Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sunshine done SAHM and some OOTD's

So now that my oldest son has gone back to school, my OOTD's are taken late in the day so you will see more wrinkling, untucks, and a more frazzled me. So forgive me! Also, I am rushing this post before work so I will try to post the outfit detail later tonight!

Here is what I wore yesterday to my interview with the adoptions worker. It is part of my interpreatation of the Sunshine Peony Pencil Skirt done SAHM chic. I had a jean jacket on but by 3:00 I had taken it off and forgotten where it was. I particular love in this picture how the bright sun is reflecting off my patio,  illuminating my already pale legs so they appear to be glowing and/or radioactive.
Here is what I wore today, I just love the Stained Glass Cardigan. I finally broke down and grabbed one off eBay and I don't regret it one bit! Here is the first attemp at a photo:
Let's try this again:

They don't want to share me with you today.

And here is what I am wearing tonight for work:

The shoes I had on didn't work so I changed them after the "photo session". Off to make dinner, ta ta!


Pamela said...

What great outfits! I think I might have the same radioactive leg issue going on. Let's blame it on global warming.

I esp. love the ruffle cardigan and cami. What a great idea to put them together.
And the Sunshine Peony pattern makes me just think, "warmth", when I see it. I really love it.

AppGal said...

Oh yes, count me in on the radioactive leg club. I'm pretty sure I have you beat though. Mine is borderline albino. Scary.

Your 3rd pic made me laugh out loud! Your kids are so cute. I can't wait to wear my sunshine peonies skirt. Hopefully the weather will cooperate soon. Also love the stained glass cardi on you. It works really well with your coloring!

MMM said...

I don't know how you do it... you always put together the cutes outfits! And they're so practical for everyday life~ You rock!! :)

That 3rd picture is adorable!! ;)

Thanks for sharing!

Jenni said...

Love all the outfits...especially the first one. So cute! Your work outfit is so fun---love that cute necklace and how you belted the tank...divine! =)

Bianca said...

You look gorgeous in all three outfits, and I LOOVE the pic with the little guys in it. Sooo cute. :-)

kate said...

Aw, the pics with your boys gave me a much-needed laugh. I love the way your son has his hands on his hips like you! Sooo cute!

Jan Russell said...

I am feeling weak for the stained glass cardi -and it would look great over the tee I'm wearing

LOL at your boys! Sawyer was plunked on the floor in my pics yesterday too, he was all "When are you going to be done so we can play the Wii? MOM! MOOOOOOOM!" Good times!

All of your outfits look great! You are always so pulled together!

amy kelinda said...

Your boys are adorable and hilarious! Love it! I love how you wore your sunshine peony skirt - it's so bright and gorgeous! And I have the same cardigan in your work outfit, except in ivory! I always have such a hard time styling it, though. How do you deal with the ruffles? I'm always afraid that they'll overwhelm what I wear!

Nicole said...

Is that the tiered silk cami in bright papaya? Why does that color photograph so nicely but is almost neon in person? I can't figure out what to do with it and it was final sale. :(

Debye said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments!

Jan-I think I heard the Stained Glass Cardi calling your name too :o)

Amy K-I have decided to get rid of the chiffon pleated cardigan twice out of frustration in figuring out when to wear it and I have worn it twice. I am with you on having a hard time styling it!

Nicole-the Papaya is very bright, I really like pairing it with a soft tan color to tone it down but for work it had to be dark. I have to be in the mood to throw this one on because of the color!