Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sideswept and some Summer Sale Shopping

Here is what I wore yesterday while running around and getting errands done! Today is the last day of school and 8th grade graduation. It is in the 80's here so my original outfit idea was foiled but I think I have a backup in mind.

Here is the Polyvore I created a while back. I finally got the capris on Saturday so it was time to try it out!

SidesweptFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

$32 - jcrew.com

$62 - jcrew.com

$50 - anntaylorloft.com

$90 - nordstrom.com
And here are some Summer Sale J Crew purchases. The first set was before the Extra 20 promo but I did get free shipping and the unagi tweed skirt was a pop back and couldn't wait ;)
Summer Sale, got me againFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

$60 - jcrew.com

$110 - jcrew.com

$115 - jcrew.com
I don't know why the Victoria Ruffle Cami was part of the recent sale additions but I am not complaining. This tops are AMAZING, if you don't have one yet....grab it now!
Extra 20Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

$40 - jcrew.com

$40 - jcrew.com


Eleanor ~ Shopping The Closet said...

Have fun at graduation!
Enjoy this day - you will never forget it!!!

Lisa said...

I just love all of your outfits, girl!! I think I am going to get the Impressionist skirt. I do think I may have too many floral pencil skirts(watercolor(purple & green and the sunshine peony). The Impressionist is so pretty :) Have you been in BR lately, that is where I work PT.

dinagideon said...

This is a gorgeous outfit. I love girly ruffles with cargo pants.

I think it is great that you all are almost done with school. YAY! Enjoy the time off! :)

triciathomas said...

Have fun at graduation!!! I think I may need to head over to the Crew and pick up a few items!

Jessica said...

Cute stuff! Love the color palette of your outfit yesterday.

mrs.anketell said...

Have a great day!! I LOVE this outfit, I have the ruffle tank in this paris pink color and i just love it paired with browns, like you have done here. Beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...


Jenni said...

Cute cute!! Love those capris! And what fun purchases! Gotta love a good sale!

ina said...

love your outfit in the neutral tones.
how does the wild mushroom color look IRL?

triciathomas said...

I picked up that sweater (bling button in wild mushroom) but am having a hard time styling it! I love it with pink... Thanks!

gigiofca said...

Awww 8th grade graduation. I'm glad you got the Impressionist skirt. I think it'll look great on you. :-)

Michelle Q said...

Congrats on your son's graduation! Love your outfit - and yay for the Impressionist skirt! I bought one too but returned it because I overindulged at Anthro. It will ROCK on you, Debye!

whitstu said...

hey did i see you in costco yesterday? I swear there was a woman who looked like you in line... I'm not even sure where you live though! Anyway, if you were at Costco, then it was definitely you! Love your outfits! Just started reading your blog about 2 weeks ago!

Tina Z said...

I have to thank you for your recent Loft posts, specifically the ones highlighting the tan strappy shoes you scored at the big sale last week (or week before?). I hunted a few pairs down in my area yesterday for less than $20 each on final sale. Thanks!

Jan Russell said...

Love the browns and pinks together - so soft and pretty! Hope graduation was fun!

Debye said...

Graduation was really nice, thanks everyone!

Lisa-I popped into BR last week and saw quite a few things to drool over but I had to run to work. I feel you on the floral pencil skirts. I have the sunshine peonies and the watercolor pastiche so there was no WAY I needed another but I still ended up breaking down and grabbing it because it has such a fun edge to it!

Ina-I really love the wild mushroom color. It is a beautiful pinkish brown that is so unique. I think the color is a little darker then it looks on the polyvore image.

Whistu-it wasn't me as Costco but I think I was secretly a twin because I get that a LOT!
Glad you are enjoying my little blog so far!!

Tina Z- I am glad you were able to hunt down the shoes, what a deal!!!

Ran said...

I've been debating the Victoria cami but with your raves I'm really regretting not picking any up with my recent orders...heading back to J.Crew's site to see if there are any left!