Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Clinique Promo, Gray Wedges and a button......

I feel sporatic and behind on my blogging lately, my husband is OUT of town, company is IN town and I have discovered that my email has been sending quite a few of your emails into my junk folder. If you have emailed me and not heard back, please don't hesitate to email me again!!

It is that wonderful time again at Macy's where you spend $21.50 and get this:

I love these gift sets, I never have to buy mascara because I stock up on as many of these babies as I can. As many of you know, I am a huge clinique fan.  I had used many brands before but Clinique noticeably changed my skin and I am fiercely loyal now. Here is my clinique skin care regiment (in case you are interested). It may seem overwhelming but I bought and expanded the products over time. I always try to buy when there is a promo online or in stores so I get bonus items so I am purchasing less frequently. There are lots of other products I have tried but they may not be part of my normal routine so feel free to ask any questions.

skin care/morning:
7 day scrub
clarifying lotion (toner)
even better moisturizer
all about eyes
repairwear intensive lip treatment (love this but keep going through it too fast so I am now going to try the all about lips)

skin care/night
take the day off for eyes/lips
rinse-off foaming cleanser
I have been using repairwear laser technique for a week and like it so far
youth surge moisturizer
repairwear intensive lip treatment

While there I dropped by Banana Republic and saw these beauties in my store. They looked lighter to me and reminded me of your question Jeannie in this post.

If you missed it yesterday, Amy told us about the Instant Button for jeans to help with the problem many of us have with our pants and jeans stretching out in the waist during the day. Maybe if we are lucky, she will share a review with us (hint, hint)


Anonymous said...

Nice find on the shoes!... thanks for mentioning me- I feel honored :)

Jenni said...

Thanks for the heads up on the CLinique promo....I was actually headed to Macy's tonight to pick up some mascara and lipstick so this is an added bonus! =) ALso, those grey Banana shoes are gorgeous!!! I love their shoes.

Amy said...

Well, I guess I'd better get with the program and order those buttons! ;P I actually have them in the shopping cart. I will report back after I try them out! :)

And Debye--thanks so much for sharing your skincare routine! Your skin is SO gorgeous! I have adult acne and so far, only Proactiv has helped, but only somewhat. I'd love to add some different products in to my routine, but I'm afraid it will cause me to break out. I feel like overall, I'm missing the *glow* like you have. Has anyone here with acne used Clinique and if so, how do you like it? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Will definitely be heading into Macy's tomorrow to stock up on my pressed powder and snag that promo! Thanks for the heads up :)

sarahbellum said...

I think I must be dense because I don't understand how the Instant Button works, even after looking at the website.

RunningOnCoffee said...

debye- I just realized a whole bunch of incoming emails were being routed to my spam folder too (gmail)

Those wedges are really cute! I want to find the Target version in store - probably taupe if they're even available still, because I have the grey suede heeled mary janes from Target last year.

Saw a commercials for those buttons on TV the other day!.

sarahbellum- it's like you're putting a pin through your jeans. with the front being the button itself. The flat back is on the inside of the jeans, so you are not poking yourself.

Amy said...

Sarahbellum--just like RunningOnCoffee said...the button has a pin on the back of it. You push it through the waistband and then put the little "cap" on the pin that sticks through on the inside of the waistband so you don't get poked. :) It's made like those pins that you have to pinch the backing off the pin, stick it in your shirt and reattach the backing to the pin that's sticking through your shirt. This is hard to describe! LOL Did you see the diagram on their website? I didn't understand how it worked at first either, but the diagram helped. :)

Keri said...

BTW - the instant buttons are pretty fab - but 15 bucks = way more than you have to pay. Hit the Dollar Store and get 8 (2 each of 4 different finishes, so they match your buttons perfectly,) for $1.00! These have been lifesavers for me in my first trimester of pregnancy!

Fabulous Florida Mommy said...

I blogged about the Instant Buttons here back in August. I have them and LOVE them! Absolutely a life saver and must have. :)