Thursday, August 26, 2010

$5 BLOG SALE-Skirts

**Please note that DownEast Basics skirts are meant to fit low on the waist so they rest on your hips**

J Crew Safari linen skirt in chocolate brown, Size 8 SOLD
`Floral burn-out skirt (lined) ny Toi et Moi (Ruche clothing) size Medium runs a little smaller SOLD
Anthropologie Skirt by Odille (tag blacked out) size 8 SOLD
DownEast Basics geoprint skirt, Size Medium SOLD
DownEast Basics lemonade skirt, Size Medium SOLD
DownEast Basics, mincord A Line Skirt, Size Medium
Anthropologie Coulats (shorts that look like a skirt) by Cidra, Size 8 SOLD
DownEast Basics polka dot skirt, Medium SOLD
Ann Taylor LOFT suiting skirt, Size 8 SOLD

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