Friday, March 12, 2010

Getting around the dark and what happens when I blog

For today's post, I decided to use my work attire to show how I consistently get around the dark dress code. Of course my hair is covering the best part of the Ruffles and Roses tank but hopefully you will forgive me. I did a navy cardigan and black pants and then accessorized with cognac shoes and belt.

Cardigan -The Loft
Knit Tank-J Crew
Leather Woven Belt-Banana Republic
Jackson Pants-Banana Republic
I had received a question on how to start introducing bright colors into a dark wardrobe. I am not an expert but here is my humble opinion. Start with pops of color near your face. Whether this is bright earrings and a necklace or a bright top, it is the best way to get used to it and get the benefits of what a bright color can do for you. A bright color with dark pants and jacket goes a long way but don't be afraid to mix up your dark colors. Black pants doesn't mean you need a black cardigan, that will actually draw more attention to the bright color. For example pairing a bright blue top with a charcoal gray cardigan can help nuetralize the blue.

And now for a perfect example of what happens when I am blogging:

Christopher got into my purse and tried out my lipstick, thank goodness it was a nuetral. Cooper just wanted to be in the picture. Once the adoption goes through I will be able to give you a picture of what our adorable little red headed terror looks like, ti'l then you can see his big ole grin. While we are talking about this cutie, I will answer another question about the adoption. We are adopting from this country, Christopher has lived with us most of his life as our foster son and I couldn't imagine not adopting him once his mother lost her rights. That said, I have developed a strong bond with his mother through everything and I will continue to let her be in his life as long as it remains healthy for him.

More answers:

Shiver, I personally loved it! It had all the charm and romance of Twilight (the first book not the whole series) and it was an easy and enjoyable read. If you liked Twilight, you'll like Shiver. Who am I kidding? Who likes Twilight, it's a LOVE thing!

My Peep Toe Flats and necklace from here: the shoes were actually from Target and the necklace was from Brass Plum at Nordstroms from six years ago.
My Birthday? It's on the 13th....tomorrow!


gigiofca said...

I think redheads get a bad rap. Let him be a terror sans the redhead label ;-)

You are doing a great job getting around the dress code. The light top is pretty but the overall vibe is that it's dark. I agree on starting brights with a black bottom. It's an easy way to begin.

szmom said...

"...thank goodness it was a neutral." That is hysterical! Thank you for the laugh! Those boys are such cutie-patooties! My children are 11 and 13. It's nice not to have to keep my eye on them 24/7 anymore, but boy do I miss the adorableness of the toddler/preschool years. Thanks for the Shiver review. I hope you have a fantastic birthday tomorrow! Doreen

Jan Russell said...

I dunno Gigi, I have a redhead and I think there might be something to the

You look great Debye! And I hope you have a great day celebrating, tomorrow!

I saw a short article wtih Chelsea's picture in my People magazine today and I just started to cry - I cannot imagine such horror.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a great day. I enjoy your blog. Thank you for taking the time to maintain it. I wondered if you could tell whether the Boden leopard cardigan you purchased is comparable in weight to JCrew's 12 or 14 gauge sweaters. I am trying to branch out and try other things besides JCrew. I've never purchased Boden since I generally steer away from prints, but the sweater you purchased and the tunic dress Ema purchased on My Clothes, My Baby and Me have been tempting me. Thx.

amy kelinda said...

Aww, I hope you had an awesome birthday! Christopher looks adorable just from his big smile! I love what you're doing to make sure that he has the best loving family possible. Congrats again on the upcoming adoption!

Kristen said...

I came upon your blog from Elaine at ClothedMuch. I love your style! It's very much me and I so appreciate you going to JCrew and trying on everything for me! I love reading your reviews! And I love seeing how you put things me loads of inspiration for what is already in my closet.

Debye said...

Thanks everyone!

Anonymous-the Boden sea lion cardigan (favourite crew neck) is definitly thicker then the J Crew 12 and 14 guage knits. It is also a little thicker the the J Crew cotton cardigan but the quality and smoothness is much better (doesn't loose shape or stretch out.It is hard to describe but hopefully that helps a little!