Friday, December 11, 2009

It's Friday......Ombre!

Two posts in one morning, yay I am all caught up!Macy's is getting ready to enforce a dark dress code so I have to take advantage of being able to wear my "light" clothing. With another bout of rain on the way, I thought I'd break all the winter rules and go light with my J Crew ombre linen pencil  skirt and a white blouse. As I look at the photo, I realize it is funny how pale my legs have gotten this winter. I promise they aren't quite so white IRL!

After work I get to go decorate for our church's Christmas party. I ended up being in charge of all the centerpieces but I could pretend to complain but I actually LOVE that stuff! Then tomorrow after work, it is party time....whoop....whoop! Anybody have any great Christmas parties coming up?

Skirt- J Crew
Belt-J Crew
Shoes-Anne Klein


amy kelinda said...

Oh no, a dark dress code? But then again, with your fun pieces and creativity, I think you can totally still look amazing in all dark colors! I have that ombre skirt too and never know how to wear it. I love it with the white blouse and gold accents! Now, I need to find some gold shoes... hmmmm...

Eleanor said...

I have a dress code too at work - just wrote about it and actually included an outfit for my holiday soiree!

Have fun at your church's party!

Elaine said...

LOVE THIS. You're totally killing it here.

Kelsey Kim said...

Wow, love that skirt...
our war party was last night, but we didn't go...Sydney was sick. All well. HAve fun tonight!! Maybe we'll just crash yours since we know everyone anyways.

Pamela said...

I own that skirt, too. Don't you love it!?

Is the dress code temporary or permanent? That might be difficult in summer but I'm sure you'll put together some great pieces. You always do!

Marley said...

Love your blog! Just happened across it, and I'm definitely blogrolling you so I can keep up with your adorable outfits.

MMM said...

I have this skirt (and the blue ombre one) and I LOVE how you kept it simple w/ the white shirt and gold accents~ perfect! I will be copying this! ;)

handbags*n*pigtails said...

Wow, a dark dress code? Im sure you'll do fine with it but its never fun to be restricted.:) We had our towns Tinsel & Lights last night. They have free foods, horse drawn carriage rides, ice sculpture carving contests, new bike and toy drawings, real reindeer, Santa, a live nativity,and a fireworks show set to live music. It draws thousands in our small community and is a big highlight for everyone.
Tonight we're hosting a couples Christmas party and sing a long for our friends from church. Should be lots of fun!
Merry Christmas to you all:)

Debye said...

The dress code is permanant for Macy's. I guess on the East Coast it is all black but on the Weat we have to wear all dark colors and no patterns unless it is a top with a cardigan or jacket over it. I hate being limited!!

Eleanor-I love your dress code pics, I have some of those pieces too :o)

Marley-Welcome, come stay a while :o)

MMM-copy it please, goodness knows I have copied some of your great looks! I think it is primarily your fault that I am in love with honey glaze now!

Sarah-that sounds like so much fun (both parties) and I am jealous of the idea of a couples "grown-up" party, I have forgotten what those are like!