Friday, October 8, 2010

The Sun is Back

Well, the sun was back today. It was nice to have a glimpse of Fall but alas, it was short lived here in San Diego. So today I was bright and shiny to match the weather. I have no idea why I have never paired this tee and skirt before, they are a perfect match!
Applique Floral Art tee-J Crew
Impressionist Skirt-J Crew

I ran to the Children's Place today for some new jeans for the boys (at least some of them) and grabbed this cool is this?

Hope you guys all have some fun stuff going on this weekend!!


sparrowsandsparkles said...

Love the outfit... very happy :) Weekends are all about soccer over this way right now! Have a good one! xo

Tara said...

The t-shirt looks awesome with the skirt! So cool how the colors match pretty much perfectly!

Anonymous said...

Perfectly matched for sure;) And the Impressionist is one of my favorites.

Barbara said...

that is such a sunshiny happy fun out fit! and yummy on you!! what gorgeous weather we are having.... jut got home from a wedding at the Bernardo Winery.. here it is October.. and I wore a one shoulder silk dress and did not even need a sweater or jacket.... at 9pm! love it!
wear those summery pretties while ya can!

Anonymous said...

Adorable outfit & I am going to Children's Place and getting that T for my boys! I'm so mad I did not grab that skirt when it went on clearance! So pretty and bright! -Jeannie

Anonymous said...

I hope you hit up the j crew outlets this weekend (in store.) I got some screaming deals- all graphic tees 50% off. I got the ruffled san remo cardigan for $23.98 it was on clearance + 40% off. I LOVE Colombus Day sales!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

You look fabulous! It is the same way in the SE - it was in the mid-to-high 80s all week. Where's fall?

Jan Russell said...

So pretty! And my boys would love that TCP tee - I never seem to go in that store, but now I'm making a mental note to pop in and check it out :)