are WAY more helpful than the SAs here! :)

Jan Russell said...

Oooh, pretty pieces! I love, love the crystal beaded tee, and the color on the twist neck top is gorgeous - I love Fall colors! I hope the Loft sizing works better for me next season - fingers crossed.

Debye said...

Meli-we have that top in now in Petite which means the regular size should be in next week!

Jenni-I hope the boots are ours but I can't tell for sure until the entire look guide binder comes in. I don't think the crystal bead tee is coming in other colors but their is a new similar tee in store (scoop neck with teo strips of beading along the neckline) that comes in quite a few colors. I remember white and charcoal for sure and I think there was a pink and another color