Thursday, August 5, 2010

Feeling not so "Imperial"

Okay, first off let me explain about my whirlwind of a day yesterday. I was on a super tight schedule. Drop off Jonas at Cross Country by 8, pick him up at 9 drop off some of the other boys on his team....head straight to the outlet 40 minutes away, head directly to a pool party at 11 and then be back at the house to meet the social worker at 12:15...phew.

Trying to get showered, have everyone ready with floaties, sunscreen and swim diapers (for some) by 8 am was craziness but then after we dropped of the Jonas at cross country I took the other three boys to Starbucks and my ATM card was declined....what???? So, I immediatly went into panic mode which was only slightened lessened by the sweet people at Starbucks who let me have the drinks AND goodies we ordered for free (bless them, I need my hot cocoa).  I ran home to see what was going on and my mortgage which was scheduled to be taken out on the 13th was somehow taken out on the 2nd.....yikes! I had to go into serious scramble mode and come up with a solution and then head to the bank after Jonas' cross country practice. I had quite a few of you waiting for my "maya" review and I didn't want to let anyone down (or incur overdraft fees) so I dragged all four boys with me and headed to the outlet which ended up being right at the Mexican border ( I could literally see the border wall right across from where I parked). But we got there alive and the crewlet maya's were all still there being held for me.

By now I was seriously flustered. Chase was mad because we drove all that way for a "stinkin' sweater" and in my haste I had forgotten the stroller. I tried on the Maya and two tees and ignored everything else since I only had the cash on me to spend because of the bank craziness. I tried on the yellow Maya and the two tees, loved them and I did not notice anything different about the crewlet version. I emailed the ones that had requested a quick review, ran to the party and then posted the quick review and picture while waiting for the social worker to get out of her car and get to the door.

When I read Francesca's comment with her thoughts about the cardigan I realized I may have seriously let some of you down. I personally am happy with my crewlet version. The original amber yellow Maya has not been on eBay in my size for the past four months I have been searching and I like that it is cotton versus the Meriono wool. However, in my haste I didn't even notice that the gathering was much less on the crewlet version, especially since I was sizing down for the color I wanted. So, I am sorry if my review wasn't thorough enough and I hope you will all forgive me!

So here is the now infamous cardigan IRL. This is also the outlet version of the Imperial Tee which I had been wanting but had missed out on. You can still get them on eBay but the size of the jewels had bothered me on the original, the outlet versions are much smaller so it was a no-brainer.
Canterbury Bells Pencil Skirt-J Crew
Yellow "maya" cardigan-J Crew outlet
Imperial tee-J Crew outlet
shoes-Rocket Dog


E Hayes said...

No apologies!!! You going out of your way for a sweater review?! You're crazy, you don't owe any of us readers a thing... I'm super appreciative you have time to post your outfits with the crazy life you live! Thanks for everything you do to help all us shopaholics!

Hope you get some time to relax!!

kate said...

oh my gosh, do not even think about apologizing! i really appreciate you review and photos.

Jenny R said...

Oh my...what a crazy day! I am sure it was not fun but nonetheless...your retelling is pretty darn funny! My closest outlet is an hour away and my two kids HATE going there!( Since I homeschool, they are pretty much always with me!)So as we would say in the South "bless your heart" you had a rough day! I think the sweater looks great BTW...what size did you get? I always buy an xs but I rarely button-would you say size up ?

Pamela said...

Debye!!! You are too much!!! You definately do not need to apologize for anything!!! You should have spent that time yelling at the bank for taking out the money early!!! yikes!!! that happened to me once and from that point forward, I decided I was going to control all payments coming out of my bank account. Now I do all my banking online from the my bank's site.

All in all, you look darn good!

Francesca said...

Debbie (sp?), no need to apologize... I was so appreciative that you posted that there was a crewlet maya version that I drove out to the outlet yesterday to snag myself one. Just because I personally didn't care for the crewlet version, doesn't mean others won't. By the way, you ROCK this sweater! It looks so much better on you than it did on me. I hope my comment yesterday didn't upset you & others.

Ladies, if you like the Maya styling with pleating, there's a new Banana Republic knit jacket called the "Sabrina herringbone shawl collar jacket" that looks amazing! I tried it on at a BR store today and it felt like the a more polished work version of the Maya -- very slimming & flattering. It runs a tad snug, kind of like a sweater would, but has the structure of a jacket. Also comes in black but my store didn't have it. Worth checking out!

Jan Russell said...

Let me down? Are you kidding, I was so happy to see a full report on the cardigans and be able to grab a yellow one before it was too late - sounds like they are already popular and selling out! I really prefer cotton too, so this is a happy find!

