Friday, March 19, 2010

Some OOTDs, color repeats and the leather moto jacket

Yesterday was a "catch up" day. Ya know when you go head to head with the never ending pile of laundry, finally go throught the "I don't want to deal with this now" stack of mail and so on. I didn't get dressed or leave the house until afternoon carpool and this is what I wore:

Bubble Tank-the Loft
Cardigan-?? had it for ever
Weekend Jeans-Old Navy

As you saw the other day, I have this clothing rack full of clothes for tomorrow's class so of course now I want to wear everything on that rack because......well, because I can't. Here is what I did end up wearing to work:
Olive Stretch Flannel Top-J Crew
Belt-J Crew
Jackson Pants-Banana Republic

I got a really great question from Jenni the other day, she asked:

"So I want to know how do you decide what colors to get of cardigans/tanks/shirts? Since you have quite a few I'm sure you repeat colors from time to do you decide when to get another black cardigan vs a cream, etc? That's where I always run into issues...I think to myself well, I already have 3 black cardigans, do I really need this 4th?? Know what I mean? "

Coming from someone who has 71 cardigans, I can tell you that there are still color/styles I feel that I am missing. For example, right now I really, really want an apple green jackie (or other crew neck) cardi. But for me, I have some simple rules for myself that I use when I am looking at a cardigan I already have. First off, how similar is the style? A black crew neck cardi will serve a different styling purpose  then a v-neck boyfriend cardi. Also, if it is embellished I will get the same color that I may already have in a non-embellished. I opt for a lot of color in my cardigan collection, there are so many different shades of each color it is easy not to repeat. This rule, for me is different when it comes to tanks and tees. There are three colors I am ridiculously drawn to...pale pinks, dark gray and ivory. I have to work to avoid the over purchasing of these. I try to limit myself to one top in a certain colorway that is for the same type of style/purpose. For example, one lavender top that is casual and one that is for dressier outfits.....hope this all makes sense. Howevever for nuetrals (and my favs), I will allow myelf two of each without too much guilt!

JennC asked me for some IRL photos of the leather motorcycle jacket (which I should have done ages ago). I took these early this morning before my "photographer" went to school so they are NOT very well done. I almost didn't post them because they don't do the jacket justice. I will try to get some better shots posted tonight!


amy kelinda said...

Oooh, good advice on buying the same shade of something! I never thought of getting something in the same color for casual and "dressy" looks. I am guilty of getting way too many navy and gray things because I always think "those colors go with anything!" But then when half of my wardrobe is navy and gray... well, the navy and gray only end up going with other navys and grays, haha!

Jenni said...

Thanks so much for answering my question...I love your take on it--buying for casual vs dressy. Great general idea to stick to when looking!

JennC said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to post the IRL photos! The jacket looks amazing on you! It does look more versatile than the 'standard' leather jacket, and I'm beginning to think my concerns with the color is just all in my head (ie scrutinizing the sleeves up close as opposed to stepping back and taking in the whole look). Thanks for the second opinion, will be adding this to my closet =)

Jan Russell said...

I'm so glad you kept the jacket - it looks fantastic on you!