Monday, December 7, 2009

Some (okay a lot of) Anthro Reviews

Today I made a big mistake, I found an excuse to go visit Anthropologie and not even a good one. I am not supposed to be spending money on myself right now and I am actually very good at avoiding costly Anthropologie purchases online but get me in a store and all bets are off.

So I brought two things home and I really love them both. If I had the budget I would have brought home more. So, I am now wondering if I brought the right two things home.....which do you like?

Four-If-By Sea Skirt -on sale for $49.95
great, great, great skirt. Has a beautiful underskirt, exposed metal zipper and hangs beautifully. This is a 6 and fits my waist (does not hang low). My hip and bootie make me an 8 normally but when the hips are loose, a size will usually work fine. So I would say this is TTS.

In true Deletta fashion, this top runs large. This is a small,  I usually wear a Medium in knits. I love this top. It is a low v-neck so I would wear a tank under it. I loved the length as well.

I missed out on it's sibbling, the wavelet and have always regretted it. I thought with the chiffon sleeves I'd be able to pass this one up but it is truly a beautiful and unique piece that is hard to resist, even at the price tag. This is a size 6, my normal size in blouses. Some reviewers said they needed to size up in the chest area, I don't have that issue so it fit perfectly. Also, the top is a little short but that will make it go well with slacks and skirts.

I lovey this skirt and will look for it to go on sale. This is a 6 and fits perfectly so this runs large since my hips usually demand an 8 in a pencil skirt. I will be looking for this to go on sale for sure.

I want, I want, I want! I love this skirt, I just needed a larger size. This is a 6 and the mustard under skirt was bunching from being to tight so this seems to run TTS if not a tad small.

Whirling Ruffles Sweater Dress on sale now for $99 thanks. Kim looks cute in it, me not so much. This is a Medium, maybe a small would have helped.

This sweater is a beauty. I guess I was wearing it differently then shown but I loved it just the same. Very nice fabric, beautiful fit. Even with the fabric braiding, knotting and ruffling, it didn't seem bulky at all. I wish it were a tad longer, but I would just wear it over a tee. This is a small, I tried on the Medium as well and the length didn't seem to change.

I just don't know what to do about this sweater. From the moment I saw this sweater in the catalog, I wanted it.... it screams Debye. Though there were quite a few in the store, they are almost sold out online and I know my window to purchase is closing fast. Still, I am having a hard time justifying the cost. The fabric didn't feel $128 worth. It wasn't itchy but it wasn't smooth and soft either so I am paying for the style and honestly, I am not sure how many wears it would last through. Still, I love it. Oh, and this was a medium, my normal size.

I had high hopes for this top but it was soooooo unflattering on my body type. I can see how it would be beautiful on others but on me I look like a bloated tree trunk. This is my regular size, medium.

I am a sucker for any ballerina wrap top. I have been since I was a little girl. This is a size small but a medium would have fit well too. I was just wearing it higher up on the waist.


Lady Cardigan said...

Thank you for this post - I've been interested in the Windsor Scoopneck but when I see someone actually wearing it, it's not what I expected. It's too bad the Sweeping Frills sweater isn't longer, but it looks really great on you.

Angela said...

ohh i've really wanted to see the lacemaker skirt on! Thanks for reviewing!

gigiofca said...

I love the lace skirt & the Sweeping Frills Sweater on you. I reeeaaally love the sweater on you.

Sara said...

I love the sweeping Frills Sweater - L.O.V.E. it - but why can't it be a few inches longer? I tried it on last Friday and considered buying it if it hadn't been for the short length.

I also like the dripping blossoms shirt on you.

Kelsey Kim said...

Thanks for putting yourself through that shopping trip and the temptations of all those beautiful clothes on behalf of me! I think everything looked great, but my faves were the dripping blossoms tee, the fluttering pencil skirt, and the small packages sweater. I actually really like that sweater dress on you, too, even though you weren't afan.

Pamela said...

Great reviews! I love the fluttering pencil skirt. I have the Dripping Blossoms tee and it definately needs a cami, but the red is gorgeous, no?!

AppGal said...

omg the lacemaker skirt is to-die-for!!!!!!!!

Debye said...

Now I am more conflicted then ever, why doesn't Anthropologie have a buy one get one free offer :o)

I really love the lace skirt and am considering returning one item to get it but I hate to let anything go....that is what Anthro does to me, it turns me into a spoiled brat that wants it all!