Monday, June 7, 2010

Hits & Misses

First off, I must just get this off my chest. My 5'9" size 12 shoe wearing baby is graduating from 8th grade tomorrow....when did that happen? I don't know when I got old enough to have a child who is my height and can share shoes with my hubby. Graduation is a big deal out here, I have heard that most other places it is no biggyat all but it is out here and I had a great time with him picking out each detail of his outfit. I have also been teasing him that I am wearing a matching outfit so we can be alike, for some reason he seems to be terrified of the idea (tee....hee...).

Okay now to my regular stuff. Here is what I wore to work Friday night. I have found that I run around 10 times more at the Loft then I did at Macy's and add that to the fact that are floors are hardwood and my work shoe options are getting more and more limited!
Dress: Trulli for the Loft '09
Denim Capris-Loft

Here is what I wore to work the next morning, not my favorite but I was tired . My hubby took the photo and just like a man, he does not to seem to realize that shoes are part of the outfit. I am really liking the Loft's pencil skirts, they are super flattering for those of us with curves. I just wish they'd come out with some more colors.
Jackie Cardigan-J Crew
Pencil Skirt-Loft

And here is what I wore to church on Sunday. I grabbed the dress off eBay for about $20. I have tried to stay away from impulse buys on eBay but I broke my rule here and luckily it worked out. I really like the coral print.
Dress-J Crew via eBay
Spring Celosia Cardigan- J Crew
Belt-Banana Republic
Shoes-Mootsies Tootsies



Jessica said...

Cute, I love all 3 outfits! I think my favorite is the first one, it's so cute and casual and I love the belt you chose.

Kim said...

I just discovered your blog recently & I love seeing all of your great outfits. Not to mention, LOFT is one of my favorite stores- because it is more affordable than my other favorites (JCrew & Anthropologie) so I especially love your LOFT outfits. I was also wondering about your hair routine? Your hair is so pretty & I was wondering how you get the nice curl/wave? Thanks for all of the inspiration!! Also, my oldest is starting 1st grade & my baby is starting preschool next year- I don't know what I am going to do when I have *no* little ones at home (I know it is only for a few hours/day but still) I know how you feel. It is so bittersweet to watch them grow & spread their wings....

Kim D

Pamela said...

I love all your outfits, too! They are always so perfect. I esp. love the first look with that belt!

Congratulations on the graduate! 8th grade graduation was huge for me, too. We had a prom and then the whole cap and gown ceremony. I think it's such a milestone-middle school to high school. Time goes fast!

Simply Me said...

Love all three outfits. You really have great style :)

Anonymous said...

I recently started reading your blog and think its great. I went to the loft to check it out and was impressed. Many other bloggers appear to be very petite - I love the fact that you are closer to "normal" (but still thin!)

handbags*n*pigtails said...

You look amazing in all three pics, as usual!:) Im actually selling that ruffled tunic on Ebay right now. Just didnt fit me as nicely as it did you last year when I saw it on you and HAD to have it.;)

Jan Russell said...

What misses? I see nothing but GREAT outfits here - love all three looks! You always get it just right when you pair things together. That coral dress is a-mazing on you, I can't wait to look in my closet and see how I can mix those colors - LOVE.

I can't believe you are going to have a high schooler. Impossible! I keep looking for the pause button, but no luck - it goes SO FAST!!!

a la Modest said...

My husband doesn't seem to get that shoes are part of my outfit too!! I have to tell him to redo the picture when he cuts my feet off.

Eleanor ~ Shopping The Closet said...

My biggest baby graduated 8th grade last June and what a way to make me feel old, sad and sentimental all at the same time!
It is such a weird feeling isn't it?
As weird as it is to look up from my 5'1 spot to his 6 footness.
Where did my life go?

You also look amazingly beautiful as usual!

Desert Flower said...

I am always getting ideas from your outfits.

Jenni said...

I just stopped by Loft today and of course walked away with a bag full of goodies! Your outfits are so cute... Especially love the last one with the Celosia sweater. You rock every outfit...not a single miss In my book! And congrats to your son on graduation!!! You look far too young to have a high schooler! =). Have a great day!!

JCC said...

I was so psyched to see that coral print dress! I have the same one in a teal print from JCrew from about 5 or 6 years ago. It was hanging in my closet because I wasnt sure how to wear it again. It looks great on you!

Cleo said...

Love your outfits. You look fabulous!

I agree with you about Loft pencil skirts. I find they fit better on my figure because of their contour, unlike those (as cute as they are) from J.Crew where the waist is usually too wide.

prettyface said...

New follower here :-)

I perked up when I saw your J Crew ebay dress fine--I cannot tell you how much ebay gets me into trouble!! I can find anything and everything on ebay! My favorite store is Anthropologie and if I miss out on an item online- more than likely I can find it on ebay eventually...


And that LOFT skirt? LOVE IT!!! It's sharp!

Victoria said...

Just found your blog. I LOVE the shirt/dress in the first picture...i might have to look on ebay for it (is it solid blue or striped). Nice outfits in all the pictures, but just really love the first.

HeidiG said...

(catching up on reading here...)

Love the Loft pencil skirt - I believe I have the exact same one - what I love most (other than the comfort) is that they are the exact right length on me - i.e., not too long. Now I know where to look in fall for the perfect winter black pencil skirt...