Friday, June 25, 2010

LOFT 40% off in-store picks

LOFT is currently running a 40% off your entire purchase (in store promo). It really does work on EVERYTHING, on sale, full price, jewelry, kind of sale! Here are my top picks:

Knit Dress with Silk  Flounce:  A really simple dress with just the right touch of embellishing to make it extra special.

Updated Favorite Ruffle Top: LOFT does fitted blouses well but it has been quite some time since they have put one out. This top is flying at our store.
Chain Rosette Tank-much cuter IRL
Spotted Cheetah Pencil Skirt: of course I love this one IRL picture here
Piped Silk Dress: Much cuter on than it looks on the hanger!
Jewel Necklace Tee: If you haven't participated in the necklace tee trend, this is a good place to start. This is more fitted then most LOFT tees so you may want to stick with your true size (versus normal LOFT vanity sizing)


Simply Me said...

Thanks for sharing this info..I woulnd't have know otherwise :)
LOVE the Spotted Cheetah Pencil Skirt, I hope they still have it in my size at the store.

MDPA said...

Thanks for your post about the sale! Does Loft do charge sends? If so, do they charge shipping? I am looking for an item that is sold out online and in my local store. Thanks.

Debye said...

Simply Me & MDPA-LOFT does to charge sends. If you are in the store they can do it at the register or you can call the 1-888-LOFT-444 number and they can help you. If you are a LOFT Rewards card holder then you get free shipping for regular priced items (not sure how that works with a promo)

Kelly said...

thanks for the info! I really like that ruffled top!

Desert Flower said...

Debye, here's the problem. Every time you wear something on this blog, I want it. I think you should be getting paid for each recommendation. You'd be rich off me alone.

Joy @ SAH Missionary said...

Is the first dress as short IRL? I love it, but if it is that short, I think I'll have to pass. :)

Leader Girl said...

I agree that you are a good saleswoman. I didn't know they were having 40 percent off. I snapped up the white ruffle shirt. I created a polyvore under the JCA group leaderboys. I wore it to a wedding this afternoon. Thanks so much for the shopping tips.

Debye said...

Joy-it is shorter but not as short as on the model. The dresses always seem off on length on their website pictures. Sometimes they look long and then I read the length and there is no way that they match up. This one won't fit me because of my height but for shorter gals, it will be perfect!