Sunday, August 15, 2010

Okay, I am here now

It is time to officially come out of hiding now but I am okay with that. I have realized that I really love my job because I missed it *gasp*. This Saturday Jonas and I went to the outlets for his back to school shopping, it is amazing how the older they get the less far your money goes for their clothes and shoes...ugghh. He did find some great stuff and there were a lot of good deals so I can't complain too much.
maya cardigan-J Crew Factory Store
Cami-Banana Republic
Linene Pencil Skirt-J Crew
We did stop by the crewlet and they were having some great specials. It was 40% off jewelry, belts and clearanced items. I had been wanting the twisted hammock necklace for a long time now and although I am sure the crelwt version is different it was good enough for me. Not to mention it ended up being just $29.70 after the discount (versus $98 in regular stores). I have also wanted the vintage cord pencil skirt for ages and I was able to bring that home for just $39.50. My biggest score was the boyfriend sweatshirt for just $17.98. I could have done a lot more damage, the jackies were 25% off and the forever cardigans were 30% off but I had to watch it since it was Jonas' shopping day not mine.

crewlet 8.14Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

At lastly, here is what I wore today to church. It looked much better IRL, I am going to get a lot of wear out of this skirt, it is so comfy. I may have to get the deep plum color that they had as well. If any of you need it, the J Crew Factory store style number was GY6529. It is $49.50 but was on special for $10 off.  The belt was just $17.70 (with the 40% off promo).

coraline cami-J Crew
belt- J Crew Factory Store
Vintage cord pencil skirt-J Crew Factory Store
Shoes-Mootsies Tootsies


Annie said...

I'm a new reader to your blog. I must say I really enjoy it and I especially like seeing your OOTD. You have great style and an eye for putting outfits together. And after seeing your post for the outlet version of the Maya cardigan, I went ahead and ordered it since I missed out on the original version.

Jessica said...

Wow, what great buys! I wish I lived closer to an outlet store but it's over an hour away from me. But then maybe that's a good thing or I would shop there way too much!

shopwithm said...

I picked up the twisted hammock necklace last visit to the Crewlet and think it looks pretty much the same. The SA said she didn't think there was any different either. Great deals!!

Sue (reBloomer) said...

I picked up the crewlet version of the maya (it's cotton not merino) in the beautiful dusty rose...I had been regretting not getting the maya forever, and also not getting anything in that color...I killed two birds with one stone! I like it when the crewlet recycles popular but sold out styles.

Jenny R said...

What colors did they have in the forever cardigans...if you remember?Thanks! :)

Jenni said...

Oh, you look so cute in that new Crewlet skirt! I totally missed that last time I was in...back I go I guess. =) You picked up some great sale items! Last time I was in I picked up a Forever cardigan in an Olive Green color and I LOVE it!!!

triciathomas said...

Glad you are back hope you had a wonderful stay-cation!!! I think you look great in the second picture and the camera did the outfit justice!!!

mommydearest said...

fabulousness!! I am way behind, but you go the maya at the crewlet?? And the belt - does it have that wacky seam in the back like the retail version did?

Debye said...

Ack, don't you hate when your comments disappear? Let's try this again.

Annie & Sue (reBloomer): congrats on the Maya's. I love when the crewlet gives you a second chance to get something you missed out on before!

Jessica-mine is pretty far away too which is good for my wallet!

shopwithm: I couldn't tell the difference either, maybe if they weren't side by side....

Jenny R: All I can remember was an olive green solid and a nuetral striped forever cardigan (champagne and white maybe) but I know there were more!

Jenni-I missed the skirt last time too. It may be the beginning of the fall line they are getting in.

Tricia-ahh, thanks!

Mommydearest: the maya is from the crewlet. It is cotton (versus merino) has less ruching and the v is a little higher then the original. I love it though. My belt doesn't have any seam at all but I didn't check the other sizes (mine is a small)

Lizzy T said...

Does the skirt fit TTS? I'm wondering if I would need to size up?

Debye said...

Lizzy T-The skirt did fit me TTS. I wear an 8 in J Crew skirts (though some are tighter then others)

The vintage cord pencil skirt has a lot of stretch in it but I didn't feel like my TS was too tight at all. I probably could have worn a 6 because of the stretch but that would have been skin tight and a no thanks for me!

mommydearest said...

You're a peach, Debye!! Got my own amber Maya today, thankyouverymuch :)

And I'm sorry I misspelled your name on JCA today in my post about the crewlet.

Victoria said...

I'm a little late, but I'm wondering if your Crewlet had more of the vintage cord pencil skirts or if you were lucky enough to find the only one. I've been wanting one for ages!

Thanks (and love your blog)!!

Debye said...

Mommydearest-yay and I'll let it slide this time

Victoria-there were plenty of them there. It was one of the crewlets newer arrivals. I had wanted one for a long time too so it was really exciting!