Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Butternut & Snickers

I have had a love/hate relationship with the Coralie Cami. I fell in love with it online and then tried it on in store and was...meh. Phew, I was going to save myself some buckaroo's. Then Polyvore kept taunting me with the pecan color so I broke down and made a set with it and fell in love again. When it went on sale I decided it was time for a second chance. It arrived at my door today and I threw it on over my swimsuit because heaven forbid I wait.  Meh again. It hung lifelessly flat and the color was more butternut squash then pecan and I wasn't sure how good that would be on my skintone.

So, I decided to steam it while I was in the shower and it came back to flowy life and it is love again. I do like this color but it is a little trickier to coordinate IRL. I have on an oatmeal color here for ease but I know it will look good with black, gray, burnished olive, navy and the bronzed twig. Others may be tricky because this is a lot more yellow-ey than the sepia.

Today was sports supply stock up day. With Jonas training for cross country and Chase starting football next week, it was time for new cleats, mouthpieces and water bottles. Thrilling I tell ya.
Cardigan-Banana Republic
Cami-J Crew
Jeans-J Crew

And here is my pie recipe from yesterday. I am known for my key lime pie but I had a friend going through a rough time so a super guilty pleasure pie fit the bill. I have lots of wanna be cooks so I tend to keep my pies quick and simple so they can help.

Peanut Butter Snicker Pie

you'll need:

6 snickers bars (or four king size)
1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
4 cups cool whip
1 1/2 T of half and half
9" graham cracker pie crust
optional: whip cream and chocolate syrup for garnish

using a double boiler, melt and mix the peanut butter, snickers bars and half and half together. Once melted and mixed turn off heat and let sit for a minute. Fold in the cool whip. Put mixture in shell and freeze for 4 to 6 hours and then garnish with whip cream and chocolate sauce as desired.....and that's it!


Inkmark said...

I bought the shirt during 30% sale too and still haven't got mine yet. I bought the water color skirt but doesn't know if the two will go together or not.

Anonymous said...

Looks gorgeous! I also just received the Coralie cami in pecan today. I got the wild mushroom color, too. I think the wild mushroom looks better with my skin tone, but I prefer the pecan color in general. I need to steam mine and probably take a picture of myself in the pecan to see if it's going to work with my skin. Thanks for the idea to steam it - I was planning to iron, and it looked like it was going to be a huge pain to iron.

Jessica said...

That color looks great on you! Lovely outfit as always!

Fatima said...

The cami looks cute on you! I ordered mine with the 30% off in the pecan and haven't received it yet. I had asked my PS a while back to help come up with a look for it and she paired with jeans and the beechwood lieutenant jacket. Didn't like the idea at all. So I went to polyvore and must have gone through my items a 1,000 times mixing and matching until I came up with 2 sets(1 with a cardi creating a sharp contrast, and the other blending it). Ever since creating the sets, I've been waiting for it to go on sale. I really hope I won't be disappointed because it looks so pretty online.
Does it run big or just regular like most of their other camis?
oh here are links to the polyvores, in case you'd like to check them out.

triciathomas said...

Seriously I think my thighs are calling for that pie!! That is totally my kind of pie easy-peasy and good!!! I want to see your key lime pie one too!!! Unless it's a secret! I love the top!! I think it was a great buy!

Louise said...

lovely top Debye, I can see how it would work dressed up as well as down for pie making!

p.s. from UK reader - what is cool whip?!

Eleanor ~ Shopping The Closet said...

I would love you to post your key lime pie recipe!
I made one earlier this week and it just wasn't a showstopper!

P.S. We had to buy a bevvy of soccer equipment a week or two ago.
How did our lives become so grand and fancy???

ina said...

love your outfit!
i saw your polyvore with the long merino cardigan in bronzed twig.could you review it on your blog?
i am considering buying it and am not near a the color more brown or green?

Jan Russell said...

So pretty! I resisted buying this one during the promo because I thought it would be too dressy for everyday - but NO, you just blew that theory out of the water with this cute outfit, I'm loving it with the jeans!

Jenni said...

You look perfect! You're rocking that top! The color is awesome on you!! So I was inspired by all you fashion bloggers to start my own fashion blog...come check me out:
have a great day!!

A said...

Beautiful as always!

I would love to see that key lime recipe as well:)

susan said...

Thanks so much for posting your pie recipe. I will be making it this weekend! As usual, your outfit is adorable!

Monica said...

I have the Coralie in mink, and I'm still trying to figure out how best to wear it. My mom and aunt screamed when I considered reselling it on JCA, so maybe they see some untapped potential that I'm missing. I like the look you've created, though, and might give mine some more attention soon.

Debye said...

Fatima-great polyvore sets. The pecan does go perfectly with the sunshine peonies print! I bought mine in the same size as my other J Crew camis (6) and it fits perfectly.

Louise-cool whip is whipped topping.

Ina-I am still waiting for the cardigan to arrive but as soon as it does I will definitely review it!

Jenni-thanks and love the new blog!

Monica-definitly give it some more tries! The more I think of it, the more outfits I come up with!

Meaghan said...

Which jeans are those? Are they still available at J.Crew? I absolutely love them...

Debye said...

Meaghan-these are the vintage matchstick jeans in the vintage dark distress wash. You can find them on sale here: