Tuesday, August 24, 2010

LOFT buy one get one 50% off sale picks

LOFT just launched a buy one get a second one 50% off sale on all tops and sweaters (regular priced only) . I closed last night and woke up to find out about the sale in an email. That is how secret they keep upcoming sales from the associates. Also, the LOFT savings card promo is still going on so you can earn $25 LOFT cash for every $50 you spend (this does work with promo items since they aren't considered "on sale").

Good thing is, the tops and sweaters just happen to be what I am loving most with the new rollout! Just thought I'd share a few favorites with you. I know in our store, some of these pieces just came in yesterday and may not be on the floor. Remember you can always ask if they are in the back, I sell from the back all the time.

Tipped Corsage Striped Sweater- I LOVE the way this looks on. I was able to size down one to a small. It was fitted (not too tight) but I am sure my true size (medium) would be okay as well.
 Long Sleeve Stripe V-Neck Cardigan- I found this to be pretty TTS. A medium will fit a little looser and  a small will be closer to my sides to keep it looking more fitted when unbuttoned.
Multi-tiered Shell-Autumn Spots (again with the names)-I put this one here because it is everywhere on the website. Take this top for what it is, a fun layering piece that will go with a lot of things (I love it with the cardigan above). Personally, I loathe the fabric they chose for this top. It is 100% polyster and it reminds me of J Crew's cotton lawn but even thinner and a little stiff. You really have to size down on this one and the fit is really cute once you do. It is in my hold pile because of the adorableness and versatility but the poor fabric quality is what is holding me back. That is just my opinion. p.s. I am not normally a fabric snob.
V Neck Cardigan-hands down, these are my favorite basic long cardigans. The fit is perfect and the length, for me, is just right. I prefer the fit of  these to my J Crew long cardigans and you won't hear me say that about too many things! IRL pics here and here
Tipped belted cardigan-warning, the sleeves are very tight in this cardigan so if you have larger arms it may not work out for you. I love this cardigan, the piping adds a great touch. It does run smaller then most. Mine is a medium. IRL photo here.

Long Sleeve V Neck Sequin Pocket Cardigan- I am always a sucker for a pea green cardigan, I blame Kurt Cobain for looking so good in one and the image was permanently engrained in my teenage brain. I found this cardigan to be more TTS then the others. A medium worked perfectly, I didn't bother trying on the small.
Flutter Trim Blouson Top-this top is so much cuter IRL. Almost every client I have asked to try it on has taken it home. It is really cute with just a simple pair of jeans and it is light and comfortable.
Pleated Fan Front Mosaic Top- I have no idea why they ironed the pleats this way for the web photos...it looks like those mushrooms that grow like like shelves on trees. They look much better (IMO) pressed flat like you should see in the stores. This top looks amazing under a black blazer, itt is such a great graphic print. I would recommend sizing down one. And as a side note for you online shoppers, this is a silk blend but it is primarily cotton and looks that way. Still adorable but again, I just don't want you to be suprised!
Short Sleeve Cardigan-this is a nice lighter layering piece. I love the latte beige if you can still find some. It does have a slight dolman cut so you definitely want to size down one.
Ruffle Bib Cami-this may just be my favorite LOFT top I own. Size down one and grab it if you can still find one. I know in our stores we are out of every size under a Medium. I just love this cami, so fun and easy to dress up and down. I know one of you had asked about the trim and I can't remember if I answered but it it is a black chiffon that is finished to avoid fraying (yay, I am over the unfinished chiffon that eventually shreds). IRL photo here
3/4 Sleeve Tipped Bow Cardigan- I haven't tried this one on yet but it is my favorite of all the new embellished cardi's. The bow has dark stitching so if you are shopping online make sure to zoom in on it so you aren't suprised when it arrives!


triciathomas said...

So many great picks Debye!!! I love your taste in clothes!

A said...

I love the mosaic top!

Jenni said...

Oh man, more damage to be done at LOFT! This rollout is awesome! I love the black polka dot tank, the last cardigan with the bow and the Tipped belt cardigan which I still haven't picked up...oh, and the Ruffle bib-cami. I just haven't had the time to pop into LOFT yet to try on sizes before I order. Great picks!!

JTC said...

Thanks for the awesome picks and sizing info! Also for your online orders promo code SHOPRES25 takes 25% off orders over $125.

Katy said...

What color is the Autumn Spots top? I can't tell if the spots are navy or black.

I love this group and can't wait to try some of it on!

Bellamama said...

You have fantastic taste. Love all of the picks!

Tucker said...

Great picks, Debye! Based on your reviews, I went in today and tried some of your recommendations on. They were out of a lot of my sizes and with the online promo codes, it was actually cheaper to purchase online. So, I came home and ordered the ruffled bib cami, mosaic top, flutter trim top and tipped belt cardi. Thanks for the heads up!

Lizzy T said...

Thanks for the great picks! So many great things...

You mentioned that you can sell from the back. What does that mean?

Debye said...

JTC- thanks for the promo info! I often miss the online specials that don't carry into the stores!

Katy-the spots are a bit black, gray and blue. Imagine if you had a dot of water drip onto your paper where you were writing with a black pen. It has that effect. Black center and then lighter to almost a blue around the edges. Hope that makes sense!

Lizzy T- When a new line is arriving, we often have inventory in the back that is not out on the floors yet. Either we haven't had time or we aren't allowed to put it on the sales floor until a certain date. However, we can still sell it "from the back". The SA's can bring the items out for you to see and try on if you are looking for something that isn't on the floor yet.

Maren Meade said...

You mentioned that people should size down in the Multi-Tier Shell-Autumn Spots top. Do you know if the same is true with the Multi-Tier Shell-Daisy Collage top? Thanks!

Debye said...

Maren-yes, the dausy collage top will fit the same way....you definitely want to size down or the neckline gets all drooopy