Friday, March 26, 2010

Lazy Weekdays, Busy Weekends

Can we say TGIF?/? Actually, I think my weekends are twice as crazy as my weekdays so I have no idea why I look forward to them still instead of Mondays.....hmmmmm. Here is yesterdays outfit which was just a running late, thrown together look. I love turqouise and yellow together, it just makes me happy.

Boyfriend Striped Tee-Shade Clothing
Denim Pencil Skirt-Gap
Yellow Belt-Old Navy

And here is what I am wearing today. I almost forgot to take a photo so I had to grab my "photographer" while they were playing in the backyard. I just love this shirt, it also goes really well with the navy jackie but then again what doesn't?
Pants-The Loft
Bubble Necklace-J Crew


gigiofca said...

I love the Jaipur top. I have it as well. Love, love, love. It looks great w/your bubble necklace!

Debye said...

Thanks! I resisted the perfect shirts for so long but now I am hooked!

MMM said...

LOVE the Jaipur shirt too! =P

Welcome to the Perfect-Shirt-Addict club!! ;)