Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What I Wore and...some answers

First up, here is what I wore yesterday. It is still cold here so I needed comfy and warm for the daytime. I paired my Zig-Zags and Zinnias tee and the Small Packages Cardi with my old faithful Banana Republic jeans and "seen better days" flats.
And here is how I changed it to work attire for the dark dress code (boo) at the last minute. The jacket covers most of the charm of the top but I was feeling lazy and well, it's just that simple, laziness wins sometimes. I can't help but "Arrrrrr" at my kids each time I wear this jacket, it makes me feel like a Pirate.
Jacket-The Loft
Jackson Pants-Banana Republic

I will try to address your questions on each post this week so bear with me!
Skin Care: I have been using Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford for 4 or 5 months now, my only infomercial purchase ever. It doesn't work any miracles but my skin looks better and I am happy with it!

Hair: My hair and I aren't often on speaking terms, it never listens to me but it is probably because I don't give it enough attention. I am cheap when it comes to my hair, I color it myself, rarely get a hair cut and I use plain ol' Pantene. What I do do (picture my 14 year-old laughing hysterically because I said do-do) is  wash and blow dry my hair every day and then I use large hot rollers all over for body. Now because I have busy mornings with lots of kiddos with places to go and things to destroy this process can get spread throughout the day. Sometimes the hot rollers don't go in until nap time but to me this is my essential step. Even if I end up throwing my hair in my favorite "go to" style,the messy ponytail, it still looks more put together.

Fostering and Adopting: We have been foster parents for going on three years now and for us it has been a wonderful experience. However, we are not licensed directly with the county, we are with a private agency called Angels Foster Family Network  and they are a lot of the reason it has been such a great experience.If you are considering fostering, a highly recommend you look for a private agency. Our agency works with infants and toddlers so that they get that critical bonding they need at that early age. We only have one placement at a time and they are an amazing support system that you just don't get from the county workers. This is no way a knock at county workers, because of budget cuts they have tremendously heavy case loads and can only do so much.

We have had three foster sons and with two of them we fought hard to help them get back to their families because they had wonderful homes to go home to. Thankfully, not all kids are removed for reasons you'd imagine. However with our other foster son now (who was actually placed with us twice) we knew it was better that he didn't go back home and luckily everyone agreed on that, even his mother. He will be our first adopted child. I want to adopt again but would like to help an older child (by older I mean between 4 to 8) but it may take me awhile to get my husband on board for another!
Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday, if you missed last weeks premier of Parenthood trust me it is amazing. I wouldn't call it a family show by any means (it is geared to adults) but it is a hilarious take on many aspects of being a parent and has an amazing cast! It is on tonight 10/9 c


amy kelinda said...

Ooooh yay, the Zig Zag and Zinnias top! I remember loving it on you when you first wore it for a dressing room review! Even though the jacket covers up the cute little flowers, I still love how it looks with the top. The funky pattern poking out at the bottom is darling! Thank you for sharing about your fostering experience. I didn't know that you had foster children. That is amazing what you are doing for the kids! Congrats on your first adopted child!!

Anonymous said...

First of all, what you do is very admirable. You give love and care to children in need, and that is fantastic. Secondly, that tee is so cute on you along with the fit of that Ann taylor loft blazer--does the tee layer nicely under the blazer or does the flower part "stick out" in an odd fashion?

szmom said...

I also want to thank you for sharing about your foster experience. It is something that I had wanted to ask you about based on previous posts you made, but I didn't feel quite comfortable doing so. Has the adoption been completed, or are you still going through the process? Very best of luck to you with your newest little matie (aarrrrr )! Doreen

Jena said...

I din't realize we had this in common too! Our youngest son was adopted from vietnam, and we talk all the time about #4 and are praying about what direction to go... We have only looked at foster care through out county, and have had recervations for the very reasons that you mention, so this angel foster family network may be the route for us to go... Love it! and come check my blog to see who won(hint hint- you will be happy!)