Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nuetral Dog Days

Yesterday felt like Fall here which was a really nice treat...I even wore a scarf!  This was my first time wearing my matchstick cords, I must say that they passed slim/skinny leg test. The waist only loosened a little so I didn't have the problem where the pants stay tight on my legs but then get loose at my waist so I have to keep pulling them up....anybody else ever have that problem? I think if (more likely when) I get another pair, I will go with a tall (I am 5'9").

Yes, my Chase is quite a character (notice the one glove) he definitly has his own style
Here is the Polyvore for the outfit, all the outfit details are listed below and are accurate except the scarf that I couldn't find online but I bought at a J Crew store last week.
today is a very blustery day


erin said...

I love your neutral outfit! What do you think about those cords? Do they stretch? I ordered some that arrived yesterday and they feel tight. I am guessing they will. Very cute!

Jenni said...

You do fall well!!! Love that sweater with the scarf...super cute outfit all around!

Barbara said...

HI neighbor! You look positively yummmmmmy in your creamy neutrals!! You can wear all those cute styles that I cannot as we are totally opposite body types and coloring... so i LOVE enjoying those styles and colors on YOU!! Today I wore my anthro ancient pathways tank for the first time and still did not need a sweater.... when I walked at 7am I started off with a thin fr terry hoody which was stripped off within 5 minutes..what can I say..? I must be "hot stuff.." hahahhaaha

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, you are too cute! I'm the mom of 3 young boys...and a diehard J.Crew fan... so I totally relate to you! In fact I'm totally stealing your look with the Eden jacket and that cami underneath...thanks! :)

Amy said...

Your outfit looks so cozy! I have the same problem with so many skinny jeans I've tried--the waist and rear stretch completely out after wearing for 15 min and it drives me crazy to have to keep pulling them up! One solution (I hope it will be) is the Extra Button. Have you heard of it? It's a metal button, just like on jeans, with a pin on the back of it. You pin the button where you want on your waistband and then use *that* to button your jeans. It supposed to solve the pulling up your jeans constantly problem. We'll see! I've also heard to order jeans one or two sizes smaller than your usual size (they should be super tight) and they will stretch so they fit comfortably. I actually tried jeggings from Old Navy and they are wonderful! (The Rockstar style) They do not stretch out like the regular skinny jeans I've tried. They are really snug, but they have 5 pockets so they don't look like leggings. Just some thoughts...I know how frustrating it is! I bought a pair of "modern slim cut" (I think it's called) from the LOFT last spring and they stretched out so bad I can't wear them! I love the way they look, so I'm so bummed! How have you found LOFT's denim to be this fall? I thought I heard they improved it. Thanks!

Tara said...

I bought that tee from J Crew last year...I'm actually wearing it in my profile picture haha! I am loving the tee with the scarf!


Jan Russell said...

You look fantastic - I need those wedges!

And Amy - I've never heard of the magic button, but now I'm going to investigate!

Pamela said...

I like that magic button suggestion! I need to check it out, too.

A lot of my J.crew cords stretch at the waist. But I have the worst time with their cotton pants. Nothing is worse than having a nice look in the morning but by the time you get home your pants looks 3x too large. It's so disappointing.

I really like that color of the cords. I have a dark brown pair I bought last year and despite the waist issue, just love the long lean look they give! you look great.

Kristina said...

Isn't fall so fun? I just ran across your blog and was so encouraged to see an attractive lady encouraging fashion AND modesty AND family together!! I'm a huge J.CREW fan and a new follower of your blog and can't wait to see what else you put together.

Stacy O said...

I posted this twice (accidently on yesterdays post) Sorry about that!

I really think I need that sweater...its very cute on you! I don't have great luck at the factory store so I have a few questions before I splurge on this sweater....Is it itchy? Is it sheer? Is it worth $70? Thanks for your help!

Amy said...

Hi there! I posted yesterday about the "extra button" for jeans and it's actually called, "Instant Button"--sorry about that! Here's the website: http://www.instantbuttonforjeans.com/
I'm going to give it a try! :)

Debye said...

Magic button here I come!

Barbara- it settled, you are hotter then me!

Anonymous and Kristina-welcome, glad you stopped by!!!!

Stacy O- mohair is itchy but I didn't think it was too bad. I wore short sleeves and it never bugged me. I am not very sensitive though. The factory stores usually have better promos. Mine was under $50. You may try calling one to see what the current price is since they will ship from the stores