Monday, October 4, 2010

No title there!

Hope you all had great weekends! Saturday was a mad house here with my hubby gone but guess who he sat next to on the plane....Brody Jenner. He didn't ask him about LC but they had lots of "guy talk".

Here is what I wore in the morning for a meeting with the Temple President last week
Pilar Paisley Cami-J Crew
Burnished Olive Jackie-J Crew
Spicy Olive belt-J Crew
Pencil Skirt-Apt 9 for Kohls

 Later in the day I changed it around for running errands. I completely copied this look from shopwithm's Polyvore here
Paisley Pilar Cami-J Crew
Velvet Eden Blazer-J Crew Factory
Long & Lean Jeans-GAP
Merona Myka Suede Wedge-Target

And here is what I wore to Jonas' cross country meet....soooo not a spectator sport. If you watched last weeks episode of The Middle -you get it :)

Lester's Hat Tee-J Crew
Maya Cardigan-J Crew
Cardgo Pants-LOFT

I finally caved on J Crew's Factory Store online. I called my crewlet and they didn't have these and I had always been sad I had missed out on this tee the first time around. A gal was in my store last week with one on and I loved it so when it showed up online, I was a sucker and paid too much for a tee.

p.s. for all those of you who got some goodies at the blog sale, they are on their way ;)


curls-and-pearls said...

I really love your first outfit, the colour of that belt is awesome! And Brody Jenner huh? Not that I'm a fan or anything, but that would be a really interesting conversation!

The Chic Chauffeur said...

oh no! I wish I had known you wanted it. I have a medium sitting in my closet that is too big for me! Send yours back and you can have mine!!! seriously! Not sure why I bought a medium? I wear a size 0? I think I thought I would layer it, but even with layers, that baby is too big....

Barbara said...

Really cute outfit... but was wondering if we are in the same community as I have still been too HOT to wear a top layer!! happy monday!!

Debye said...

curls-and-pearls-I am sure if I had sat next to him the conversation would have been much different.

The Chic Chauffer-sent you an email!

Barbara- ha! ha! Really, we do live in the same community ;)I wore the first two on the freak sprinkly day last week (Thurs)after the heatwave. The cc meet was in the late afternoon at Lake Poway so it was cool in the shade

Pamela said...

I love that you are such a fan of cute t-shirts! I love t-shirts myself; they're so comfy and practical and when done right, can be oh so cute! I'm currently in pursuit of the world's most perfect white t-shirt. You can read about it on my blog:

Anonymous said...

what do you think about the Target wedges? I've been looking for a grey wedge and wanted one lighter grey than the Target one.... and when I tried on the Target wedges they were very uncomfortable. What do you think about the comfort?? Have you seen a comparable wedge in a lighter grey?

Lizzy T said...

Love the Eden blazer. What color is it?

Debye said...

Anonymous- I really like the Target wedges. They are much more comfortable then I thought they would be. They stretched a tad so they aren't as tight around the inside as they were when I tried them on!

Lizzie T-this is the dark blossom color

gigiofca said...

Debye, you always look great. I love seeing your outfits :-)

Tara said...

I love the color combo in the first outfit, and the belt really ties it together. Beautiful!

Jan Russell said...

You are so impossibly pretty in that blazer, what a gorgeous color on you! I received my J.Crew order today and I love, love both pieces that your pictures pushed me over the edge on - I'm so glad I caved on them :)

Lori said...

hehe, your no title title made me laugh :)

love the way you switched up your outfit during the day, and I'm especially fond of the color combos in the first outfit!

Stacy O said...

Hi there,
I think I need that sweater...its very cute on you! I don't have great luck at the factory store so I have a few questions before I splurge on this sweater....Is it itchy? Is it sheer? Is it worth $70? Thanks for your help!