I'm just sorry you felt any pressure to squeeze in the outlet trip with your already jam-packed day. You are really thoughtful to follow through with going to the store and getting a review up so quickly and despite the other important stuff on your plate, yesterday. Hope all went well with the social worker, and that everything has been straightened out with the bank!

Love your yellow and navy ootd - you look fantastic, and I can't wait to receive mine!!!

Bellamama said...

Don't feel bad. It's kind enough of you to post your findings, outfits, and everything else you do on this wonderful blog--when you already have your hands full at home.
The yellow and navy are great together :)

Barbara said...

oh my, I am hyperventilating just READING all of this!!! You truly are the QUEEN of customer service for all of your blog readers!!!! Hopefully today was a smooth sailing one.............. I did not know there was crewlet at the border outlet..only been there once and that was enuff for me. But that was a looooong time ago.

Stacey said...

Wonder Woman! It's amazing what you can do in a day if you put your mind to it. :)

The whole outfit is fabulous!

Rose said...

I loved that T in the store and not sure WHY I didn't buy it! The Maya sweater is lovely - colour and look.

Sara said...

I bought that sweater at the outlet today - same color - and my kids were also wondering why we had to drive so far (<30 min) for me to shop. Poor kiddos. Anyway, I have been lusting after that skirt and now seeing you wear it today just might push me over the edge. Thanks for all you do - I really love your blog. Hope today was a little more relaxing for you. You certainly deserve it!

Jenni said...

You are WAY too hard on yourself girlie! First of all, LOVE your cute blue and yellow OOTD! Darling! Second, wow, what a day that was! You are one busy mama! Third, I went to pick up a second Maya cardigan from the outlet last night and the yellow looked AWFUL on me! Sad! So I'm just sticking to the purple one Fourth, I went to LOFT today and totally grabbed a few more things. GUILTY! I just love this new rollout!!!

Barbara said...

I was thinking when I was reading this all too familiar post (yeh -- don't we all have days when nothing happens as it should?) anyway -- you're sweet retelling made me think: "Debye's terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day" -- do you have that book? Even in Australia! Thanks for your joy, even in difficulties : )

Barbara said...

Oops! Late night typo -- that should be "your sweet retelling"

Amanda Crocker said...

You look beautiful! I went to the LOFT last night to use the 30% F&F coupon you so graciously mailed to me. I bought the Mini Spots Pink Ruffle dress on sale. I think it will be perfect for steamy summer work days in SC!
I also picked up the Multi Color Teardrop long necklace as a surprise and I LOVE it!! Have you seen it at work? Such pretty fall colors!
Today is the beginning of tax free weekend in SC so I might go back and get the Watercolor shift dress...I love the purple color!

Debye said...

Thanks you guys....I think we have all had these impossibly crazt days where nothing goes the way it was planned!

Jenny R- I sized down for availability reasons and it fits just fine. I think the XS will still work for you buttoned!

Pamela-I may have to switch my banking strategy too after this incident!

Barbara-I had never been to those outlets before, they seem nice but the area itself, not so. I wish there was a J Crew in the Carlsbad outlets

Francesca-you're too sweet. Your comment didn't make me sad, I just felt bad for not noticing all the differences ;) Thanks for the tip on the BR cardigan, I'll have to check it out!

Jenni R-the purple cardi was really pretty, I have been thinking of getting that one too. I know, the LOFT rollout is killing me. IMO this is the best LOFT rollout in the last two years.

Barbara-ha!ha! I totally remember that book!

Amanda-I want a tax free weekend, how cool is that? The mini spots ruffle dress is really cute, congrats and I agree, the multi color Teardrop long necklace is gorgeous!

A said...

All I want to say is - yay for hard working mommies like you. It's not easy. My son completely hates shopping, so I can relate. LOL - boys!

triciathomas said...

You do not need to appologize for anything!!! This blog is a labor of love and people realize that! I think your review is great and I am planning a trip up to Park City to pick my cardi's up!

Jessica said...

No apology necessary! I think we are all so appreciative of you and your great style. And wow! What a day you had! You are so thoughtful to be thinking of us in all that craziness.

laurie_miw said...

I am so glad you got yellow one, just sorry about the ensuing chaos! (we all have those days!) I actually prefer the all cotton version for my hot part of the country, and I think this looks fantastic on you!

tea said...

when did you buy the cb pencil skirt? I've been reading your archive & saw it was a ban exception item for you. It's on sale for $80 now. I pulled the trigger. : )