Friday, October 1, 2010

$10/7/5 BLOG SALE-Skirts, Pants & Dresses

$10/7/5 BLOG SALE
$10 -1st item
$7- 2nd & 3rd items
$5-everything else

example: if you purchase 6 items it would be 10+7+7+5+5+5= $39 so (theoretically) you could get a top, three sweaters, a skirt and a dress for $39. There are no additional shipping or PayPal fees.

how it works: email me at to reserve an item. Items can be reserved while you wait to see what else you may want from later posts. After the sale, I will send a PayPal money request for the amount due. Payment is due w/in 24 hours, if not receives the items will be open for purchase again. If you need more time, just let me know......I just don't want to hold an item too long that someone else may really want.
INC embroidered dress, size Medium, seen IRL here SOLD
J Crew Toothpick Ankle Cords-NWT size 28R, color ochre (run tight) SOLD
 Banana Republic High Waisted Skirt-Size 8, seen IRL here SOLD
 Shade Tulip Skirt, Size Medium, IRL picture here SOLD
 Gap Linen Skirt, Size 8, seen IRL here SOLD
 Loft Knit Dress Size Medium SOLD
 GAP silk suffle dress, size 8Tall, seen here SOLD
 Shabby Apple Dress, Size Small seen IRL here SOLD
 Anthropolgie Brand Lulumarie (not an anthro item) skirt, size Medium SOLD
 J Crew Waercolor Pastiche Pencil Skirt, Size 8 SOLD


Melissa said...

Banana Republic High Waisted Skirt-
Gap Linen Skirt, Size 8
GAP silk suffle dress
Anthropolgie Brand Lulumarie
J Crew Waercolor Pastiche Pencil Skirt

would love to buy all of those! :)

Katherine said...

Would love to reserve the pastiche skirt if you don't take!

New2JCrew said...
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Debye said...

please be sure to email the requests to me at

Melissa-please send me a quick email so I have your email address and let you know which items I was able to reserve for you. Make sure to note that you are the Melissa that left the comment ;)

Katherine-the skirt was already grabbed up

Sarah M. said...

are there still more items to come? you have great taste in clothes!

RunningOnCoffee said...

Wow, wish I wore the same sizes as you - what great stuff and great prices!! :)

Are you preparing for some fabulous new items, or just cleaning out your closets?

wholesale mens clothing said...

Fabulous stuff and I like it. I love that skirt it looks awesome and sexy. I will refer this to my friend. A lot of thanks for sharing.