Monday, August 23, 2010

A weekend of outfits

I can't believe that the kids are already going back to school this Wednesday. Do summer's keep getting shorter or is it just me? Here is what I wore to work Friday night, I love the autumn yellow with the nuetral pinks and browns.
Twisted Neck Shell-LOFT
merino rose cardigan-J Crew Fall '08
dusty blossom perfect pencil skirt-J Crew
super skinny patent leather belt-J Crew

I was too worn out for an OOTD pic after work Saturday morning so here is a Polyvore. My kind of outfit, comfy plus a lot of compliments.
Today, minus the neck tattoo

And lastly here is what I wore to church on Sunday morning. I think this may be the first time I have worn my ink-dot print dress although I have no idea why. It is such an easy dress to wear and I got it in store for a great sale price. 
ink-dot print dress- J Crew
navy Jackie cardigan- J Crew
shoes-Mootsies Tootsies


Jessica said...

Love all of them, especially that ink dot dress. And I love how you styled it with the tan accents.

And I keep forgetting to tell you but I made your key lime pie and it was SO GOOD! Thanks so much for the recipe, it was super easy to make and so yummy! I'll be making it again for sure, and probably very soon. ;)

Bellamama said...

Love them all and that dress looks great on you. I love the print.
You don't have to answer if i'm being too nosy but is the adoption finalized? I'm wondering because his (Chase's??) face isn't covered in this picture!
And if I've completely confused the names of your kids, I apologize in advance!

Debye said...

Jessica-I am so glad you liked it! There is nothing better then an easy pie that tastes delicious!

Bellamama-You aren't being nosy at all ;) The adoption isn't final yet but we are hoping it will be in the next few months. If you look next to Chase, the little red head with the guitar who is cut out is Christopher. He is the one we are adopting. I know it is hard to keep all the C's straight (Chase, Cooper, Christopher....)

mommydearest said...

Another round of cute outfits! Funny, I misread the title of the second one and thouhgt, "What?! Debye has a tatoo!? I really missed something!!" Then I got it...
Chase looks so big all if a sudden!

Anonymous said...

Both of these outfits are as chic as ever!

Pamela said...

the brown belt with the ink dot dress is a great choice!

Jenni said...

Love both of those outfits on you, and I'm sure you looked great in the third! You have impecable taste!!! Your son is such a handsome in his church clothes. We named two out of three of our boys with C names...Caden and Coby. There's just so many great ones! =)

triciathomas said...

I love that ink dot dress it's so pretty and easy to wear! I sent my daughter to school today and was thinking where did the summer go?

Jan Russell said...

I am seriously in love with the ink dot dress on you - gorgeous! And I love the twisted neck shell in that color, I'm so mad they didn't offer it in petite - I had to settle for the green.

Jesslyn said...

Love that dress!!!

Anonymous said...

You totally "rocked out" the dress with the belt and cardi! AWESOME!

Andee Layne said...

oh love this look on you!!! still classy but has that hot factor! xo