Friday, October 29, 2010

Tortoise & Pumpkins

I guess I must be in he halloween spirit because it appears I am wearing a lot of pumpkiny colors this week! I finally caved and bought myself a pair of tortoise Juliets off of eBay. I usually like to wait for better deals on my J Crew shoes (like under $40) but I decided that I had wanted a pair of these long enough and the price was what i would have paid for in the store so after a year of trying I decided it was time.

Yesterday we signed the adoption papers....yay!!! Now all we do is wait for the court date to make it all official. But as of yesterday he is no longer considered a foster placement, he is now an adoptive placement. Baby steps ;)
marigold Jackie-J Crew
Viscose Tango Tank J Crew (factory version now available)
Long & Lean Jeans-Gap
Tortoise Belt-J Crew
Tortoise Juliets-J Crew via eBay

This picture did not capture how adorable this cropped sweater jacket is. I love it, it is an easy casual, easy going piece. It  is part of the next LOFT holiday roll out so it is not online or on the floors yet but it may be sitting in the backroom of your store. The style number is 254417 and the price point is $89.50 but you can get it with the current 30% off promo in your stores. Also, if you shop by October 31st you can purchase a $25 LOFT cares card that goes towards the breast cancer research foundation. In return you get a 20% off coupon for all purchase over $100 through Nov 15th (it is reusable and it gets you 25% off if you use your LOFT loves credit card). The promos and sales are combinable with thiscoupon pays for itself if you spend like $130. Sounds a little confusing but trust me, they can calculate it for you at the register and it can help save you bundles on a larger purchase.
modern slim Jeans-LOFT
Cropped Sweater Jacket LOFT
embellished tissue tank-J Crew

Now I am off to try to squeeze in a trip to the Pumpkin Patch, a school Monster Mash carnival and dinner in before I go to work. I remember not so long ago when weekends were relaxing.....I miss those days :)


laurie_miw said...

Congratulations on your precious redhead. Your family pictures are beautiful, and Christofer was definitely meant to be a member!

The Elegant Bohemian said...

Congratulations on your adoption! ~Serene

Jan Russell said...

I love those shoes, I'm sure you'll get so much wear out of them it will be worth the splurge. And I have lived in pumpkin colors this month, it's like my October obligation ;) I love that Jackie! Hooray for the adoption moving forward and I hope the court date is scheduled SOON!!!

amy kelinda said...

Congrats on the adoption again! I see that you and Pamela of Ginger Girl are both rocking your Juliets today! You're so lovely, and the sweater jacket really adds some edge to the outfit. I love the cropped shape!

Kelsey said...

Debye-those outfits are awesome. I love the cropped sweater in the second one, and orange is one of my favorite colors to wear,and of course it's beautiful on you.

Jenni said...

SO exciting about the adoption...congrats! You look so great in these colors girl! I am totally adoring that cute LOFT sweater...can't wait to see all the holiday roll out from there. Any idea when it will hit the site? PS--those shoes ROCK!

MDPA said...

Congrats on the adoption!

For anyone interested, the Loft cropped sweater jacket is now available online

Jessica said...

Congrats on the adoption, how wonderful! And I love those shoes so much. If I didn't already own a pair very similar I'd be all over them.

Tara said...

Congrats on signing your adoption papers...exciting! I love all of your festive colors!

Anonymous said...


As for the tortoise juliets--I had been thinking of getting those off E-Bay too BUT I kept looking at other bloggers feet in those babies--and well--I decided don't like how the bottom of the toes show and look "scrunched" in those. I know J. Crew does alot of their shoes like that--but just not for me. Did you find them comfortable?

Rose said...

Love both sweaters! Congrats on the signing of the papers!

triciathomas said...

Love both outfits!!! Those shoes are soooo cute!!! I am glad you were able to get them!!! Congrats on the adoption!

Debye said...

Thanks MDPA!

YogaGirl-the Juliets defintely show off some toe cleavage but they are really comfy!

runway41 said...

loving your use of belts and shoes...
I'm tall too...5'10" and I can't ever quite seem to figure out how to pull of the belted "waist". :) so for now I just look at your pictures and try to study as best as I can. One day, I'll get enough gusto and buy a belt and find some shoes that will work with it too! Thanks for the continued inspiration!