Monday, December 7, 2009

My Wind Rippled Tee has arrived

Today it is actually raining, raining (not just scattered sprinkles like we would normally get) so how appropriate is it that my Wind-Rippled Tee arrived today from Anthropologie? Even better, I am headed out to Anthro now.

My review? True to size and very unique and beautiful. The fabric is thinner then I expected and it is made for women who are blessed with a larger chest then I am so I didn't fill it out, leaving me with some saggy bust fabric but not enough to make it return worthy!

Since it is yucky out, I went for cozy comfort. I added a possibilities cardigan from Anthro and some skinny jeans, belt and my Kady Boots (of course) and off I go! I'll be sure to take some pics for ya


gigiofca said...

Looks good!

Pamela said...

That tee looks nice layered under the cardigan.

no rain here, just SNOW! yikes!!!

Stylestance said...

Really like how you styled it :)

MMM said...

Lookin' good! Can't wait to see your pics! ;)