Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lazy Days and more answers!

Yesterday was a lazy day and like Amy, I also have a lazy day uniform. Weekend Jeans, a knit tee or tank with a long cardigan. I have no idea why the color of this cardigan refuses to show in pictures but it is a pretty butter yellow.
silk brulee tank-J Crew
Old Navy Weekend Jeans

And here is what I wore today, and yes I am in the J Crew dressing room so I will post some reviews for tomorrow!
Linen Top-Target
Chino Vest-Banana Republic
Vintage Matchstick Jeans-J Crew
Shoes, Apt 9 for Kohls

Now for some more answers......

Work/Macy's/Temptations/Handbags: I work in the handbag/watches/fashion jewelry section which has not been a huge temptation for me, my weakness is clothes and luckily that is on a different floor. I usually buy a handbag and then wear it for at least a year before switching to a new one. I have never been a handbag junkie which, I know, seems strange. I do see some beautiful bags but the price tags keep me from buying them too often.

The DARK dress code? I hate it but I take advantage of the little loopholes like being able to wear a light color or pattern as long as it has a dark cardigan or jacket with it and the freedom to wear any color accessories. I also refuse to shop around the dress code. I shop for what I want even if that keeps my work wardrobe limited.

Have I considered working at J Crew instead? Of course I have but the closest J Crew is 30 minutes away (without traffic) so I never applied. I have been in talks with The Loft. Their discount is 50% off for employees but I it would make it really hard not to shop it all away.

Cool versus Warm Colors: I always ignore rules that restrict me as to what I should wear. Okay, well not always since you don't see me in mini's and tube tops but that is more of a personal and religious choice. There are definitly colors that look better on me then others but I don't rule out any colors. For some really great advice on color analysis you should check out these posts from Cardigan Empire

Do I ever just wear yoga pants or sweats: I do-I just wear them in the evenings and mornings until I get ready for the day. I used to wear yoga pants almost every day after my third son because it was the first time I wasn't working, then it turned into never wearing make-up on the weekdays and just throwing my hair in a wet ponytail. It was a slippery slope because it was so easy to not . At some point I was worried about ending up on What Not To Wear. It is rare to have a day where I don't have anywhere to go or to not have someone unexpected stop by. I surely don't dress to the nines every day, I just found a casual look that still looks put together. That said, the second I walk in the door I wear slippers so even when I am dressed  at home, I still will have fuzzy feet.

Do I plan my outfits the night before? I often plan my kids but rarely my own, I am just not that organized. I may have pictures in my head of some outfits that I want to try out during a week but it just depends on my mood each day what I actually put on.

Adoption Status: We have about 3 to 5 months left in the process. Hopefully closer to three :o)


amy kelinda said...

Ooo, I like the vest! I also like your "lazy day" uniform - it totally doesn't give away the fact that it's a lazy day uniform at all, if that makes any sense. HOORAY FOR DRESSING ROOM REVIEWS! I love them! And another HOORAY for moving along in the adoption process!

Kelsey Kim said...

That vest is HOT. I LOVE it!!! And thanks for all the comments, I've been wondering where you have been lately, and please do steal me for a girls night any night you want(although Thursdays are best). ;) Hope to see you soon!

Rachel said...

Thanks for answering my question (about when you decide what you are going to wear). I also often pick out my son's outfits the night before and then too often I'm in a rush to pick out my own! I love your vest and scarf is your outfit today!